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As the #1 marketplace to buy and sell online businesses, there’s no better place to buy and sell newsletters than Flippa.

Offer Terms: Free listings and 2.5% success fee exclusive to newsletters and limited to newsletters that list between now and Feb 28th 2024.

Any Platform, Any Industry

Flippa supports any newsletter platform you use including Beehiv, Substack, Medium, Mailchimp and many others. Simply select the platform you use, choose the industry that best represents your business and begin creating your business description.

Market Insights Module
Market Insights Module

Newsletter Insights and Metrics That Matter

Business owners can share key metrics that specifically relate to newsletters including active subscribers numbers, open rates, click through rates, revenue and more. By sharing newsletter specific metrics, buyers will be better positioned to make informed acquisition decisions.

Newsletter Insights and Metrics That Matter

Business owners can share key metrics that specifically relate to newsletters including active subscribers numbers, open rates, click through rates, revenue and more. By sharing newsletter specific metrics, buyers will be better positioned to make informed acquisition decisions.

Market Insights Module

More Buyers and More Deals Done

With the largest community of acquisition-fit buyers in the world, there is no better place to sell your newsletter. If you’re an investor or acquirer, Flippa not only has the most newsletter businesses for sale, we have the technology and advisory services to get deals done.

Market Insights Module

“It’s great to see Flippa promoting newsletter businesses as an asset class by creating a new category for them on the platform. This will give newsletter operators more options and liquidity.”

Richard Patey is an expert in the world of alternative assets and monetizing them. He has had seven successful exits including a content review site for six figures. Most recently, Richard has founded three newsletters, Digital Asset Investor newsletter, Letter Meta, and Media Assets, all of which he continues to run.

Newsletters Sold on Flippa

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Sell Your Newsletter?

Flippa has supported thousands of business owners to sell their businesses, we have expert Advisors ready to help you navigate your exit journey, the largest community of buyers in the world, and the tools and data to get deals done. We also understand that every business owner and business is unique, and they each have a unique reason for selling. 

One common motivation for an exit is a desire to pursue new opportunities or ventures, whether within the same industry or a different field. Selling a newsletter can provide entrepreneurs with the capital and freedom to embark on fresh endeavors, leveraging the success and value they’ve built in their current venture. Some may see it as an opportune time to capitalize on the newsletter’s success while the market is favorable, ensuring a strategic exit that benefits both the seller and potential buyers seeking to leverage an established platform. Ultimately, the decision to sell a newsletter is often a strategic move aligned with personal or professional aspirations.

How much is a Newsletter worth?

Valuing a newsletter requires a nuanced understanding of its subscriber base, engagement metrics, monitization methods and potential for future growth. 

You can also calculate value by gauging the worth of each subscriber.  Recent newsletter sales on Flippa show a subscriber value ranging from $0.45 to $3.20.

What type of Newsletters can I sell?

Flippa can sell newsletters from platforms such as Substack, Beehiv, Medium, Mailchimp, as well as many other platforms.

How much does it cost to sell with Flippa?

For a limited time only – Launch your Newsletter on Flippa for Free! While only paying a 2.5% success fee.

For all other types of businesses, Flippa charges to access the platform services and also a success fee.

The Entry Level Package starts at $29 and success fees start from 3%.

You can also choose to upgrade and get access to enhanced reach and additional services to support you through the sales process.

For more information related to Flippa fees and services, refer Flippa Pricing.

How long does it take to sell on Flippa?

We have seen online businesses sell within 48 hours, though it’s very price and category dependent. In general lower value deals close quickest (as you would expect), with most deals sub $50,000 closing within 50 days of going live.

Median closing time (for businesses sold in 2023):

  • Sub 50k deals – 15 days
  • 50k – 250k deals – 49 days (~1.5 months)
  • 250k plus – 73 days (~2.5 months)

The sale time includes matching you to relevant buyers, negotiation, due diligence, asset and funds transfer.

What else does Flippa sell?

You can sell digital assets and online businesses. This includes SaaS assets, Apps, eCommerce, blogs, communities and plugins.

We have a global buyer base and this includes individuals and institutional investors like Private Equity and Family Offices. The Flippa buy-side ecosystem are looking for high performance assets and will assess financial and operational performance as well as more arbitrary measurements like audience size.

Our features have helped sell over 100,000 digital businesses

Global M&A Broker & Advisory Team

  • Global M&A team in Asia, North America, Europe and Australia.
  • Certified Brokers by IBBA and CM&AA

World Leading Advanced AI Matching

  • Over 10 Million matches a month
  • World first graph neural network AI matching
  • Text and email alerts

Millions of verified buyers globally

  • Millions of verified buyers
  • Entrepreneurs, VC, Corporate and PE buyers
  • Premium buyers

Integrated legals - LOIs and APAs

  • Legal documents secured by Dropbox Sign
  • Embedded Letters of Intent
  • Embedded Asset Purchase Agreements

Seamless Messaging & Shortlisting

  • Live chat and messaging
  • Build buyer shortlists
  • Simple UI to guide the acquisition
  • Notification & texts

Go global with multi-currency support

  • 14 supported currencies. Seamless one click conversion
  • Business sales across 192 difference countries.

Verified and integrated data

  • Direct data integrations with 15 of the world’s leading platforms
  • Revenue, Expense, Traffic and Operational data

Benchmarking and comparison insights

  • See comparable sales history
  • Transparent pricing benchmarks
  • Analytics & insights on key metrics

Flexible and secure payments

  • Choose from Paypal, or FlippaPay Regulatory Trust Accounts
  • Global partnerships with banking providers AscendantFX and Trolley

Sell your way - Auction, Fixed Price & Private

  • Generate a bidding war via Auctions
  • Capture the perfect buyer with Classified/Fixed Price sales
  • Sell discretely with Private or Off-market sales

Intelligent valuations with 100k+ asset sales

  • With over 100k+ asset sales to date, Flippa has the world’s biggest pool of data to value assets
  • Asset specific valuation features

Support and Customer Success

  • Global priority support
  • Customer success
  • M&A broker teams

Trust built into the platform

  • Identity verification and KYC/AML checks
  • Phone and IP based verification
  • Global market integrity team

Global strategic partnerships

  • Integrated Semrush scores and reports
  • Purchase legal services easily using Contracts Counsel

Benefit from a services ecosystem

  • Due diligence services
  • Legal services
  • Financing services

Experience a world leading platform

  • Over 600k searches monthly on Flippa
  • Top organic rank across major digital asset categories
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