Flippa Safety Center

Whether you’re buying or selling a website, Flippa is committed to helping you make informed decisions and keep your transaction safe.

These tools are available all over Flippa. They help buyers and sellers research other users and communicate with one another.

Core Features

Secure transactions with Flippa Escrow

You can now make and receive payments on-site safely and securely using Flippa Escrow. Our Escrow is FREE to use and accessible in the Sale Completion Area for any purchase. Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard, and wire transfer. Funds are only released when both parties agree the transaction is complete.

Secure transactions with Escrow.com

We partner with an escrow service to facilitate the safest transactions on the web, and offer 20% off the transaction fees. When the transaction takes place over Escrow.com, the exchange of web property and money only occurs when both parties are happy.

Detailed profiles

Visit users’ profiles to see how long they’ve been a member, when they were last active on Flippa, from which country, whether they have possible links to another account, and other important facts about their Flippa activity.

Buyer certification

Credit card verification is mandatory for all bids over $200 in order to prevent the use of stolen credit cards or shill bidding. This verification is renewed every 6 months.

User account verification: mobile or landline

We verify a phone number for each Flippa account, and let everyone see what kind of phone line was used. Once an auction concludes, the buyer and seller can see each other’s verified numbers in order to communicate.

Customer support

Our support team is here to help! We respond to all tickets within 24 hours during weekdays, have staff on call on Saturdays and Sundays, and always monitor the site for potential fraud and anomalies.

Extensive help pages

The fastest way to get answers is to search through our help pages. Everything you need to know about Flippa is easily searchable and accessible 24/7.

Auction Tools

Verified AdSense and Analytics

We bring in data directly from the most trusted name in traffic monitoring and web advertising, Google Analytics and AdSense, to give buyers a quick, authentic view of a site’s traffic and advertising revenue.

Domain or website ownership verification

We verify ownership for each website and domain listed on Flippa. To give buyers a clear view on the site’s ownership, we list the verification method in each listing.

Verified quality indicators

Want a quick overview of a site’s quality indicators? We pull in data directly from Google, Alexa, SEOMoz, and a host of other trusted services.

Sales agreement

We recommend that all website or domain purchases include a sales agreement. To get you started, we provide a template sales agreement for every listing, which you can modify as needed.

Messaging between buyers and sellers prior to sale

The most effective way to ensure a successful transaction is for the buyer and seller to communicate before the end of the auction. We provide a safe space to privately ask questions and provide more detailed information about a listing.

Shill bid alert

Shill bidding (when a seller artificially inflates the auction price for their own listing) can quickly ruin the business of bidding on a website. In order to prevent shill bidding, we work hard behind the scenes to match accounts and indicate when potential shill bidding has occured.

Moderated comments

Our commenting system encourages open discussion of listings. While sellers have the ability to delete off-topic, libellous or spam comments, we monitor all comment deletions and restore comments when appropriate.

Reputation Tools

Email and phone number after sale

Once an auction has concluded, the winning bidder and the seller are given each other’s email and phone number to faciliate post-sale communication. This information is hidden from all other users, and stays private.

Social connections

Want to connect with other Flippa users on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn? Interested in seeing whether you know anyone in common? Flippa users can display their social media accounts, helping buyers and sellers get to know them a bit better.

Authentic feedback

We don’t just ask users to evaluate their most recent transaction: six months later, we ask buyers to review the site they bought. Both buyers and sellers are encouraged to leave feedback for every transaction, and their feedback score is shown next to their username, everywhere on the site. You can view Flippa's feedback policy here.

Disputes lost

When a transaction falls through, our support team is involved in resolving the dispute, whether it ends amicably or not. To make it easy to evaluate potential buyers, we make public the number of disputes that were decided against each user.

Public account overview

Is your prospective buyer a savvy Flippa user? We let you know how many times a user has asked questions or left comments on an auction, and how many auctions they’ve bid on.

Anonymous proxy and location log in detection

Our system keeps track of how users log in. If we detect a log in from an anonymous proxy, we let our users know. Likewise, if a user claims they are from one country, but consistently log in from a different one, this information is made public on their profile.

Behind the Scenes


Our friendly support team sits just a few feet from our lead developer. This means that they are able to fix issues quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to browsing the marketplace for your next website purchase.

Blog for education

We update our blog every week with site updates, how-tos, success stories and insight into the best ways to buy and sell websites. Our lively blog comments are a great place to discuss with other Flippa users and with the Flippa team.


Want a thorough overview of the website buying or selling process? Head over to our Guides page. We offer three free in-depth guides that will get you started.

Anti-fraud Team

Our resident fraud-detection specialists, spends their days hunting down would-be scammers. With the help of our development team and our support staff, they find the best ways to eradicate fraud from the marketplace.