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Live 2020

Be Inspired. Invest in Yourself.

Free Admission • Virtual Event • July 9 • 10am PT

Now is the time to invest in You.

Are you looking to start a side hustle, to become your own full-time boss, or just gain a bit of insight into the world right now and the trends shaping the future? This event is for you.

Join us for an eclectic day of education and inspiration as we hear from entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders from across the globe. These spectacular personalities hold the keys to controlling your destiny by investing in yourself and your journey.

Meet the Speakers

Thinkers. Doers. Risk takers. Leaders.

The panel that has come together for this event is nothing short of extraordinary.

These speakers are excited to share their stories and their wisdom in an effort to help you grow as both an entrepreneur and an intellectual while traveling the path to own your future.

Ellen Desmarais

Digital expert and current Managing Director, Digital Strategy, Higher Education at Harvard Business Publishing. Start up advisor. See Speaker Profile

Sam Marks

Host of Invest Like a Boss podcast.
Prolific investor and Co Founder of Coworker.com
See Speaker Profile

Noah Kagan

#30 at Facebook. #4 at Mint. Growth expert and Founder of four multi million dollar businesses including AppSumo.com
See Speaker Profile

Sandra Shpilberg

Serial entrepreneur and author of the bestselling book – New Startup Mindset: 10 Mindset Shifts to Build the Company of Your Dreams. See Speaker Profile

James Altucher

Host of The James Altucher podcast with 40m downloads. Best selling author, successful entrepreneur and chess master
See Speaker Profile

Victoria Gutierrez

Principal at Boston Consulting Group and a lead of the Retail practice. Angel investor. MBA from MIT and Sommelier
See Speaker Profile

Sieva Kozinsky

Co-founder of Enduring Ventures. He buys beautiful businesses and holds them forever. Recently acquired UpCounsel
See Speaker Profile

Ali Aydar

CEO of Sporcle. Co-founder or first employee of three VC-backed digital music start-ups in Silicon Valley, including Napster. See Speaker Profile


10:00 AM

What people want
Speaker: Blake Hutchison, Chief Executive Officer, Flippa

Our Flippa community is growing. Every day we hear another story of another individual changing paths, finding a new beginning, and taking control of their future. Blake believes that the path to independence and financial security comes from making smart choices and making smart digital real estate investments today. He’ll share stories of the community and share what makes this community an example for the future.

10:20 AM

Choose Yourself
Speaker: James Altucher, The James Altucher Podcast

James’ podcast has had over 40m downloads. He’s also the author of the best selling book “Choose Yourself”. And, get this, he’s started 20 companies – 17 of which have failed. James wants you to choose yourself and in this uplifting talk, he’ll help you to find your passion, your unfair advantage and make money.

10:50 AM

Navigating the new consumer sentiment horizon
Speaker: Victoria Gutierrez, Principal, Boston Consulting Group

The world we live in now has been permanently transformed. Victoria will explore changing consumer sentiment looking at what has been impacted and what hasn’t. It’s time to recognize the trends, pick up on what customers will think and do now and in the future and pick the opportunities accordingly.

11:20 AM

Why I buy great businesses and hold them forever
Fireside Chat w. Sieva Kozinsky, Co-Founder, Enduring Ventures

Sieva and his co-founder have built a business that holds businesses forever. Modeling their fund after Berkshire Hathaway, Sieva and Xavier have been looking for and buying great businesses that they believe will be around in 25+ years. In this fireside chat with Blake (CEO @ Flippa) Sieva will explore what makes a business acquirable and why they look for businesses that have grown organically with little to no spend on sales and marketing.

12:00 PM

5 Minute Break

12:05 PM

Grow: How to get your first 1000 customers
Speaker: Noah Kagan, Chief Sumo, Sumo.com

Noah has a storied career in growth roles at Facebook and Mint.com but more importantly, he’s built products that matter to you and will help you to grow your business. As a widely recognized growth champion, this session will arm you with the tips you want and need to run fast!

12:35 PM

The power of compounding interest and making your first investment
Speaker: Sam Marks, Co-Founder, Coworker.com and Invest like a Boss.

Sam’s a prolific investor. He’ll break down his approach. Share failures from his own investing journey and walk you through the power of compounding interest to accelerate wealth creation. Oh yeah. He’ll also tell you why he has an exhaustive bucket list.

1:05 PM

Build the Company of Your Dreams. Focus on real results.
Speaker: Sandra Shpilberg, Author New Startup Mindset: Ten Mindset Shifts to Build the Company of Your Dreams.

Widely recognized as an innovator and disruptor in digital health, Sandra founded Seeker Health, a breakthrough digital patient finding platform, and most recently authored New Startup Mindset. Listen closely here as Sandra shares her experiences and lessons from the perspective of a non-traditional founder. The learning – dismantle startup myths and focus on real results.

1:35 PM

Foundational business constructs learned from 2 decades in Silicon Valley
Speaker: Ali Aydar, Co-Founder, Sporcle

Having worked 11 years in venture-backed and 10 years in bootstrapped businesses within Silicon Valley, Ali has recognized that there are just 3 things that have an outsized effect on a business. It is these three things, and only these three things that matter when it comes to the success or failure of a business.

2:05 PM

Scaling up big
Speaker: Ellen Desmarais, Managing Director, Digital Strategy, Harvard Business Publishing

We all struggle with go-to-market plans and what decisions to make next. Ellen has led marketing and growth strategy for marketplaces and content companies of all sizes, from venture-backed startups to global brands like Getty Images and The Wall Street Journal. Learn how to think about scale even when you are small, and how to put your company on the path to grow.

2:35 PM

The Wrap Up – The Conference in 5 Mins
Host: Ben Weiss, Marketing Manager, Flippa

We’ve heard and learned a lot. Ben will take everything we have heard and synthesize it into some key takeaways.

Own Your


Live 2020

Free Admission • Virtual Event • July 9 • 10am PT

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