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Take the time to tell the world all about your SaaS business. This is your chance to shine. 

Connect with the world’s largest buyer base. They’ll want 
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Value your online business today and qualify for our "Stacked Marketer" 3% success fee offer. Depending on final sale price you could save up to 70%.

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What are the success fees?

Flippa success fees are variable. A success fee is payable to Flippa upon a successful completion of a sale. They start at 5% for assets that sell above $100,000.

Do I have to pay for this valuation?

No, the valuations you’ll receive from Flippa are totally free, and you can use it as many times as you like.

Is the Flippa valuation accurate?

Yes. Flippa has more historical sales data than anyone else and is the largest marketplace for buying and selling digital businesses, with over 10 years of sales history. If the information you provide is accurate, your valuation will be in the ballpark of what you could expect to sell it for on the Flippa marketplace.

 - Volodymyr Nesterenko - Bought for $853,000

“The listing was hot (more than 170 bids). Everything worked well. We appreciated a simple process. Listing page, chat with a seller, the auction, escrow service – everything was great and we didn’t need anything on top.“