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How does the valuation tool work?

Start with some key details

Flippa uses your inputs and compares data to 1000's of similar sites that have sold on Flippa. We look at business model, category, age and many other factors.

We also consider how many buyers are interested in sites like yours.

Read more about Flippa’s Intelligent Valuations Engine.
Read our How to Guide to learn more about the selling process.

Accurate & instant valuation

Flippa has more historical sales data than anyone else. If the information you provide is accurate, your Flippa valuation will be a good indicator of price.

No waiting around! You will receive your valuation instantly. You will also be able to save and share your valuation.

We automatically create your listing for you

Based on the information you have provided in the valuation, we automatically create a draft listing so you can see how it could look in the marketplace. Neat huh?

Start listing from USD$29.

Fees & upgrades.

Trust & Safety by Design

Flippa's marketplace integrity team plus sophisticated fraud prevention tools are in place to protect both buyer and seller.

For a comprehensive list of the measures we take refer to our Safety by Design guide.

3.3 Million+

Users Worldwide


Total Buyers


Listings Sold


Live Listings

3.3 Million+

Users Worldwide


Total Buyers


Listings Sold


Live Listings

For businesses worth over $10 Million.

Flippa’s VIP Program offers a dedicated team working with you to fully customise your listing, handpicked buyer-matching, fully-fledged marketing feature and unlimited support throughout the whole process. All at an extremely low preferential pricing.

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General FAQ’s

How much does it cost to list and sell with Flippa?

Listing fees start from $29.

You can also choose to upgrade and get access to enhanced reach and key services to support you through the sales process.

Flippa also charges a success fee and this starts from 5%. For more information about pricing and fees refer Flippa's pricing page here.

What can I sell on Flippa?

Sites, SaaS, ecommerce and amazon stores, apps, domains, social media accounts and online businesses.

If it has a URL you can sell it.

How long does it take to sell?

The average time to sell is one month however higher value deals may take much longer.

There are many factors that go into a sale and these factors will impact the time it takes to sell. We recommend sellers have all financial and operational detail on hand when preparing to sell plus it is important to recognise that factors such as uniqueness, performance, business model, competition, and asking price will all impact the speed of sale.

How should I price my asset / online business?

Flippa provides a guide price and valuation through the listing process.

This takes into consideration the operational and financial performance of your asset / online business as well as factors like age, business model, industry and buyer demand.

If you are looking for an indicative valuation, you can also get a valuation using Flippa's proprietary data driven valuation tool here.

Why do I need to verify my information?

The Flippa marketplace experience relies on there being trust between buyer and seller. Accuracy and integrity is paramount.

We ask that you can verify all information and Flippa reserves the right to remove any listing or cancel any sale where information and / or data cannot be verified.

We’re here for you every step of the way

If you’re ever feeling stuck or just need some extra information.
There are multiple ways you can learn more.

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