Our Policy

As you’d expect, sellers on Flippa must have the legal right to sell the content they’re listing.

Dealing With Violations

If you think you’ve seen a violation of this policy, please don’t post a public comment saying so. This is potentially libelous and Flippa can’t be liable for this. Your first recourse is to contact the responsible user by private message and request that they remedy the breach. If this course of action proves ineffective, contact us. Flippa Support will attempt to remedy the situation by talking to users on both sides of the discussion. We may have access to historical information about users which will help us – keep in mind that if you’re constantly the subject of complaints, we may be less likely to believe your side of the story. However, Flippa Support has no means of determining once and for all who owns content. This is a matter for the legal system.

Copyright Law

Various laws which apply to content on Flippa include the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (USA) and the Copyright Act (Australia). These laws provide for a takedown notice to be filed with Flippa which will result in the immediate removal of content. In order to do this, you must hold the copyright to the content in question and be prepared to state this in a court of law. Also note that on either side of a dispute you may be liable for damages if any legal action ensues – let’s try to avoid this happening. The response to a takedown notice varies from case to case, but usually we will disable the links to the subject content and contact the users on both sides of the notice. Occasionally, especially in the case of repeat offenders, we’ll suspend or ban users.