Flippa – the #1 marketplace to buy sites, stores and digital real estate – is now making it easier to get a real-time valuation for your WordPress / WooCommerce business with the launch of the Flippa Online Business Valuation Plugin

Flippa has more buyers and sellers and closes more online business transactions in a single month than most close in a lifetime – so it goes without saying, we’re uniquely positioned to use our extensive global online business sales data to value your online businesses.

Our FREE WordPress Plugin automatically generates key sales metrics, and takes other critical inputs about your WooCommerce Store, and benchmarks your business against past sales made on the Flippa marketplace (through Flippa’s proprietary valuation API) to arrive at a real-time valuation for your online business.

Your business is constantly changing and evolving, and every business goes through various stages of growth. With the Flippa Online Business Valuation Plugin installed on your WordPress / WooCommerce store, you can get an updated real-time valuation at any time, at the click of a button.

Buyer demand for eCommerce stores is through the roof…

With a growing demand for established eCommerce businesses, the idea that you can sell your passion project or side hustle has become a reality. Each month hundreds of eCommerce stores sell on Flippa, from a few thousand dollars up to $500,000 USD.

Buyers particularly love eCommerce stores with interesting products, a history of decent profit margins and consistent revenue, operating in a growing market – such as health, fitness, fashion, or finance.

Some recent sales on Flippa…

Gnarly Tees, a 5-year old eCommerce business, was sold for $60,000 in just 30 days. The business allows for custom t-shirt and hoodie printing and had strong success building a referral engine from Pinterest. Everyone loves a good t-shirt.

With Blue Tees Golf, buyer demand on Flippa was crazy. What made this online eCommerce business unique was that the products were branded and customised. There’s a big buyer base for golf related businesses and in general, sporting goods eCommerce businesses do well. Almost 8,000 buyers considered the asset and ultimately it sold for $160,000 USD.

So, how do you get started…?

All you need is WordPress 4.4 (or higher) and an operating WooCommerce business. Download and install the Flippa Online Business Valuation Plugin for free, and you’re all set – you’ll get real-time valuations forever.

When the time is right. Use the valuation data provided by Flippa to list your online business for sale!  

There’s so much buyer demand right now. There’s never been a better time to sell. The plugin is simple to use and it’s absolutely free.

The Flippa Online Business Valuation Plugin is available via the WordPress Plugin marketplace.

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