The Beginners Guide To Flippa: Part 2

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In our last post we covered an introduction to Flippa, setting up a profile, and the listing categories & costs. What do we want to answer in this post?

  • As a seller, what do I need to know before listing?
  • How do I list?
  • What information do I need to have prepared?
  • Why do I have to prove anything?
  • Who will see this information?
  • As a buyer what should I be looking for before bidding?



Proving Revenue:

We take our Marketplace Integrity very seriously so when an Established Website claiming revenue is listed with us we do our utmost to ensure those claims can be verified. Although the onus is always on the buyer to carry out sufficient due diligence, we monitor the marketplace by conducting listing reviews and investigating claims made by the Seller. Potential buyers will want to see traffic and revenue information clearly displayed so providing easy access will also benefit the Seller. As a Seller any claims made will be reviewed and you could be suspended until sufficient proof is provided.

As a Seller you will be expected to back-up any claims made with attachments added below the Seller’s Notes Section. These attachments should be of screenshots taken from whichever financial platform your site uses for accounts e.g Paypal, Shopify, Stripe. Any discrepancies should be noted here also. The attachments should also include:

  • The listing name
  • The date
  • Financial Information
  • Any sensitive information blocked out

It is important to note that Excel spreadsheets are not acceptable as they can be easily modified. Alternatively, a video walkthrough could be added as a single attachment but the same information listed above needs to be displayed clearly. The additional information provided must match the figures displayed on the revenue graph.

Claiming AdSense revenue

Just like Verified Google Analytics, the AdSense data we use comes directly from the Google API. When claiming AdSense revenue, sellers can log into their Google account and authorize Flippa to collect this data.

During the listing creation process, click on “Verify AdSense revenue”. Once you’re logged in, and have granted permission for Flippa to gather this information, your Flippa listing will automatically include your AdSense revenue and use it to populate your total revenue claims.

If your site earns revenue from sources other than AdSense be sure to disclose any information in the Sellers Notes or through attachments.

*Note there is no need to include AdSense screenshots if you’re already verifying these claims.If you have any questions about this process our Customer Support are always there to assist.

Proving Traffic:

Before contacting Customer Support about traffic claims ensure that Google Analytics has been installed on your website first. Please remember that GA must be installed for 30+ days before it can be displayed on Flippa. If you experience trouble verifying Google Analytics there are a number of alternatives.

  1. Grant our websites team access to your Google Analytics account and they will be sure to get it up and running. You can do this by emailing access to [email protected].
  2. Do not make any official traffic claims. If you are uncomfortable granting access to our websites team you can opt to claim no official traffic. You can then explain in the Sellers Notes section to potential buyers what the situation is and provide screenshots of your GA account.

Starter Sites:

When you list a Starter Site there are a couple of factors to keep in mind. Firstly, if your website has been established for 3 months or less it qualifies as a Starter Site. If your website is 3 months or older it qualifies as an Established Website. Starter sites are not able to claim any traffic or revenue on Fippa. Starter sites are typically starter templates and do not have any traffic or revenue to claim.

If you have accidentally listed an Established Site as a Starter Site, you will need to cancel your listing and re-list as an Established Site.

If you believe your Starter Site is particularly advanced and you wish to list as an Established Site please contact [email protected] or our websites team at [email protected].




If you’re selling a domain name on Flippa be prepared to verify ownership. If you are using a WhoIs privacy service we suggest making it public while the asset is being listed for sale. We understand most people do not want their personal contact information (name, address, email address, and phone number) made public in the Whois database but if you are listing your domain(s) for sale, we need to be able to verify ownership before your listings go live in the marketplace. If you use a publicly facing email address on whois, the ownership verification process is much faster if you ensure that your registered email on Flippa matches the email address on WhoIs.  

Name Servers

Changing your name servers will not only prove ownership but also create a landing page that allows visitors the opportunity to submit their bid or offer directly. To setup your Sales Landers, visit your registrar and change your name servers to:



Keep in mind that when you have your name servers set, your listing must be in a live state for the landing page to resolve

Just like websites, domain listings on Flippa also include a Sellers Notes section where you are free to disclose any information you feel potential buyers should know. If you do try to sell a domain name on Flippa, take advantage of the fact you can include a detailed description of the domain name in your listing, which is something that other traditional domain marketplaces don’t offer.


If you feel you have a premium domain on your hands and are seeking assistance in selling it, please reach out to our Domains Team via [email protected]. Conversely, if you are seeking to acquire something in particular, please reach out to [email protected] with your parameters and budget.

App Ownership

Just like domain and website listings, proving ownership of an app is mandatory on Flippa. There is an ownership verification process that needs to be completed before your app goes live. This process differs between iOS and Android apps.

Android App Verification

You will be provided with a 10 digit verification code upon listing. As the app owner, you will be instructed to copy and paste this code into the app description on Google Play store so it can be referenced. The verification will be done automatically and is usually the last step to be completed before your app listing can go live.

iOS App Verification

To verify ownership of an iOS app, users will receive a unique verification token which needs to be added to the end of the support url. For example, if the support url is and the token is 70018, then the updated Support URL should be

If you experience trouble with app verification, please email [email protected] and we’ll get right back to you!

Proving Revenue & Traffic

Revenue and download claims need to be presented through attachments. Upon editing your listing, you will be instructed to enter in your financial information but remember to enter month by month figures as opposed to a monthly average. If you have questions in regards to this, you can always email [email protected] for further assistance.

As a Buyer?

Don’t underestimate the power of communication!

Don’t be afraid to communicate with other users, conduct due diligence and ask questions. Ultimately, the onus is on the buyer to verify claims made by the Seller. We do our utmost to control the marketplace and ensure all listings are legitimate but from time to time fraudulent listings make it through. When you win a listing on Flippa, the sale is legally binding so make sure you are confident with your bid by doing extensive due diligence prior to bidding.

We have  a team who are ready and available to answer any questions you may have regarding the platform. Our blog offers an extensive amount of information and our Customer Support team are on hand to assist. For more information or suggestions you might have regarding future blog posts please contact us [email protected] .

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