Product Update – May 2022

What’s new and what’s coming? Check out the latest product updates below, as well as a few previews of what’s to come.

Personalized Home Page

Now Live

We have 3M users. Our vision is to have 3M personalized experiences. We’ve started with the homepage. 

With public and off market assets priced between $500 to $50M and sites, stores and apps from over 100 countries we think it’s time we gave you each a fresh new look. 

Our new personalized homepage shows you exactly what you’re looking for. Based on intent data, your profile and other factors the homepage will change with your preferences.

Screen Shot 2022 05 26 at 3.14 1 1

The feature is just one week old and we’ve seen a 25% increase in homepage CTR. More to come here.

If you haven’t set your buyer preferences now is the time!

Verified Listings

Now Live

Trusting a business’s data is the first step in finding an online business to acquire. And we’re taking trust and data verification to the next level. 

Vetted by Flippa

Trust and Safety is at the forefront of everything we do. With thousands of assets sold each month we continue to invest here.

We already have legal and due diligence services plus a team of 200 brokers from over 30 different firms on hand to help you get deals done. 

Now we’ve added an in-house verification team of analysts who are reviewing 1000’s of listings every month. They verify revenue and expenses and run rigorous checks on every seller. It must be working, we just recorded a record NPS of 85. #1 for a reason…

Frame 5672

Look out for the Verified By badge on every listing.

It looks like this:

approved user 1 2

Data Verification 

Along with Flippa’s in-house team of experts verifying listings, we have integrated data partners that provide key business metrics straight from the source.

We’ve partnered with the leading technology companies and platforms to expose critical performance metrics. Our list of current partners includes Shopify, Stripe, WooCommerce, Quickbooks Online, Google Analytics, Admob, Adsense and SEMRush.  We’ve pulled the data so you don’t have to. Straight from the source, these are the metrics that matter.

data integrations

Each business model is unique and Flippa will pull out the metrics that matter. For instance, Ecommerce listings will include Refund Rate and Average Order Value while a SaaS listing will include metrics like Monthly Recurring Revenue, Churn and Lifetime Value.

Learn More

Seamless Deal Negotiations

Coming Soon

We’re making Buyer and Seller communication seamless with our new Negotiation Hub. 

For Sellers

Sellers will be able to manage buyer negotiations, shortlist your preferred buyers, and archive the conversations that aren’t progressing. You’ll also be able to seamlessly jump between discussion threads. If you have a great listing for sale, you’ll have a lot of interested buyers and you’ll soon be able to easily manage multiple negotiations. 

Frame 2

For Buyers

Buyers will be able to act on a listing directly from within a discussion thread with a Seller. You’ll be able to create LOI’s, make an offer or place a bid, becomes more straightforward. Timing is everything. Acting quickly could be the difference between acquisition or missing out.

Flippa Insights

Coming Soon

Flippa has the largest database of sales history, performance data and pricing data for sites, stores and apps. We’ll make that accessible through the discovery process.

Flippa Insights will enable you to quickly benchmark the performance of any listed asset showing comparable listings, sold listings and peer benchmark information such as AOV and Return Rate, LTV or Churn, Downloads and MAU’s.

Frame 3 1

Our vision to enable a pathway to exit and empower business ownership depends on a community of buyers and sellers, makers and creators, business owners and acquisition entrepreneurs and our commitment to building a platform that allows you to transact safely and securely. 

If you have feedback on these features or any others feel, send us a note at [email protected].

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