Back in January, Flippa Domains unveiled its new layout, which included vast improvements to our Search capabilities.

Here’s a quick recap of overall changes we’ve made over the past six months:

  • The $250 / $350 Premium Upgrade packages were retired, yielding to a more uniform, intuitive space for buyers and sellers alike
  • “Unlimited” relistings for domain auctions were discontinued, greatly improving the quality of assets within the marketplace. You can still relist any domain auction one time, for free.
  • Conducting Domain Appraisals no longer awards credits, which has also reduced the number of low-quality auctions on the platform.
  • “Reserve Met” auctions received its own search filter, also including auction results where the first bid placed would meet reserve. Just because something doesn’t have any bids doesn’t mean it’s not a great opportunity!
  • Listings with a “Buy It Now” can also be included by toggling the corresponding checkbox.
  • Relisting a domain as a non-auction (“classified”) listing became as easy as two-clicks.

We’ve been full-throttle lately delivering an even more robust, more intuitive and just flat-out BETTER experience throughout the entire Flippa Domains marketplace.

We’ve added the following options to utilize when searching and browsing Flippa Domains and are excited to share some videos highlighting the most recent changes:

  • Placement: choose to place your keyword either at the start or end of the query. You can also simply search for the “Exact” result.
  • Pattern: search for letter-only results (for example, “LLL” will bring you all three-character domains), number-only (“NNNN” will bring you all four-digit numerics), or any combination of the two (“LNN” will bring you letter-number-number results). This is of course not limited to simply three or four string results; play around and find anything from one-digit to 12+ letter results! Our Marketplace Broker Devoir Funches highlights these capabilities in the second video below.
  • Exclusions: searching for something without numbers or hyphens? Now you can tick the “Exclude” boxes to filter those out. Have an aversion to a particular letter? Click the “More Options” arrow and chuck-out what you wish.
  • Items Per Page: now you can view 50, 100 or 250 results at one time, per page.

We’re constantly working behind the scenes and will be back with more feature improvements to note soon enough. Meantime, let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below!

New and Improved Search at Flippa Domains:

Use Pattern Searching to find Numerics and “letter” strings:


Kevin Fink

Kevin is Flippa's Director of Domains.