What To Do After Launching Your Online Business? 11 Tips to Rapidly Increase Revenue

It’s a celebratory day. 

You’ve just launched your online business, popped the champagne, and told everyone you know. 

Now you have to find ways to make your new business profitable.

You’ve got a few ideas up your sleeve and the drive, but you still need some help to see it through. 

Luckily, you’ve swooped in just in time to learn 11 tips you can use to increase your revenue from the get-go. 

Ready to see what they are? We’ve got business owners covered. 

Understanding direct versus indirect revenue tactics 

Before we get started, we’d like to take a moment to explain the difference between direct and indirect revenue tactics. 

Direct revenue tactics are more straightforward and direct, like running ads, writing copy, or managing sales campaigns. 

It’s more like,
“Hey, here’s an ad, please buy this or sign up for that.”

Indirect revenue tactics are more indirect and nuanced. They place a heavier focus on long-term marketing techniques, like content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.

It’s about,
“Hey, read our educational article. Did you like it? Great, then consider signing up for our email list/checking out another article/scheduling a demo.”

While both tactics are effective at increasing revenue, it’s important to find the balance between the two. 


Because direct revenue tactics are heavily sales-focused, and indirect tactics ‌focus on long-term growth

If you only use direct tactics, you miss out on giving prospects and customers the value they need to build trust with your brand — and become long-term customers.

If you only use indirect tactics, you miss out on quick and easy sales

To help you strike the right balance, we’re going to share a mix of both indirect and direct revenue tactics with you today.

1. Have a pristine marketing strategy 

Your online business can’t survive if you don’t build a solid reputation. Even established businesses have to continue maintaining their reputation through the years. 

You heard that right. Even if you’ve recently acquired a popular online business, you still have to nurture its reputation to see it succeed. 

In other words, reputation is like romance. It needs continual love, care, and support to keep the fire alive. 

But what if you have no marketing experience? Or what if you’ve got some ideas up your sleeve, but you’re not sure if they’ll work?

It may sound obvious, but you’re going to need a strategy.

A marketing strategy can increase revenue by helping you:

  • Craft high-converting marketing campaigns 
  • Write high-converting copy
  • Understand your target market
  • Identify and solve your ideal customer’s pain points
  • Stay connected through email marketing
  • Ask prospects for their business 
  • Add value to your ideal customer’s life
  • Run targeted ads

For instance, a strong B2B SaaS Marketing strategy might have the following foundation:

  • Convert hot leads by inviting them to schedule demo calls 
  • Create an optimized knowledge base that answers our target customer’s most burning questions
  • Implement ongoing ad campaigns — at least one targeted ad should always be running
  • Engage with prospects and customers on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram every day
  • Implement email marketing to build brand loyalty and get to know our customers better

Not sure how to create a marketing strategy? Check out this guide from HubSpot.

2. Show, don’t tell: Using videos to paint your story 

Videos have a way of building connections like no other tool can. With videos, your target audience sees a humanized version of your brand tangibly. 

Why does this matter? Because when your audience builds a strong connection with your brand, they also build trust. The more trust you’ve established with a prospect, the less hoops you have to jump through to convert them into a paying customer.

That’s why introducing your online business through web video production is a powerful way to connect with your audience.

video marketing online business

(Image Source)

Whether it’s sharing your back story, demonstrating how you make your products, or interviewing happy customers, video can help you build relationships in a profound way. 

To increase your revenue using video, make sure each video has a clear call to action. 

For instance, “Did you like this video? Book a demo to learn more.”

Or, “Ready to feel confident with our anti-aging moisturizer? Click here to purchase your own. Use the code ‘moist10’ for a 10% discount.”

3. Hire your dream team 

Scaling a business to multiple six-figures takes solid team effort. 

While steering the ship by yourself may save you money on payroll, It’ll cap you at what you can accomplish.

Kelly Mahalak, a Business and Leadership Coach who’s successfully scaled her online business to multiple six-figures, says:

“The only way you can scale to multiple six-figures under 20 hours a week, sustainably, is with a team. They’re the real MVPs behind the outward success. Hiring and team dynamics are huge parts of my higher-end containers.”

If you have the budget, business owners should consider filling the following roles to take your business to the next level:

  • Marketing director
  • Advertising director 
  • Business consultant 
  • Content marketing director 
  • SEO strategist 
  • Copywriters
  • Content writers
  • Growth hackers 

If you have a minimal budget, consider filling the following roles to elevate your business at your own pace:

  • Part-time virtual assistant (to take some of the pressure off you for repetitive, everyday tasks)
  • Content marketing agency helping you from time to time to write your marketing content

When hiring your team, be strategic. To increase revenue, you’ll need to be choosy about what you hand off and what you work on yourself. 

For instance, handing over mundane, repetitive tasks to a virtual assistant can shave hours off your schedule every day. With the freed up time, you can focus on converting leads and onboarding customers, instead.

Before hiring anyone, consider the following questions:

  • Can this person help free up my time so I can focus on more profitable tasks?
  • Is this person an expert at what they do?
  • Is this person efficient at what they do?
  • Does this person learn and pivot quickly? 
  • Why is it important to hire this person? How can they help me increase my revenues?
  • What can I realistically afford to pay this person without jeopardizing my business or livelihood?

4. Highlight your most popular offers

Humans have become obsessed with social proof. They love seeing what other people are up to and they take other peoples’ opinions seriously. 

If a prospect notices that your premium package is your most popular option, they’ll probably choose it over your other options. 

If your newly released, hot pink sneakers are flooding Instagram reels, then you’ll probably see more hot pink sneaker sales than light blue sneaker sales.

In other words, highlighting your most popular offers is pivotal to building social proof and increasing sales. 

So whether it’s adding a ‘most popular’ label to your best-selling products, partnering with vendors who sing your praises, or asking influencers to feature your brand, use your best-selling offers to your advantage

You can also direct your customers to what you think are your best items simply by adding a “Staff Picks” section on your website like this fireplace store is doing

popular products online business

(Image Source)

By doing so, you are positioning your team and your expertise at the forefront of your customers’ choices. 

To take advantage of this tip, spend a few moments brainstorming a list of ways you can feature your most popular offers.

For instance:

  • Highlight best-selling products in your Instagram Store
  • Add a ‘buy now’ clickable sticker when promoting popular offers 
  • Have VIP customers record video testimonials gushing about your best-selling offers —  market the video testimonials in newsletters, on social, and in ads 

5. Learn everything you can about copywriting 

Think of copy as money in the form of words. 

It may sound silly, but isn’t that true? Copy in its truest form is like an enticing sales rep. It’s the string of words that asks customers to buy something, opt-in to a list, tell their friends, or redeem an offer. 

In other words, copy is what brings customers to you. It’s what keeps customers buying. It’s what keeps customers bewitched by you. 

So, learn everything you can about copywriting. Learn copywriting techniques, hire an experienced copywriter, and always aim to only publish the best copy you can get your hands on. 

Here are some other quick copywriting tips:

  • Lighten up your copy with contractions, such as “you’re” instead of “you are”
  • Always be honest and straightforward in your copy 
  • Write copy that’s as approachable, relatable, and personal as possible 
  • Keep your copy real, humorous, valuable, or play on emotion
  • Always include a clear call to action in your copy

6. Capitalize on solving your target audience’s pain points 

Your dream customers will love you for many reasons. 

They’ll adore your products, gobble up your content, and take advantage of all your free resources. But if there’s one thing your customers will appreciate most about you, it’ll be your motivation to solve their pain points. 

Unsolved pain points are like a disease. They creep in, take over, and eventually, you’ve just lost a customer forever.

But when you solve your audience’s pain points, you not only relieve them, you add value to their lives. The kind of value that builds long-term relationships and sales.

For instance, if your target audience has been struggling to find a productivity platform that has robust features, imagine how their lives can change when they learn you have the exact platform they need. 

If they’ve been looking for a brand with 24/7 customer support options, imagine the value you can bring to their lives once they find out your team is always available.

Destination wedding platform, WedBoard, is a classic example of a brand who’s capitalized on solving their target audience’s pain points.

After learning how many engaged couples struggle to keep their wedding plans organized in one spot, WedBoard began brainstorming solutions. 

The result? 

They built an all-in-one platform so engaged couples can build their dream destination wedding in one place.

Wait … no more jumping from site to site or having to juggle multiple vendor pages? You can bet every engaged couple is looking for this kind of solution. 

customer journey online business

(Image Source)

Solving your target audience’s pain points is one of the quickest ways to build customer loyalty and raving fans. 

It’s what sets you apart from the competition, skyrockets sales, and gives your business that special magic sauce it needs to soar

7. Lock arms with an advertising mentor

Content marketing is key to long-term growth. But when you first launch an online business, you want to see profits quickly. 

That’s where advertising plays a major role. 

Advertising is to short-term growth what content marketing is to long-term growth. 

With advertising, you can get hundreds of opt-ins in a matter of minutes, you can sell out in days, and you can get more eyes on your brand without having to play the long game. 

And with an advertising mentor to see you through, you’ll be able to take advantage of this opportunity like a pro.

Locking arms with an advertising mentor can help you:

  • Drive a higher ROI on your advertising efforts 
  • Focus on ads that make the most sense for your target audience
  • Conduct A/B tests, surveys, user testing, and social listening 
  • Manage, analyze, and interpret important ad reports  
  • Pivot when necessary 

If you don’t have the budget to hire an advertising mentor yet, there’s plenty of information you can research yourself. Check out HubSpot Academy or Skillshop by Google for more information.

8. Share customer reviews whenever possible 

People need social proof to make educated decisions. It’s how they choose where they’re going to eat lunch, what presents to buy for Christmas, and what trip to take next Summer.

When people are on the fence about you, social proof is there to make an introduction. 

customer reviews online business

(Image Source)

In other words, social proof is there to help you build trust and positive associations around your brand.

To build up your brand presence, consider embedding social proof (i.e., customer reviews, testimonials, or stories): 

  • In marketing emails
  • In social media posts 
  • In ads 
  • On your website and landing pages 
  • At the end of blog posts
  • As testimonial videos on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok
  • As pins on Pinterest 
  • In branded Facebook groups 

9. Enhance customer experience  

Enhancing the customer experience throughout the customer journey is pivotal to achieving your revenue goals consistently. 

Customer experience is important for the same reason restaurants are. 

Hang in there, let us explain. 

Why do restaurants exist? Sure, they’re there to satisfy hunger cravings when you just don’t feel like cooking. But is that all? 

No. Restaurants exist because customers love the customer experience. 

They love being taken to their very own special table. They love being waited on and dined on. They love the music playing, the staff shuffling about, the nice tablecloths, and the squeaky clean silverware. And after they eat, they love saying goodnight to the host and taking their leftovers home. 

It’s a big show, and that’s what customers want when they work with any business. 

If you sell organic soaps and lotions, they want to feel like they have cucumbers on their eyes when they’re on your website. If you sell spices and food products, they want to smell flavors and aromas when they see your cooking videos.

They want an experience every time they touch your business. 

That means during each step in the customer journey, they’re experiencing something or feeling something. They have fantastic content to sift through, high-quality photos to indulge in, and they don’t squint when they view your site on mobile. 

They see intuitive web layouts that never go out of style, web pages that always load quickly, and copy they relate to. 

In other words, all of their senses are tapped in. They’re invigorated, excited, and eager to immerse themselves in your brand. 

And what does that excitement spark? The desire to make a purchase — over and over again. 

10. Give the people what they want 

This one’s a simple tip, but it’s still a crucial one: Give your audience what they want, what they crave, and what they ask for.

The simplest way to do this is to get to know your target audience the way you would your best friend. Then, run polls and surveys to ask them what they want — and then give it to them.

So if your audience constantly asks for more chocolate-covered strawberries, give them more chocolate-covered strawberries. 

If they ask for a branded app, build them an app. 

If they ask for faster shipping or free delivery, streamline your shipping process or offer promo codes

Giving your customers the products and services they crave, is an easy way to make your brand irresistible.

11. Make yourself available after hours 

Customers often run into support issues when they approach a new brand. 

They message a chatbot and receive an ‘after hours’ message. Or they receive an automated message from a no-reply email address. Or they can’t find tutorials for the new product they just bought. 

While it’s important to have healthy work boundaries, it’s also important to be there for your customers when they need you. Otherwise, they may be tempted to find someone who will — which will inevitably lead to less revenue. 

customer servie online business

(Image Source)

Luckily, there are simple solutions you can use to give your customers the support options they need. 

For instance, consider asking your virtual assistant to manage email responses after hours. Or consider building an entire knowledge base of articles in response to frequently asked questions. Or consider setting up an automated chatbot to do the heavy work for you.

To make the most out of this tip, take a few moments to brainstorm some ways you can support customers after hours.

Wrap up 

Making your new business profitable from the get-go is an ambitious goal. But with a few key strategies, you can implement processes that will make your business soar.

Luckily, we’ve just given you a head start with these 11 juicy tips.  

Craving even more tips? Head to our blog to learn about product business, marketing techniques, digital real estate, and more.

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