This week we’re thrilled to launch our new auction page.

It’s the result of months of researching and testing with users, with a new design, a focus on buyer safety and a greater emphasis on trust, data and due diligence. The new auction page is available for websites, domains, and apps!

Improvements for Buyers

  • Know the seller at a glance

The seller’s profile, history, feedback and real name are prominently displayed on each auction so you immediately know who you’re dealing with.

  • Verified data takes top billing

Previously, a seller’s claims received equal billing to verified data. Not anymore. Verified data now comes first on the auction page, even before the seller’s own listing description. Data that’s been sourced via an API or is verified is displayed in green, while seller supplied data hasn’t been verified is shown in black.

Listing with verified data, including both AdSense and Google Analytics will also appear higher in search results across the site.

  • Buyer Timesavers

To let buyers to immediately know the status of an auction, we’ve designed a box at the top of the auction page which displays all the relevant information: current price, reserve being met, number of bids and time left.

Flippa Auction Page

We’ve built in-page help right into the new auction design. Mouse over key metrics and you’ll see an explanation of what you’re looking at and what it means. 

To give buyers a head start, we’ve also included helpful due diligence tips tied to various metrics on the auction page.

Turnkey template listings are now distinct from the rest of the marketplace, to help you distinguish a Turnkey site from a web business.

Finally, after such an overwhelming response to our new ‘Make an Offer’ system, when an auction has ended without a buyer, it now has a big shiny button on it  inviting offers.

Improvements for Sellers

Build your profile as a trustworthy seller with the new prominent placing of the profile on auction pages. By uploading a photo of yourself, using your real name and having great feedback – buyers will know they can trust you and will prefer you over other sellers.

Auction management is now simpler too. Once you auction is live, an auction management centre will appear. This will tell you what you need to do, when you need to do it and what’s going to be most effective for your auction.

Over to You

We hope you like the new design, look for the green ‘try the new view’ button at the top of all website auction pages to opt-in (you’ll need to log in first). Check out some web businesses for sale now! 


Tim Cooke

Based in Melbourne Australia, Tim is Flippa's Marketing Manager.


Beautiful design! Very informative and convenient!

But How will it be implemented on the domains auctions – I mean the “At a glance” section – will it show no data? it won’t be in the seller interest!

And I see you have this nice anchor text manu – Profit, Seller’s Notes, Site Info, Comments (xx), – clicking on one of them will take you down to their section – but what will take us up again? do we need to scroll our fingers off 😉

Generally I think it’s a change for the better – Fantastic Job Guys!
Carry on the good work 🙂

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