Even if you’re only just starting out in the world of SEO, you will have probably heard of backlinks. It’s no secret that search engines will rank your website based on a variety of different factors, and the number and quality of links that are pointing to your website is a huge one.

Search engines essentially see links back to your website as votes of confidence. They only want to point internet users in the direction of authoritative and trustworthy sites that are going to provide a positive experience. And, if a lot of high-quality websites are referencing your content and recommending your business, companies like Google will see this as a sign that they should be ranking you highly in their results.

If you’re publishing quality content on your website, and you’re an authority in your field, you might earn plenty of organic backlinks. But most businesses will also have to incorporate an element of link building into their marketing strategies if they want to get great results. 

Link building involves convincing other high-quality websites to link back to your website in their content. This can be done in a variety of ways, including through guest posts, link placements, and product reviews. These are all relatively common tactics, but one approach you might not have considered is buying existing websites and building links on those, too. 

By purchasing more virtual real estate, you’ll have more control over your backlinks — you can choose exactly where they go and you don’t have to worry about losing them in the future.

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Now let’s look at what you need to consider when buying websites to build backlinks on. 

Focus on Buying Websites Within Your Industry or Niche

If you’re going to buy websites with the goal of building more backlinks, do it the right way. This will mean focusing on purchasing websites that are already in your industry or niche. There are a number of reasons why it’s best to go down this route.

Firstly, you want your backlink profile to look as natural as possible, and it will make most sense for similar websites to link back to yours. So, for example, if you run an online clothing store, fashion-related sites will make the best prospects for link building.

Buying and building links on websites within your niche could also send a lot of valuable traffic your way. If the sites you buy are relevant to your industry, it’s more likely that the people who visit them will be interested in your products or services.

Let’s take a look at some examples of niche brands, and what kinds of websites it would be worthwhile building links on, so you can get an idea of what’s going to work best for your business.

building links by purchasing other websites within your niche

For instance, Ketoned is a meal management business that focuses on bringing keto-friendly meals right to your door. To work out where their links would be best placed, it’s important to think about their target audience. In this case, those interested in adopting a keto diet are likely to be active and health-conscious individuals. As a result, the company would want to focus on building links on sites related to food, cooking, health, and fitness. If you own a brand in the healthy eating and wellbeing space, you could have a similar link building strategy, and buy relevant sites accordingly.

Best Nursing Programs is a very different site, which helps aspiring medical professionals to find the best training courses to suit their needs. So, visitors of this website are very likely to be students or trainee healthcare workers who want to take their career to the next level. If the company was looking to buy websites to build links on, it would make most sense to purchase those already in the medicine, higher education, or healthcare fields. If you work in a similar industry, going down this route is likely to deliver the best results for you, too.

if you're in fintech, purchase fintech sites

Finally, in the fintech space, Wave’s accounting software is targeted towards small business owners. So, in order to build the most relevant and high-quality links possible, companies like this could look to buy sites in the finance, start-up, tech, and freelance space. Essentially, if the brand’s ideal audience are likely to be visiting a particular site for advice and support already, this would make a great prospect to buy and build links on. 

Get the idea? Now, if you’re feeling more confident about what kinds of websites you could buy to build links on, check out Flippa’s website marketplace. Here, you can take a look at which websites are currently available to buy, and which ones will allow you to build the most relevant links possible.

You’ll want your backlink profile to look as natural as possible, so search engines don’t become suspicious. While link building is a very common practice within the SEO industry, the likes of Google prefer you to earn links organically, as this is more of a sign that your content is of a high quality and your company is an authority in your field.

Don’t worry — this doesn’t mean you can’t build links at all. It just means you need to be smart about it.

One of the ways you can make your backlink profile look as natural as possible is by purchasing and building links on websites with varying domain authorities and ratings. If you were earning all of your backlinks organically, it’s likely your business would be mentioned on a whole host of different sites, from tiny blogs to more established publications. And you’ll want to try and replicate this.

If you would like to learn more about building a natural-looking backlink profile, check out Loganix’s guide to link building metrics you should know, which outlines what you need to keep in mind when you’re working on a campaign. 

Flippa also has a blog post all about judging the value of a website before making a purchase, which is well worth reading. This goes into depth about even more of the factors you should take into account when buying an existing website. 

Choose Websites That are Already Ranking Well on Google

As I’ve previously mentioned, when you’re choosing a website to purchase, you want to go with an option that will send you valuable traffic, as well as link juice. And, along with purchasing websites that already exist in your niche, it’s also a good idea to opt for those that are currently ranking well for some of the keywords you would like to target. 

Keywords are words or phrases that people are typing into search engines, and they’re often what you’ll build your website content around. And, if the websites you’re thinking about buying are already populated with the likes of guides and blog posts that are targeting keywords that relate to your business, search engines like Google might already be pushing them up their results.

Also, if a website is ranking well on search engine results pages, this suggests that companies like Google already see them as high quality. As a result, search engines will put more trust in them, and their links will have more authority. So, when you purchase a well-ranking website and add a link back to your business, this could give your SEO a significant boost.

Flippa has a list of SEO audit tools that will help you to assess any site you’re considering buying. These are great for helping you to work out how much authority a particular backlink is going to pass to your primary website. 

Purchase Websites That Will Be Easy To Manage

Like with any investment, you want to make sure any websites you buy will be worth the money, and won’t take too much work to maintain.

It’s a good idea to choose websites that are managed through a simple content management system, as this will ensure you can publish new copy quickly and easily. WordPress is the most popular content management system out there, and with good reason. It can be free to use, and it offers all of the tools you could possibly need to keep your website in good shape, so it’s little wonder why big names like Vogue, The White House, and The Walt Disney Company all manage their websites through WordPress. If you can find and buy websites that are already managed through the platform, you could save yourself a lot of time and energy when maintaining them.

If possible, you’ll also want to choose websites that already offer a positive user experience, and that have all of the elements you need, like an existing blog or knowledge hub. When you’re buying websites to build links on, you don’t want them to become time or money pits, so it’s best to choose those that are ready to go, rather than fixer-uppers you’ll need to do a lot of work on.

Once you’ve bought your existing websites, you need to decide how you’re going to make your desired links look natural. Essentially, you want to find a way to link back to your main website without it looking out of place or forced.

The most effective way to do this is by creating valuable and engaging content that people will actually be interested in reading. And, when you add your link, make sure the anchor text looks natural. It should flow well, and you should avoid keyword stuffing, which can make your link building efforts look too obvious.

Here, I’ll take you through some of the most common types of content you can create for your purchased websites in order to link back to your main site. They all serve different purposes, and certain types of content will lend themselves better to specific types of sites and companies. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing can include guides, tutorials, informative articles, and videos that are relevant to the site they’re published on. These resources tend to be very shareable, and can help to boost a site’s search engine rankings, because they can target lots of different keywords and demonstrate that a particular company is an authority in its field.

using content marketing for backlinks

Venveo’s guide to marketing to architects is a great example of content marketing. It addresses a niche topic, and answers a lot of questions the company’s target audience — namely building manufacturers — might have. It’s a lengthy how-to guide that allows the company to demonstrate its expertise, and it links out to other sources of information that support the guide. This is something you can replicate when creating content for your purchased sites and linking back to your business.

When you’re coming up with content marketing topics, the most important thing to consider is what the site’s target audience will actually be interested in learning about. For tips on how to get started, make sure you check out Flippa’s content marketing playbook for more expert advice. 


Depending on the type of website you’ve bought, it might also make sense to publish reviews or comparison pieces that mention your business.

get reviews for backlinks

InVPN publishes a lot of content like this — take their deep dive into Surfshark vs NordVPN, for instance. The site’s audience consists of avid internet users who might use a VPN for one reason or another, and they’re sure to be interested in this piece, which takes a closer look at two of the most popular providers.

Creating reviews and comparison pieces that mention your business is a great way to make your links look natural. Plus, this type of content gives you the perfect opportunity to shout about all of the benefits of shopping with your brand, without it looking like you’re doing too much self-promotion. 

Round-ups and Listicles

Round-ups and listicles are similar to reviews and comparison pieces, because they give you a chance to mention your business among similar companies, which will make your backlink look especially natural.

roundups are great for link building

SocialPilot is an example of a website that publishes a lot of great round-ups, and their list of LinkedIn marketing tools is a fantastic example. The piece provides a link to every tool mentioned, which means you wouldn’t be able to tell if one of those links had been placed on purpose — they all look natural, and provide additional information or context for the reader.

Depending on the type of business you run, you might be able to use this technique when building links on your purchased websites. Of course, you won’t want to give your competitors too much air time, but it can be a very fruitful link building tactic if you’re smart about it. 

Timely Content

Timely content, usually inspired by current affairs or industry news, offers another great way to build quality backlinks. 

Consider Continental Message’s guide to COVID-19 prevention and mitigation business tools. It outlines different ways companies can screen their employees for COVID-19, including through hotlines, contact tracing, and symptom tracking. This is understandably a hot-button issue right now, which makes it very relevant. And it provides the opportunity to link to different tools and resources, which is ideal. 

So, if you’re buying a website to build backlinks for your business, and it would make sense to mention your brand in timely content, consider publishing blog posts or news pieces on the site you’ve acquired. Then simply add natural-looking links to your company, and you should soon see your search engine rankings improve. 

Trend Pieces

Depending on the industry you work in, it might make sense to cover current trends on your purchased websites. And, if your main brand is following these trends, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to link back to your site.

These articles can be written yearly, every season, or simply whenever it’s relevant. To put together a trend piece, think about what your target audience is most interested in, and how you can cover that in an informative and engaging way. 

trend pieces are key for backlinks

Looka does this well with its yearly guide to font trends. The company helps business owners to design their logos and branding, so this is very relevant for their ideal customers, and it provides the perfect opportunity to link to other sources of inspiration and information. 

So, if you’ve acquired a new website and want to create trend pieces where you can link back to your main business, consider what’s big in your industry now, how that applies to your work, and how you could seamlessly include a link back to your primary site. 


While it isn’t the most traditional method, acquiring new websites can be great for your link building strategy, as it gives you a lot of control. But you must keep in mind that there’s a right and a wrong way to buy new websites for link building purposes. If you consider all of the factors I’ve outlined here, you could drastically improve your search engine rankings and begin to reach a wider audience.
If you’re interested in going down this route but aren’t sure where to start, take a look at Flippa’s services, and they can help you to find websites that suit your needs perfectly.


Adam Steele

Adam Steele is the Founder and COO at Loganix, an SEO fulfillment partner for agencies and marketers. We build easy to use SEO services that help businesses scale. If you liked this article, please check out our SEO guides and templates on the blog.