Her Future Virtual Summit 2022: The Full Recap

Our first-ever summit for women in business, Her Future, was undeniably a phenomenal event!

We heard from a lineup of award-winning CEOs, investors, advisors and successful entrepreneurs. Their speeches equipped us with the resources and tools to succeed as women in business.

In case you missed it, or you want a recap from any or all of the sessions, we have the recording available for you in full right here:

Cheryl Contee

Riding the Mechanical Bull: How You Can Achieve Startup Success

See recording 3:16 – 29:55

Let’s be real: achieving startup success is never easy — but it is especially hard when you are a woman, minority, or both. Cheryl Contee has done it though — and in her keynote speech, she shared with us many words of wisdom and inspiration. 

From understanding that plans don’t always go our way, to realizing that we have the power to create the change we want to see in the world, sit back and listen to Cheryl Contee’s amazing speech. 

Codie Sanchez

Making Money & Doing Deals the Contrarian Way

See Recording 29:56 – 1:12:14

‘I don’t think it matters if you’re a woman or not, you have a vagina or you don’t, for you getting after it for business.’ With Codie Sanchez, our second speaker for the day, things got even more real at Her Future!  

Throughout her career, Codie Sanchez has worked at the intersection of marketing and money, finding contrarian ways to invest. She’s always balanced her profession with non-profit service to empower women.

Codie took the stage with the aim at empowering us with the tools to become financially free as a dealmaker and business owner. Ready to take some notes?

Dr. Cheryl Robinson

Power of the Pivot

See recording 1:12:15 – 1:35:16

What does pivoting actually mean? This is the question Dr. Cheryl Robinson asked our audience. The answer is different for everyone: it could be a new job in a new company, it could  be transitioning to a higher position. It could be starting your very own company. 

In her speech, Dr. Robinson equipped us with the tools needed to pivot successfully in our professional journeys. Find the inspiration you need by listening to her speech.

Jennifer Pereira

Taking on Wall Street by Buying up Main Street 

See recording 1:35:17 – 2:04:50

What is the secret to becoming ultra wealthy? Jennifer Pereira’s speech was all about making buying and owning a business available, and setting yourself up for success.

In her session, Jennifer gave us access to wealth building strategies through business acquisitions. 

Kaitlyn Knopp

Conscious Compensation

See recording 2:04:51 – 2:38:30

Do you own a company with a team in place, or want to hire employees for your business? Then you want to listen to Kaitlyn Knopp’s amazing session. 

Kaitlyn has over a decade of experience in compensation as an analyst and leader of compensation teams in the tech industry with companies including Google, Cruise, and Instacart. In her speech, she taught us best practices for creating and maintaining an equitable compensation program. You may want to get pen and paper for this one… there’s plenty to learn! 

Carrie Kwan

Harmonizing: The Art of Balancing Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

See recording 2:38:31 – 3:08:51

How do you balance motherhood and entrepreneurship? Carrie Kwan seems to have found the perfect formula to do both. She’s a speaker, communicator and mentor, proud mum and business owner. 

If balancing everything seems impossible, get comfy and listen to the wise words of Carrie Kwan, because you can do it all, even when it seems impossible.

Lara Morgan

Maximizing Your Business Growth Strategy

See recording 3:08:52 – 3:40:39

The final session of Her Future was a hit, and starred the incredible Lara Morgan. 

Any business owner can tell you that scaling a business is not easy. And for Lara Morgan, setbacks are at the order of the day. 

In her session, Lara shared the formula to successfully growing a company. So if you are ready for success, you’ll love every minute of this final talk. 

Closing remarks

See recording 3:40:40 – 3:42:06

    Manuela is the PR Manager at Flippa with a love for empowering entrepreneurs to take control of their financial freedom.

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