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Grow Your Empire

Why are we here and why are we doing this?

Why do we wake up and decide to build a business?

Perhaps it’s a legacy. Maybe we want to build something bigger than ourselves. Our children come to mind when we think of this question.

When it comes to building a business, Ray strongly believes in asking the following fundamental questions.

What to Ask Yourself Before Building a Business

  • Why would anyone want to buy your business?
  • Can the buyer plug and play with what you’re offering?
  • How tightly is your brand tied with your company?
  • Is your name/persona tired to your brand?
  • Do you have an A-team in place? It’s important to note that often times buyers won’t need your team. They want infrastructure to scale. It’s important to think about this when building your business.
  • Have a star player in place.
  • Build for the future and yet act in the present. Pay your taxes, do legal due diligence, and have great customer service. Be clear with who your customer is. 
  • Understand your demographic
    • You want to be able to tell your buyer who the ideal customer is
    • Understanding who that customer is is VERY important
  • Build relationships with your future buyer
    • Know, like, and trust your buyer
    • Alexander Carter: Ask For More
  • Understand what the buyer really wants
    • Do they want your intellectual property? Property?
    • Do they want your customer base? 
    • Be clear on who your customer is
  • Understand what you want
    • Don’t let ego get in the way of

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