On May 7th, 2020 we held a Seller Showcase Webinar featuring three high value eCommerce businesses that are all for sale and all generating incredible monthly profit. Posted below are those video presentations along with a bonus presentation for a fourth eCommerce site that we recorded behind the scenes, just for you!

As you likely know, eCommerce is seeing remarkable growth right now as people are shopping at home more than ever before and leaning on alternative online stores as the big box retailers are running low on many products or haven’t shifted as well as one might expect to the new, on-demand economy.

The four outstanding businesses featured in this article are all profiting well over $10,000 each month ($120,000 a year!), making them ideal for any major investor groups or individual entrepreneurs looking to become their own boss with a business that can replace their current, corporate salary while allowing them the freedom to work from home and run a company as they envision.

Without further ado, we invite you to dive into these stellar businesses, watch their video presentations, and engage with their listings on Flippa in order to learn more as you work on your due diligence.

Viesso – Furniture eCommerce

When it comes to profitable eCommerce businesses for sale, Viesso is no joke. This is a 15 year old eCommerce store that works directly with some of the most incredible, high end furniture designers in the world. Rather than compete on low end, razor thin margin, high volume sales tactics with the likes of WayFair or even Amazon, they have chosen to work strictly with high quality, high value furniture manufacturers. Their average order value is nearly $1,800 and their margins play around 50%, allowing them to even include free shipping of heavy, freighted items while still profiting immensely on each sale.

The concept is rock solid and can be seen through well over a decade of success. Lucky for you, the owners of Viesso are looking to offload this business as they look to pursue their own furniture line as a full time focus.

Unique Shower Head Business

This very profitable, shower head eCommerce business for sale is a real find. Based in Tel Aviv, but sold primarily in the UK, US, and several other European nations, they are making an absolute fortune with their unique and exciting shower heads.

Since 2017, they have sold over 130,000 products, accumulating over $5million in revenue and they only sell a small selection of products, making this easy to run and exciting to market.

Focussed entirely on sales through their own branded web store, given the unique nature of their item, and the trademark on the name, there would be a major opportunity for a new owner to bring this product to places like Amazon, Walmart, and any other major online (or even in-store) retailer.

MagnetMount – Car / Phone Accessories

This eCommerce business for sale is generating over $18,000 each month in profit. Should we just end the story there?

Just over 2 years old, Magnet Mount’s main product is a cell phone holder for your car and they have found the key to social media ad optimization in able to sell them. This is a perfect business for any entrepreneurs who have their Facebook / Instagram ROAS down to a fully optimized science or are looking for new items to add to their portfolio of already profitable products.

Australia’s #1 Online Toy Shop

When it comes to highly profitable eCommerce businesses for sale, this store might be considered a unicorn. The way we see it, to be the best in any industry is an absolute feat and to be at the top of the toy industry for an entire country is essentially unheard of. This opportunity is once in a lifetime.

These guys are bringing in nearly 1,000,000 page views each month and generating profit exceeding $360,000 annually. If you want to own your next job, be your own boss, and take on the world. This is your shot.

*Note to anyone who watched this webinar live – we were able to re-record the owner’s presentation and the sound is now much, much better.

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