How This Serial Entrepreneur Made a Fortune by Flipping Websites and Selling Them for as High as $90,000

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When we think of flipping, we may think about renovating homes and selling it for a higher profit.

But the same can be applied to flipping websites, too.

That’s exactly what Ramon Van Meer did when he started buying and selling content sites on Flippa’s marketplace over ten years ago. 

When it came to targeting a content site, the serial entrepreneur had one end goal in mind: purchase a content site on Flippa’s marketplace, improve critical factors like traffic and revenue, and sell it for a profit.  

“That’s how I actually got started with internet marketing, how to buy and find good websites, conduct due diligence, and how you can improve traffic and revenue and sell it again on Flippa,” he says.

It was simple and strategic. He knew that almost anyone could run a blog, versus more complex assets like SaaS businesses, mobile apps, or e-commerce stores. 

The Website Portfolio

When it comes to buying and selling sites, Ramon’s digital portfolio varies in scalability. 

He has purchased much smaller sites for as low as $200, and bigger websites for more than $2,000. For example, the website  was purchased for $60,000 and later sold for $90,000.

There’s a rhythm to it, one that takes dedicated consistency and effective strategy. 

Depending on the potential scalability of an asset, Ramon takes anywhere from 2 to 6 months to improve a website and sell it for a profit. 

This can look like upgrading a website’s design interface, adding email pop-ups to a content site, or improving a site’s copy. 

He does most of the work himself and provides guidance to those he sells to.

The Selling Journey

For example, Fiesta Pinata – a website where consumers can request custom pinatas for any occasion –  was purchased for $6,000 and later sold for $20,000 to a man in the army looking for something passive in nature. Ramon took the time to train and guide him post acquisition.

The week before this interview took place, Ramon had spoken to another buyer he met 10 years ago on the Flippa platform – the two communicate regularly. 

At the time of purchase, the buyer flew from the East Coast to San Francisco to meet Ramon, and through the process of Ramon’s guidance, the rapport blossomed into a life-long friendship.

To get to this point, Ramon ensures that any content site he lists on the platform easily sells. 

“What I would do is look at other listings that have a lot of activity and were sold for much higher than their reserve price, and try to learn what the best type of listing looks like [in terms] of formatting and copy,” Ramon says. “The more time you spend on writing a good listing, the more offers and bids you can get.”

This process resulted in Ramon selling every listing he ever posted on Flippa, averaging anywhere between 2 to 4 people in a bidding war for a listing. 

“I love the process and concept of listing yourself,” he says. “The number of potential buyers is huge on Flippa. I think the community is also very positive.”

What made the content sites even more appealing to buyers were the accompanied assets like social media accounts and email list. 

When it comes to ensuring that a sale successfully goes through, Ramon strongly values transparency.

“I’ve learned to be as upfront as possible,” he says. “The more you can tell and show with screenshots, recorded videos, and screenshare, the better. You want to erase as many doubts potential buyers may have. Make sure you have all your ducks in a row.”

Additionally, Ramon emphasizes the importance of thoroughly conducting due diligence to new buyers. “Ideally, talk to the seller because it’s a big investment and you want to feel good about who you’re buying from.”

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