Flippa’s Perfect Match: A Six-Figure SaaS Sale

Mark Middo and Alex Pirouz, hailing from Melbourne, Australia, are seasoned entrepreneurs with diverse business interests. Currently, Mark’s primary focus is on Reminisce, a unique event brand, and Event Flux, his very own business in the festival niche. Meanwhile, Alex manages Windsor Advisers, a boutique advisory firm dedicated to helping companies revamp their sales and marketing strategies to achieve growth.

Together, Mark and Alex co-founded Linkfluencer, a renowned SaaS platform specializing in LinkedIn marketing. Linkfluencer empowers individuals and companies to create leads and sales on the platform using a purpose-built custom software. Featured in 100+ media publications, this award-winning business operates as a hybrid subscription and agency model.

The Genesis of Linkfluencer

The Linkfluencer journey began in 2013 when Alex stumbled upon an email with a captivating subject line: “94% of editors and journalists are on LinkedIn.” 

Intrigued by the potential of LinkedIn for personal branding, Alex actively cultivated his LinkedIn presence. In just six months, he amassed over 300 media contacts, was featured in more than 50 publications, and recognized the platform’s potential for personal branding and PR. This realization sparked the idea for Linkfluencer.

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Creating the Perfect Platform

Founded in 2013, Linkfluencer quickly became a global leader in LinkedIn marketing and training. Its mission is to help people unlock the full potential of LinkedIn, offering training, campaign management, certification, licensing, and speaking services. Over the span of a decade, Linkfluencer has generated millions of dollars for clients across 35 countries and 65 industries.

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Initially, the business started just by selling courses on LinkedIn success, but Mark and Alex responded to customer demand for additional services, including events and ongoing advisory support. These valuable offerings propelled the company’s growth. 

Juggling their other commitments, Mark and Alex decided to explore an acquisition on Flippa to ensure Linkfluencer’s continued success.

The Decision to Sell

Mark and Alex were determined to secure the best possible outcome for Linkfluencer’s sale. Their goal was to find a buyer whose vision aligned with theirs and who would offer the right price. They considered various options, including appointing a CEO, but eventually, they found the perfect match.

‘The good thing about Flippa is that it wasn’t just about the sale. We had people approaching us with different options’, says Alex. 

At the time of sale, Linkfluencer was averaging a monthly profit of $7.8K, with a 63% profit margin and a monthly recurring income of $4.9K. The business also boasted a high authority score of 32, and over 4.3K email subscribers.

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The Exit Process on Flippa

Alex and Mark were helped through the transition by Certified M&A Advisor Fiona Laidlaw. 

The entrepreneurs praised the ease and straightforwardness of the process and appreciated the high caliber of individuals they encountered on Flippa. Conversations with venture capital firms, fellow entrepreneurs, and business owners eventually led to a successful exit. Alex and Mark are confident that Flippa facilitated the sale to the right buyer.

The sale has given both Alex and Mark the opportunity to focus on their other businesses and projects. 

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