Flippa is partnering with Yardline to bring you acquisition finance solutions!

You will soon be able to access up to $1 million in unrestricted growth capital or obtain acquisition funding directly through the Flippa platform.

Are you looking for funding to acquire a digital asset? Or capital to grow your current business so it’s ready to be sold?

At Flippa, we want to support you to purchase your next digital asset and build your businesses. And our new partnership with Yardline Capital will empower more entrepreneurs to acquire and grow their own digital businesses. 

“We empower individuals and companies to take control, to take ownership and thrive in this new small business economy.”

Blake Hutchison, CEO of Flippa.
Photo of Blake Hutchison, CEO at Flippa.

Who is Yardline?

Yardline is a high-growth Capital as a Service (CaaS) FinTech who make growth capital, acquisition funding and seller solutions for e-commerce businesses easily accessible. And now you’ll have access to Yardline’s funding as a Flippa marketplace customer.

“Our goal is to provide buyers and sellers with ubiquitous access to capital using e-commerce platform data. Flippa has become the #1 platform to buy and sell online businesses, which makes them the perfect partner for our Capital-as-a-Service solution.”

Ari Horowitz, CEO of Yardline Capital.

Yardline provides two forms of funding — acquisition funding and growth capital. Sellers can access up to $1 million in growth capital to build their business and can also receive guidance from a Yardline eCommerce business expert, who can advise on how best to scale your business. Meanwhile acquisition funding gives buyers the confidence, security and capital they need to commit to an investment.

Backed by Thrasio, the largest acquirer of Amazon businesses and one of the top 25 sellers on Amazon, Yardline are in a unique position when it comes to providing funding. They understand what a successful digital business looks like, recognize the capital constraints faced by eCommerce business owners, particularly FBAs, and they see the opportunity for growth from increased investment in inventory and marketing.

Accessing acquisition funding

Obtaining funding can be a major impediment to purchasing a digital asset, particularly if you’re working with a funding provider who doesn’t understand the digital asset or its growth potential. 

Applying for loans from a traditional lender will often require you to have collateral to pledge against the loan and can take months for an answer. For many this is not an option. Especially at the rate at which as asset on Flippa can be sold.

If you’re looking to purchase a digital asset like an eCommerce business or Amazon FBA store, why not work with a provider who knows digital marketplaces, particularly Amazon. Yardline sees the opportunities within digital marketplaces and can provide the right acquisition funding solution for you.

You’ll also have access to funding faster. We’ve embedded an acquisition funding product within the Flippa platform so you can apply as soon as you see an asset you want to purchase.

Designed specifically for eCommerce assets with an asking price or a reserve price of $25,000 or more, qualified buyers will be able to obtain acquisition capital from Yardline, directly through Flippa. Find out more about applying for finance from Yardline here.

Growth capital that works for you

If you don’t have access to capital it can be difficult to gain funds to grow your business and increase it’s worth. Perhaps you’ve recently purchased a digital asset and you don’t have the funds to grow your new business. Or if you’re considering selling in the future, you’ll want to grow the business so it’s attractive to potential buyers.

As a seller on Flippa, you now have access to up to $1 million in unrestricted growth capital from Yardline. Growth capital can be used to reach your business goals and the scale needed to sell by purchasing inventory, improving operations, increasing profitability and promoting business growth on platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, and others.

eCommerce businesses continue to grow, in particular FBAs, as does the competition in digital marketplaces. If you have an opportunity to grow you need to be able to access growth capital quickly to take advantage of it and remain competitive.

By partnering with Yardline we hope to give you greater access to financial assistance to purchase your next asset or grow your current asset.

Want to find out more about our partnership with Yardline and when you’ll be able to apply for financing? Read our Yardline FAQs here.