Incredible opportunity to acquire an incredibly successful apparel brand along with an up and coming sister brand. This is a unique and exciting opportunity that positions you to be your own boss.

Start with the business walkthrough below from the owners themselves.

Tell us a little about yourself. What’s your background? How did you start with this concept?

Heather and Nichole are best friends and moms of 6 kids collectively. Six years ago, we both were working corporate jobs – Heather in Insurance Claims and Nichole in Marketing. We both were looking for ways to be more present and possible stay at home with our kids. We saw an opportunity in the market for modern parenthood and matching clothing/accessories and took it. From there, to: little arrows was born. 

 So why the name to: little arrows?

– It’s a Love Letter – 

to: little arrows is truly a love letter to our children. Through this label we get to celebrate the best job ever of being their mommy. All while, enabling us to be at home and invest in our little arrow’s futures.

– It’s a way to Give Back – 

As mamas, we know every little arrow deserves to be safe, fed and loved. Through this label we want to help little arrows around the world get just that. That’s why with every purchase we donate 5% of our profits to little arrows locally and around the world. Additionally, in 2020 we teamed up with big name influencers to raise over $40K and worked with our suppliers to buy nearly 90K masks for healthcare professionals during the PPE shortage. 

What is the performance breakdown for each of your primary sales channels?


–    40% Etsy –

–    39% Shopify –

–    13% Wholesale –  to: little arrows

–    8% Knot + Hitch (Start Up – Etsy and Shopify Combined)

Note: Knot + Hitch is still in it’s start up phase. In 2020 (pre-pandemic) we nearly hit our 2019 revenue in the first 3 months of the year. Then the travel bans, stay-at-home orders and 2020 in general hit. But even with those major setbacks, we still exceeded our profits by 14% YOY. This business could easily triple or more and has huge potential.

Where would you recommend a new owner focus their attention?

We created this company so we could stay home and be more present with our kids. Although there were more opportunities to grow – we scaled this company to meet our lifestyle needs. With that said, there are several more avenues and opportunities for growth. Here are some we’ve identified:

Here’s a highlight. I also include the full list on the last question of this blog.

To: little arrows – SEO,  Launch Amazon Store (Big One!)

Knot + Hitch – SEO is huge here, Social Media Ads (Getting the targeting right)

More details here: Pages 17-18, 27-28

How have you marketed the product and where are your customers originating from?

– Paid: Email Marketing, Social Media Ads, Etsy Ads

– Unpaid: Influencer Collaborations, Social Media Accounts

Our customers are primarily from the US but we ship internationally every week all over the world.

How much time does it take to run the business, who else is needed on the team, and what is automated?

Our business is truly a turn key business. We have all the details, programs and logistics in place. With a couple part time hires, this business could run itself.

Owner (Roughly 15-25 hours collectively a week depending on the season) Split the following duties: Social Media, Customer Service Requests, Returns, Labels (Creating labels through Shipstation then emailing them to be printed), new product designs, all ordering. This could be reduced dramatically with an administrator and designer.

Contractors: Quickbooks Online Bookkeeper, Email Marketing Specialist (Also able to do social media)

Part Time Employee (10-16 hours a week/1-3 days shipping): Logistics Specialist – Inventory Management, Shipping, Printer Runs, Label Printing 


  • Several email automations – email subscriptions, abandoned cart, loyal customers
  • Shipstation – All orders from all stores with the exception of wholesale orders are filtered through Shipstation.
  • Return Labels – Self service return program. They can print their own labels.
  • Quickbooks Online
  • Social Media Ads to through (mostly – very little work involved)
  • Wholesale Platform – we use a company who provides great value to retailers and all we have to do it load new products and ship. All returns and other details are handled through them.

Are items drop-shipped from your international partner or are you ordering in bulk and working with a 3PL in the US for storage and shipping?

Nothing is dropshipped. 95% of our products are our brand. We have long standing relationships with production partners abroad in clothing, hats, jewelry, masks. We design and have them produced at great rates. 

We have them shipped to the US where they are stored in our facility. We email labels to our logistics specialist and she fulfills all the orders. On average weeks, she works 2 days a week. 

Can you list a few opportunities for a potential new owner to continue growing the business?

To: little arrows

  • SEO: We have never had an SEO expert work on our websites. This is a huge opportunity in itself to significantly increase traffic.
  • Amazon Storefront: Before we planned to sell, we planned to start an Amazon Marketplace in 2021. There is HUGE potential here. We planned to list products that were lightweight, high profitability and utilizing Amazon Fulfillment.
  • PR Firm: Our types of products are featured by magazines, TV shows and websites. We have had organic features but there is definitely a wider market here. with further brand awareness and growth potential. PR firms can do just the trick!
  • Tradeshows: We’ve been invited to many tradeshows – maternity, kids and Pinterest tradeshows. Having young children our time was limited in this area. However, these are great opportunities to expand brand awareness in the market.
  • Social Campaigns: In 2020, we partnered with big influencers representing 3.5 million followers and hosted a campaign to raise money for PPE. It was a good cause and brought thousands of new customers to our website. More campaigns like this can do the same.
  • Wholesale Blanks: We have worked with our manufacturers on every detail of our items to ensure our items have just the right fit. We’ve considered in the past starting a wholesale blanks business. Wholesaling our shirts and hats as blanks to other companies to design and sell. This past year, we had small shops reach out to us asking for this.
  • Pop Up Shops and Holiday Markets: Pop Up shops and holiday markets are another great way to boost revenue and increase your local presence. We have done a few in the past and always were a hit!

Knot + Hitch

  • SEO: We have never had an SEO expert work on our websites. This is a huge opportunity in itself to significantly increase traffic.
  • International Production: By moving productions internationally you could scale the products better and potentially get better pricing. This opens the door to using our existing wholesale platform to sell bridal party items. Faire could use more items like this.
  • Targeted Advertising: We have invested very little in advertising toward this business. If this is done strategically, that alone can drive a lot more sales. Options are Facebook. Pinterest and Instagram.
  • New Product Lines: There are many opportunities within the bridal market. Bridal shower favors, jewelry, gifts, robes, groomsman apparel and accessories. There are many options and with good reviews in hand – the options are limitless.
  • Amazon Storefront: Before we planned to sell we planned to start an Amazon Marketplace in 2021. There is HUGE potential here. We planned to list products that were lightweight, high profitability and with Amazon Fulfillment.

Bridal Tradeshows: Bridal tradeshows are a great way to connect with bridal shops and brides directly. Our first bridal show last year was a hit and profitable. We have a tradeshow display ready to go!

Benjamin Weiss

Benjamin Weiss

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