Featured is a great blog that’s all about Coffee! Earning through affiliate sales, advertising, guest posts, and more, there is a whole lot of upside to this opportunity.

Watch the video below to learn a bit more about the business.

Tell us a little about yourself. What’s your background? How did you start with this project?

My name is Kevin, a father of two awesome boys. I’ve been in the SEO business since 2014. I built coffeeurban.com in January of 2019 simply because I love coffee! The funny part is that I did not even realize what a huge market it is. 

Where is your content coming from? Are you writing this or do you have contractors who are helping? If so, will they stay aboard with the new owner?

The content is outsourced to 2 writers from upwork. 

No, unfortunately they are busy with my other project, so you’ll need to create the content with your own team.

How much time does it take to run the business, who else is needed on the team, and what is automated?

I would say zero, the new owner could simply decide to enjoy the passive income. (Though I would not recommend that.)

There are a few guest post inquiries each month. The new buyer can decide if he wants to respond. 

A writing team and link building person is needed if the new buy decide to grow the business.

What are the primary skills that a new owner would need to posses to continue operating this site as is?

Keywords research

Content management 

SEO basics

White-hat link building skills

Can you list a few opportunities to grow the business?

1. Upgrade the top posts

For the top posts that generate the most traffic, you can hire some top writers to do a content upgrade with better design, to lower the Bounce Rate and increase the Avg. Session Duration.

Also need to build some quality backlinks to them, to restore the traffic, and more importantly, keep them ranking for a longer time.

2. Use the outreach status sheet (proven backlink resources) for your other project

There is a very valuable asset associated with this deal: backlink resource/my outreach status sheet for this project. 

I have outreached to a few hundred quality blogs and successfully worked with about 150 of them. Some of the sites has very high DA and organic traffic. I’ve negotiated for a good price to publish a guest post.

You can use this valuable resource for your other sites, or build another profitable coffee blog from scratch using these proven backlink resource. With my established relationship with them, you will save a lot of time and money.

Cut the outreach and negotiation work off!

In addition, I can offer another 20 quality food & drink blog outreach details for this deal. They are used for this site, but for my other recipe site. The result is amazing. 

3. Publish more well-researched content

In Oct 2020, I asked the writer to create another 20 well-researched articles. Those articles do get some organic search traffic without any backlinks.

It definitely works!

If you need help, I can offer a list of 30 (or even more) easy-to-rank keywords in the coffee niche. I am pretty good at this.

4. Building more quality white-hat backlinks

I work with dozens of website owners in the food & drink niche for my other project. Those sites are legit and have strong organic traffic. I could provide all the details needed to help you grow the site.

This is a super valuable asset along with this deal. 

You can save a lot of time and budget by leveraging my partnership with them.

FYI: Most sales are from Grocery & Gourmet Food categories on amazon, as the top posts are mostly about K-cup coffee. THe commission rate was cut down from 4% to 1% in April 2020 for this category. 

The commission rate for coffee makers and other gears are higher.

Build more links to coffee maker posts, you will see a difference in commission.  

5. Try other affiliate programs

Amazon sucks, while some affiliate programs in the coffee niche could rock.

There are some hidden gems.

For example: https://coffeeurban.com/top-5-best-commercial-espresso-machines-of-2019/

This high-value post received 1300+ organic traffic in the past year. If you can build more links to grow the traffic, upgrade the content to boost the conversion rate, and more importantly, find a good affiliate program for commercial espresso machines…

for example, this one:


(It has a great affiliate program!)

Then things could become interesting.

6. Make more money via guest post

This is an easy but powerful strategy to make money in the short term. I will reveal this strategy to the buyer. It requires some work.

A few hours’ work may generate hundreds of $ each month.

7. Try a new ads network when the traffic recovers, or even cpm network.

Some questions you may have:

1.No GA data for a few months as I did not set up GA tracking code at that time. But I can provide jetpack data from 2019.

2. There are multiple tracking ids in the Amazon income proof screenshot, as I changed the tracking id in 2020.

Benjamin Weiss

Benjamin Weiss

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