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In this week’s Alts by Flippa newsletter I discuss:

  • Managing online acquisition risks
  • Public media companies investing heavily into reviewing products
  • One click blog post creation (AI)
  • 4 digit domains to pop on Unstoppable?
  • This Week’s Flippa Featured Domains
  • Starbucks launching NFT program

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It’s rare, but traffic / revenue of a website can drop by 80% within the first couple months post-acquisition.

It’s happened to me and other investor / operators I know.

Below is a good thread by Dom at Onfolio on seven acquisition risks and how to mitigate them:

  1. Search traffic / Google
  2. Backlink profile
  3. Affiliate programs
  4. Facebook (for ecom)
  5. Reliance on single traffic type
  6. Competition
  7. Operations

The operational risk is not only post acquisition, but in the transfer of assets – I’ve seen a missed HTTPS redirect tank a $300K content site inside two months.


Glen Allsopp from gaps.com put out a great tweet about the lengths which public media companies are going to with their review content:

The quote from the image in the tweet was by Neil Vogel the CEO of Dotdash Meredith (‘America’s Largest Digital & Print Publisher’) on an earnings call and I’ve pasted it below:

And remember, our, the way we got into commerce was not we decided we need to get into commerce, it was because our brands at Dotdash were very trusted. And the next step of making the blueberry pie is figuring out what blender you need to make it and then we thought we should start to recommend blenders. From that, sort of like humble start three or four years ago, which happened very organically, we now have 50, or 60, test kitchens. I am going to get this number slightly wrong, like 10 or 15 video and photography studios, fully blown out product testing labs, and a north of 200 person crew of people that rigorously measure, test and try every single thing we recommend. So our advantage is we’re good at the Internet. And we are very rigorous at all of the things somebody wants to trust to make a purchase. Now, for whatever reason, people don’t trust retailers, they don’t trust the reviews on retailers, they don’t trust being straight with them. So this middle layer that we are now is becoming increasingly important. 


There are still enough positions in the SERPs for niche website owners to appear in, but the days of reviewing products without actually buying them is coming closer to an end. It’s certainly not what Google has in mind with its helpful content update.

🤖 One click blog posts (writers not required)

You’ve previously heard me talk about my plays into the world of AI content. I’ve used Jarvis (now Jasper) and other GPT-3 tools, but did not get good enough results without having to edit them myself (or hire an editor) until Justin over at Content at Scale created his software. And he’s now finally released the platform to the public which I’ve been having a play with.

You just enter a keyword and with one click can get back full blog posts that are on par with writers I’ve paid up to 10c per word to in the past (and pass from a semantic depth perspective). The posts come with an intro / conclusion and table of contents to help make it useful for the reader, along with a title and meta description you just copy.

This is what it generated for the keyword ‘slovakia in skiing’ (something I’ll be doing this holiday season):

Content at scale dashboard 2

And this is the post published on an old ski website I just reinstated and will look to get its rankings back. I’ve not made a single edit, just copied, pasted and published earlier today.

If you’re sick of having to manage writers check out Content At Scale’s offering here.


Since last week, I bought the blockchain domain 4223.nft, by Unstoppable Domains, which is the number of my Moonbirds Oddity (I mentioned in last week’s newsletter) as saw on Twitter that 3 digit .NFTs are starting to take off, just like we saw on ENS (and now also on SOL):

And Matt, the founder of Unstoppable, just announced that there are new traits on Opensea for the #999 club:

I wonder if it will extend to a #9999 trait for the UD10Kclub.

This Week’s Flippa Featured Domains

rev.xyz – $1500 reserve, 1 day left

pediatricshospital.com – $450 reserve, 24 days left

beautycenter.net – $1 reserve, 18 days left (or BIN for $999)

travelstar.com – $15K asking price, 28 days left

gamerworld.com – $350K asking price

officialapps.com – auction with BIN for $3,499

surfer.com.au – $19,850 asking price

sway.com.au – $9,990 asking price

scoot.com.au – $13,880 asking price


Starbucks is getting into the NFT space, and as a fan of the brand (more than the coffee, although their Blonde Roast aint’ bad) I’m excited.

The program is being called Starbucks Odyssey where you earn stamps when you go on journeys – as Steve says in the thread below, it’s a gamification of the current rewards program:

It’s being built on Polygon so transaction fees will be negligible plus as Ethereum is about to move to proof-of-stake tomorrow with the merge, will be built with sustainability in mind:

Implementing Web3 technology will pave the way for Starbucks to engage with its Starbucks Rewards loyalty program members in exciting new ways, unlocking access to immersive coffee experiences from unique merchandise and artist collaborations to invitations to exclusive events.


And maybe their merch will look like this tweet:


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