Global pandemic COVID-19 has made many businesses showcase and sell their products online rather than in a regular store. There are numerous benefits of an eCommerce store for both entrepreneurs and customers.

An entrepreneur who wishes to start an eCommerce store doesn’t have to worry about developing or coding an entire website to include the shopping features. Gone are those days when eCommerce stores used to be rare and difficult to make.

Thanks to the immense popularity of eCommerce, setting up an eCommerce store nowadays is as easy as ABC. There are numerous eCommerce platforms these days to choose from, for instance, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify, etc. are to list a few.

Out of all the available eCommerce platform options, Shopify is the one that is preferred by a large majority.  According to, after Amazon and eBay, Shopify is the largest retailer in the USA.

Approximately 1,000,000 businesses across the world have made over $200 billion by using Shopify for selling their products online.

If you are looking to grow your online store, but facing the dilemma of which platform to use? Then keep scrolling to discover the advantages that you can get by using Shopify for your online store.

Advantages of Using Shopify

A. Omits the Need for Technical Expertise 

Using Shopify is easy. Who said you have to be a tech expert to set up your store and add features of your choice? Shopify is user-friendly, so don’t worry if you aren’t a tech person. There are a variety of templates available that will enable you to set your store in a few minutes.

B. Responsive On Numerous Devices

When was the last time you ordered something by using your personal computer? Well, the majority of people use their smartphones these days to indulge in retail therapy. If your eCommerce store is not responsive on mobile devices then there are increased chances that you might lose a lot of customers.

Again, you don’t have to type strings of code to make your website responsive. Shopify allows your customers to enjoy the best shopping experience on their mobile without you having to make any extra efforts.

C. Security

When customers are making a purchase online, they don’t only give their money in exchange for the product, but also place their trust in the brand.

They share their confidential information such as an address, contact number, and credit card details. If these details land in the wrong hands, it may pose a threat to the customer and consequently, the online store would be held accountable.

But Shopify users don’t have to worry about it. It has the best security features which keep sensitive information safe.

The advantages of using Shopify aren’t limited to the ones listed above. There are many other reasons why businesses opt for it and increase sales on your online store.

How To Set Up A High Converting Shopify Store In 2021?

Wondering how to set up a Shopify store? Or what to do for a high converting Shopify store?

Well then, seek no more. We are here to guide you about everything that you need to know about setting up your online store.

Setting up an online store is very important. Unlike a physical store, an online store doesn’t have a salesperson or a representative to persuade the buyer or assist them in buying. Your store has to do the job of persuading the customers that it is the right place for them.

An online store thrives because of the customers. If a store has many customers it will have increased sales and revenue. Therefore, after creating and marketing your online store, you wouldn’t want people to simply come to your online store and then just leave, right?

Marketing alone is not enough to convince people to add things to their cart. How you set up your store also plays a vital role in turning a visitor into your customer.

Get ready to learn eleven powerful ways to set up high converting Shopify stores in 2021.

1. Look Attractive

Remember the saying, ‘The first impression is the last impression’? Well, turns out it goes for your Shopify store too. Customers do not only pay for the product, but also for the overall experience that you had provided them. 

attractive shopify image

Will you ever shop from a store that is old, plain, and looks shady? Or will you opt for a store that looks good and promising? Obviously, your answer would be the latter one.

When people come to your online store it only takes them 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about your store, yes 50 milliseconds is all that it takes. Before viewing the products they look at the appearance, color, layout, fonts, etc. of the store. Therefore, make sure your online store is attractive enough for your customer to explore your store.

Use the right colors, design, and fonts that go with your products and brand. Refrain from using the elements such as music, pop ups, and auto-playing videos, etc. as these annoy the visitors and they exit the store without thinking twice.

2. Call to Action Button (CTA)

Invite your visitors to take action. Adding the buttons such as ‘Add To Cart’, ‘Show Details’, ‘Find Similar,’ etc. motivates the customer to explore more about a particular product and it can also develop their interest to view other products in the store.

CTA buttons are the conversion buttons most of the time. Even if it doesn’t drive sales, it helps to build the interest of the customer to know more about your store and stay updated.

3. Use Catchy Phrases

By clicking a CTA, a customer is just a few steps from finalizing his purchase. Therefore, your CTA should be appealing to the customer so the chances of him going away without any purchase become very thin.

Make call-to-action buttons descriptive and convincing. They should be able to persuade the customer that pressing the button is for his own good.

Instead of using ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now’ go for ‘Buy Now and save 10%’ or in place of ‘Subscribe to our newsletter’ try using ‘Stay Updated with Us’. These phrases prove to be benefit-oriented for the buyer and also creates a sense of urgency.

4. Use a Contrasting Color

The color of the CTA button should always be in contrast to the rest of the page. It instantly catches the attention of the user and increases the chances of better conversion.

5. Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and testimonials by the customers play a very vital role in increasing or decreasing the sales of the store. People want to make sure that the store to whom they are paying is authentic and the product will be useful for them. For this purpose, many people check the reviews and ratings of the customers and then decide to make a purchase.

include ratings on your shopify store

Try to display the customer reviews and ratings near the product listing. Also, add the feature in your online store where buyers can check the bestselling products or the most searched product.

Enabling this feature makes the buyer confidence that they are spending their money on the right product.

6. Create a Sense Of Urgency

The trick of creating a sense of urgency motivates the buyer to take a quick decision about his purchase. This tactic is used by most of the stores and has been proved to be highly effective.

Showing remaining pieces of the product below the product page, or offering limited time discount offers, makes the buyer hurry up and the chances of cart abandonment also become slim.

7. Simple Checkout Process

Once the buyer has finally decided to add the products to the cart and move for the checkout process, make sure that you don’t drive him away after a long tiring procedure of the checkout.

Try to keep the checkout form simple and concise. Ask for the information that is basic and necessary for the transaction. Don’t make it a compulsion for the buyer to register himself or open an account.

Give an easy correction option to the buyer in case he forgets to fill any field or inputs incorrect information. Furthermore, provide multiple payment options. If the payment method that is feasible for the buyer is absent, he might abandon the cart and exit the store.

8. Exit Intent Popups

Shopify not only lets you set up your online store easily and quickly, but also provides you the feature to make your customer stay longer on your store which might help him to make up his mind.

Installing exit popups allows your webpages to sense when the visitor is about to exit the store. When the pages sense that the visitor might leave, it displays a popup.

The popup can suggest the visitor view other items, remind him about a discount or a limited time offer. Popups like these can make the visitor stay longer in the store and explore the other products, and he might make up his mind to purchase it.

9. Offer More Than Products 

Customers love it when the brand offers them more than just their goods. Make sure that you let your buyer know that you are going to give them something extra. For instance, free shipping, easy installations, a free sample, etc.

Visitors are more inclined to make a purchase when they get something extra for what they are paying. Many websites offer free shipping on spending a certain amount. Observe how much people spend on your store and offer free delivery on spending a fixed amount in your store.

10. Assure Your Customers

Earning the trust of your customers is very important to turn them into your loyal customers. For some shoppers, it is very difficult to send their personal and confidential information to the stores in return for the products which they haven’t even received.

Make sure you give reminders to your customers about how their data is saved with you and will not be misused. Remind them that you will send the receipt and a summary of their order via email.

Also, mention the return and exchange policy, refund policy, and any other warranties, etc. 

11. Decrease Page Load Time 

Online shoppers are not patient. They want the store to be really fast and not make them wait for even a few seconds.

It has been studied that if a webpage takes 3 seconds or more to load it loses 40% of its potential customers. When it comes to an online store, every second matters. Make sure you don’t drive away from the traffic just because your page took a long time to load.

To increase the speed of your website, make sure you have optimized your images. Furthermore, if you have any other issues on the website, make sure you resolve them at your earliest to improve the speed of the site.

 A. High-Resolution Images

Images are to the online store what batteries are to the smartphones. The visitors decide to buy a product based on the pictures of the product that you have uploaded.

If the pictures are of not a good quality, you can bid farewells to your potential customers. Using high-resolution clear pictures allows the user to have a better look at the product and make up his mind about purchasing it. 

Make sure the images that you upload are attractive and have a clear background. Product pictures with a busy or cluttered background don’t look appealing to the customers.

 B. Upsell To Visitors

Another powerful way for a high converting Shopify store is to upsell to the visitors by reducing the prices of the second product on the purchase of the first.

For instance, a pizza joint may offer a deal where buying one pizza will give the customer 25% on the second pizza. By limiting the price of the second good, a customer is appealed to make an extra purchase.


Setting up a high converting Shopify store in 2021 is simple. All you have to do is pay close attention to the features of your website and make it user-friendly for every type of visitor. If your website has amazing products and you have outdone to market your online store, then you definitely would want more traffic and conversion on your store.

Work smart, implement clever tips and tricks to make sure you earn a substantial amount from your store.

Ricky Hayes

Ricky Hayes

Ricky Hayes is the Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at Debutify - free Shopify theme, helping dropshippers build high-converting stores in minutes. He is a passionate entrepreneur running multiple businesses, marketing agencies and mentoring programs.