Anna Lebedeva is the Head of Growth Marketing at SEMrush. Her areas of interest are SEO strategies, brand awareness, start-up investment, public relations, and influencers trends. As an author, Anna has been featured in The Next Web, and contributed to Search Engine Journal, Foundr, Business 2 Community, PR Daily, Spin Sucks, and more.

Anna presented at The Exit the importance of online visibility and invest in the appropriate strategies to drive business growth and value to customers. Also, she shared an impressive marketing strategy case study where a dental services company increased its traffic by almost 5,000% and revenue by 100%.

“Even with a budget, it is so difficult to get found in a crowded market, you have limited online space and thousands of companies that will love to take this place and be present”

Mechanism to promote Growth

Marketing is the tool to drive business and promote growth. Companies invest an important part of their gross revenue, between 5% and 20%, on marketing initiatives throughout different channels.

The challenges of a Crowded Market and the Attention Economy

Elements such as limited online space, a large number of competitors, and a new scarce commodity called human attention make the allocation of resources in marketing a real challenge. With the right strategies, businesses can maximize their marketing efforts efficiency and target the proper audience at the right place with the optimal frequency.

Marketing is an Investment, not an Expense

To achieve the greatest return on investment, you must invest wisely by focusing marketing activities for your ideal customers via the right channels.

Customer Context and Efficient Brand Presence

It is vital to find the relevant online environment, understand the needs and search intent of consumers. To achieve this, marketers must have a clear vision about:
• Business type and the limits of the industry
• Search intent of target users
• Channels and sources customers use to find information
• Optimal offer according to intention and behavior

Case Study – UK-based Dental Service

Smileworks, changing their marketing strategy, achieved a revenue growth of 100% and multiplied their customer base becoming the leading dental practice. Their starting point was a 10% of revenue spent in marketing with paid ads with good coverage and leads but from an audience who was not genuinely interested or not ready to pay for their services. The actions they executed can be summarized in:
• Identified the needs of their audience and the relevant keywords with high consumer interest
• Changed the approach with an optimized site with users and search engines in mind to drive intent and get loyal followers
• Created useful content with most commonly asked questions to educate and show their expertise
As a result, Smileworks experienced an unprecedented turnabout in revenue, trust, and visibility, even reducing the advertising spending.

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