Amazon Prime Day May Be The Pathway To Exit, Flippa Survey Shows

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For many small business owners, Amazon Prime Day may be the key to selling a business after a year of tumultuous uncertainty brought about by the pandemic. 

According to Yelp’s Local Economic Impact Report, as of August 31 of last year, more than 163,735 total U.S. businesses have closed their doors since the beginning of the pandemic.

However, Covid-19 has led to an unexpected boom in the eCommerce and digital sectors. 

A report in the UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) shows a rapid increase in businesses and consumers flocking online to navigate the digital retail space.

On Amazon Prime Day, digital shoppers saw competitive prices and great deals from various eCommerce stores.

 For business owners, this holiday served as a fuel to boost sales revenue and increase the chances of a successful valuation process with Flippa. 

“Successfully selling a business is all about performance, specifically the last 12 months. We encourage sellers to do everything they can to drive value prior to considering a sale. We are not surprised that Amazon Sellers would treat Prime Day as an opportunity to improve valuation,” says Blake Hutchinson, CEO of Flippa.

“Successfully selling a business is all about performance, specifically the last 12 months.”

We asked our Flippa audience what they thought about Amazon Prime Day and 63% of users said they view the holiday as a way to generate sales and increase business growth.

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Source: Flippa Amazon Prime Day 2021 Survey

“With over 1.5 million active sellers, Amazon’s Prime Day is fast becoming the most important day on the calendar, and for many small businesses owners, it could be the difference between a good or bad year,” Blake says.

That difference between a good or bad year may mean successfully completing a valuation process and listing a business on Flippa. 

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