5 Tips for Preparing to Sell Your Website

Want to make a better profit selling websites? Don’t worry; after reading this post, you’ll know exactly how to prepare your website in order to sell it at a great price. 

And to all those who don’t know you can make a handsome profit out of this gig, we’re going to explain it briefly before moving on to the main subject.

Always remember, you hit home runs not by chance, but by preparation.

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What is Website Flipping

Website flipping is all about buying a worn-out site at a low price and selling it later for a profit. That said, the venture is not as easy as it sounds. You’ll have to put in a lot of hard work into the acquired website to make a good sale out of it. 

Are you seriously considering website flipping as a side hustle? Let’s get started with the best tips for preparing to sell your website for a profit. 

Evaluate Your Site

The most important aspect of preparation when it comes to website sales is evaluation. If you tend to evaluate a website by finding out its current monthly revenue, you’re doing it all wrong. A typical sale price for a website is 20 to 30 times its monthly profit. Seems a lot? You’re probably not looking at the big picture.

Take Facebook, for example. The site (and it’s affiliates) is worth a staggering $700+ billion, far more than it’s monthly revenues. 

It is simply evaluated based on its long-term productivity, and that’s what you should be doing with your site as well. Therefore, you should get an evaluation of your site based on its long-term revenue. 

When preparing your site for sale, instead of settling for a low price based on its monthly revenue, advertise your website’s growth potential and vital aspects, such as social media popularity and search engine ranking. This way, you can charge more according to the long-term profit it will bring to its new owner. 

Do Your Research

While preparing to sell your website, you should conduct thorough research regarding your target audience and competitor websites. 

If you’re putting your site out on Flippa, you should know what kind of buyers will come across your site. Buyers on online platforms will look for specific metrics and revenue data, while individuals buyers may be more interested in the growth potential. 

Devise your strategy differently for each platform you choose to sell your website. Another important tip is to research other successful websites from your niche before listing yours. 

See how they managed to get reasonable prices: 

  • What do they put up in their ads? 
  • What metrics do they include? 
  • How do they describe the business? 

Learning from the strategies of other successful sellers can help you improve your own. You may want to consider hiring an outside copywriter to ensure you are positioning your business is the best possible way. 

This article, which describes 5 ways to value your website, might be quite helpful.

Recreate the Design

When preparing to flip your website, revamp it by following these basic principles. 

First of all, make sure the message and brand identity is clear and appeals to people as soon as they land on the first page. 

Secondly, make your website fit for mobile users because most of them will log in from mobile devices at some point. Therefore, create a clutter-free, clean design with minimal components. A messy site can turn users off, and most of them never return. 

Thirdly, your website should be user-friendly. The options and controls should make it easy to navigate, even for first-time users. If the design is intuitive, the visitor will have a pleasant experience using your site, hiking up its rates. 

As for the content, include HD videos and eye-catching visuals to attract visitors at first sight. Also, putting up effective calls-to-action can help your website get useful clicks and subscriptions. 

In short, keep the user in mind while preparing your website for sale. Without useful UX elements, you may turn-off potential buyers. 

Optimize Your Profits

Whether you’re selling a blog website or an affiliate site, don’t forget to optimize before listing it on Flippa. Conduct thorough conversion testing to check how different advertising networks work on your site. 

Try multiple ad placements, a variety of affiliates, and different monetization methods to see which one brings in the most revenue. Also, the use of various lead capturing techniques can help optimize your site as well. 

We’re not saying unoptimized sites won’t sell. But that’s the loophole buyers will cash on immediately, resulting in a less profitable deal. 

Rigorous testing can help you get that differential advantage so that you can sell your website at a higher price. 

Provide Meaningful Statistics

When putting your site up for auction, mention only what your target client wants to hear. Trim down the useless statistics that make your ad aesthetically appealing, but are meaningless when the client only wants to know the profitability and growth potential. 

Instead of bragging about high traffic, try to highlight your website’s profit-making strengths. These aspects include your most significant traffic sources and the average value each visitor gives to your site. 

Remember, the client wants to know about the benefit he’ll get from buying your website, and nothing else. 

Final Words

That concludes our list of tips for preparing to flip or sell your website. Similar to selling properties or gadgets, flipping websites is a profitable venture to take up online. You want to make your website as appealing as possible for your prospective buyers. 

Use these tips to improve your flipping strategy. If you still think there’s room for improvement, there are many resources and courses online that can help you sell your website at a profit.

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