2020 is a turbulent year, and it shows no signs of slowing down. While most industries are suffering from the coronavirus’s impact, digital marketing as an industry has flourished. People are stuck in their homes, which made for a fantastic, more complex, and intricate digital landscape. 

Considering that new people are spending more time on the internet than they used to, the digital environment is ripe for proper marketing – especially when small businesses are concerned.

In this brief article, we’ll go over some fantastic digital marketing statistics and surveys to give you a better perspective on 2020. 

Not Another State of Marketing Report

Prioritization is one of the most important parts of digital marketing, and this study has surveyed over 3,400 marketers to find out recent trends and insight. The study monitors efforts in B2C marketing, and the important things such as customer support, UX, and sales themselves have in the whole process. 

The study concluded that about 70% of market executives are continually investing in content marketing, and 24.26% of them plan to augment their investment in 2020. The golden ratio of weekly posts is 3-4 times per week, as stated by the overwhelming majority of professionals. 

About 75% of marketing executives prioritize social media for content marketing, and a number of them state that video has finally surpassed blogs, webinars, and eBooks as a content marketing format. 

State of The Blogging Industry (Six Months into 2020)

The world of blogging is practically synonymous with content marketing, and this blogging industry study has concluded that by surveying 1030 different bloggers of varying levels. An interesting aspect of this study is that it conducted some inquiries on the COVID-19 situation and how it impacts blogging.

Most bloggers are aged 25 to 34, with an overwhelming 44.17%, and the world of blogging has a relatively equal gender split, with male bloggers having 52.43% and female bloggers taking up 47.38% of the blogging landscape. 

It’s an intricate overview of bloggers, blogging as a whole, the technology used by bloggers, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the industry. 

State of Video Marketing Survey 2020

This survey collected answers from 650 different bloggers to bring you the latest trends and insights from the blogging industry. The survey has some interesting findings, especially on the topics of video media elements and their relation to blogging.

The study concluded that 92% of all marketers who use video consider it one of their most important tools – a 13% rise from the 2015 survey. It showed that people spend 16 hours on online videos per week.

Videos have surpassed webinars, ebooks, and written content in popularity – and people would like to see more user-oriented videos from their favorite brands. The study has found some essential information on video content in the 2020 digital marketing landscape – and it shows promise for the future. 

Developer Marketing Survey 2020

This marketing campaign developer survey is a much more in-depth collection of interviews than the other additions on this list. This survey consists of over 437 interviews conducted with English speaking marketing campaign developers. 

It includes insider 2020 information on the most effective types of marketing, what media is the most attractive to consumers, and developer marketing tips. 

When we say in-depth, we mean it. The whole survey includes an executive summary of 223 unique questions spread around 17 different question types. 

B2C Content Marketing 2020

This particular survey is based around B2C (Business to Client) marketing and includes a fresh study on benchmarks, budgets, and new trends in 2020. It showed that a lot of people prioritize creating brand awareness.

It concludes that the most popular content marketing media merit is a video and that education and building credibility are some of the main goals of most marketing executives. Like most other studies, it places a special focus on the most popular social media platform for marketing, Facebook. 

An interesting statistic in this survey is on team sizes and how B2C content marketing teams are made. The study has found that mailing lists are still one of the most dominant tools in marketing and that several content marketing executives outsource their marketing needs overseas.

In Conclusion

While we might be in the middle of a global pandemic, we can’t knock the fact that the digital marketing landscape is flourishing. As a marketing developer or strategist, you’ll have to follow the latest statistics and surveys to stay on top of the competition in 2020. 

Ogi Djuraskovic

Ogi Djuraskovic

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