You’ve got your business all set up. You’ve launched the website with a great domain name. There are visitors coming and customers going. All is good. 

So, now it’s probably time to relax, right?

Not so fast, friend. 

You may think you’ve done everything you need to, but unless you want your domain name stolen or your business to go stagnant, you want to do one more thing. 

And that is registering for multiple domains. 

But you already have a great domain? Why do you need another one? 

Is that what you’re thinking? 

Well, these four benefits of owning multiple domains will answer all your questions.

4 Benefits of Owning Multiple Domains

Whether your website is new or old, owning multiple domains can bring loads of benefits and advantages for your business. 

Cater to Different Audiences

Unless you’re catering to a very niche market, chances are your target market is made up of a lot of different people. And one key element of any good marketing strategy is that your business should be able to connect with every customer.

Now, that might not be possible in its literal sense, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. It might be hard to communicate with each visitor on your website, but that doesn’t mean you should just put out one message for all.

What you want to do is have more tailored and customized content on your website. There should be a different message, different tone, a different strategy for different segments. 

And this is easy to do with multiple domains. 

For instance, if you’ve got an online business selling laptops, your audience will consist of various people. 

Some might want a laptop to make money gaming, while some might just want it to watch movies

Accordingly, their requirements will be vastly different, and it will take different strategies to convince both of them to buy your laptop. 

Have a Localized Website

Similar to catering to audiences with varying personalities and backgrounds, you’ll also have audiences belonging to different areas. Again, you don’t want one same website catering to everyone all over the world. 

Customers in different regions might have different preferences and expectations from your website.

Therefore, unless you don’t want those profits increasing, you’ll find some way to cater to different localities as well. Luckily, one of the benefits of owning multiple domains is that you can use the various domains to create local websites. 

You can customize the language, colors, theme, etc., according to the country that domain will operate in. And you would definitely want to do this because certain things don’t translate well over borders. 

A particular campaign might be very successful in a modern, western culture but might not fare as well in an eastern, conservative society.

Expand Your Business

Having multiple domains also helps if you’re looking to expand your business. As time goes by and you get more and more customers and attention on the internet, you’ll want to grow your business. 

You could either expand your product or service line or go into another business altogether. Either way, with multiple domains, you can have a different website for each branch and sector of your business. This way, you can maintain your core business just as you were doing and grow your new business separately. 

It will also be more comfortable for your customers to navigate your websites as they won’t have to hop around too much on one site. 

Similar to what we mentioned above, you can customize your marketing and communication strategies. People who didn’t exactly know that you offered a specific service will know for sure when they see a whole separate website for it. 

Protect Your Brand

When you’ve worked so hard to build a name and reputation for yourself, you definitely don’t want someone to just steal your brand and hard work. Just as you protect your stuff through trademarks, patents, copyrights, it’s vital to protect your brand name. 

With multiple domains, you can easily do it. You can set up the other domains with similar spellings of your website name before any competitor gets to it. 

Furthermore, this is also a great way to get those visitors to your website, who might not exactly remember your website’s spelling. So, even if they misspell it, they’ll eventually end up on your site because of the multiple domains. 

If you want to see this in action, try searching for “” or “” 

Final Words

Hopefully, you are starting to warm up to the idea of having multiple domains. But if the thought of all the extra hard work is making you hesitate, don’t worry. We’ve got a solution for that as well. If you don’t want to build and design entirely different websites, you can set up a 301 redirect.

What this does is that whenever someone tries visiting those other domains, your 301 redirects will automatically redirect them to your main website. You’ll get all your traffic on your main site. You’ll still have multiple domains, and no one will look smarter. 

Once you have the domains, the options are endless. 

Kyle Kroeger

Kyle Kroeger

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