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Established iOS App $300+ p/mo. in Revenue | Lifetime Sales $10K+

Established iOS App $300+ p/mo. in Revenue | Lifetime Sales $10K+ | MAU of 157 | Total Installs of 24K | Impressions of 901K+

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3 years
8 reviews
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$144 p/mo
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Financials ?

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  • This app earns revenue with In-App Sales. It is recommended to request a video walk through from the seller to verify all revenue claims.

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Revenue Costs Profit
Sep 16 $244 $36 $208
Oct 16 $423 $36 $387
Nov 16 $234 $36 $198
Dec 16 $467 $36 $431
Jan 17 $304 $36 $268
Feb 17 $222 $36 $186
Mar 17 $299 $36 $263
Apr 17 $300 $36 $264
May 17 $308 $36 $272
Jun 17 $290 $36 $254
Jul 17 $83 $36 $47
Aug 17 $169 $36 $133

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Tweak Media.Co PTY LTD. Located in Queensland Australia. Sole owner/director.



The app, “3D Printing Magazine” is the only app providing a filtered valuable news to the audience of consumer 3D printing. We’ve been established in the market since September 2014 (3 years!), bringing our readers the latest and most noteworthy news.

Our readers enjoy a convenience that saves them valuable time every issue! We do this by filtering the flood of online news every two months to create beautifully laid out articles on the 3D printing stories valuable to our readers .



Subscription and Sales based Revenue

No programming knowledge required to run the App

Verified Total installs: 24K

Verified Impressions : 901,546

Verified App Lifetime Sales : $10,569

Verified Ave. Monthly Active Users : 157

Verified Lifetime IAP : 2,010

Active subscriptions: 84

Current Free Trials: 3



  • Highly Valued MagCast Lifetime founder acc. (no monthly Fees!!).

  • Done-for-you technical coding, tweaks and updates (covered by your MagCast platform license).

  • Republishing Agreements with *THE* industry-leading news sites.

  • Low cost Graphics designer ready to work for you.

  • Add value & monetize added revenue streams.

  • Some of the best marketing and engagement tools already built into the platform.

  • Operated 3 years single handed.

  • Ground level chance to take this to the next level

  • Great timing - Take advantage of current trends in technology crossroads.



We’ve recognized that 3D Printing is a rapidly growing global market with considerable potential in both commercial (industrial) and consumer (desktop) arenas. Since its emergence in the 1980’s developments in the last decade have positioned 3D Printing as a valuable technology for the people which will remain relevant to the global economy for many years.

While many news blogs and websites launched in response to consumer demands, but none have thought to filter the daily flood of news specifically for home 3D printing enthusiasts, or to deliver it in a convenient dedicated magazine app.

3D Printing Magazine has been purposely built as the world's first magazine app dedicated to home 3D Printing topics.

Importantly, 3D Printing has proven to be a key element in a crossroads where both Technology and Human Development meet. And history has not ever witnessed this before.

This Involves:

  • 3D Printing

  • Robotics

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Improved Portable Power Sources

  • Expanding Internet Reach & Mobile Coverage

  • Accelerated Social Connectivity

  • Unprecedented uptake in mobile technology in developing countries across the world including India, Africa and more.



I would have loved to keep this in my portfolio as it provides relatively stable monthly income averaging $300+, however I need the time to focus on my other magazine app and interests in product development. It is with delight and surprise that even though this app only receives a part of my time and attention, it still retained subscribers and brought me a good amount of monthly income.

I am ready to hand over to someone who can really do justice and reap the rewards of where this publication is capable of going. On my own I have only managed to scratch the surface. I’m confident that you will no doubt have greater profits than me if you implement some of the “Future Opportunities” listed below that I have not achieved.

I knew nothing about 3D Printing when I started this, so I am sure you can do a better job than me. And if you find 3D Printing interesting, your heart is in it, and you want to make a difference in people’s lives, then you should!



3D Printing Magazine was built by MagCast. MagCast (now owned by Media In Motion LLC) look after all the technical app development leaving you free to focus on your creative input and building the business further.

The MagCast publishing platform lets license holders easily create and maintain their app by following clear steps to a few text fields and do the required uploads and downloads in the backend of iTunesConnect. Frequent updating of the app is NOT required unless for iOS/Android compliance. When it comes time for an update you can relax, because all the technical coding is automated. It’s super easy. 


MagCast Video Library Knowledge Base:

Because we are already published, the hard work has been done. Now, all training tutorials videos, marketing tools, and troubleshooting videos for both iOS and Android make everything super easy to manage.

I like to create a quality product, and on my own it takes me 7-10 days every two months to keep this going. A small team of three, or a couple will do this much faster, and the publishing platform makes it really easy.

MagCast Support:

MagCast support provide detailed technical help via email and you should not hesitate to contact them if you have any tech issues at all. They know their stuff and are super helpful.

Private Facebook Group :

A supportive, helpful community of seasoned fellow publishers provide the backstop for support. Group members give generously of their knowledge and experience and many have been through it all since the platform launched in 2012. Share and receive ideas to grow your audience. I will remain a member of this group with my other magazine app if you ever need to reach out.

**Supporting Your Subscribers:

You will need to attend to email support for subscribers. This is real easy as requests for support are just a small handful per month. Most find a solution from the Support FAQ on the 3D Printing Magazine Website.

***Support For Design

A designer I have used previously is available if you need design work. NOTE that design work may still require edits and changes. It is useful if you or your team have some skills in photoshop and InDesign for this purpose.

****MagCast App Rights

The development crew at MagCast look after all the app coding, app features, updates and tweaks, leaving you FREE to get on with business. They provide the entire platform. You own the app, all your .pdf content, your license and the email list.


  • Website hosting: $13/month.

  • Apple Developer Account $99/yr

  • Optional - Facebook Ads $20/bi-monthly


This app currently earns revenue through:

  • Recurring subscriptions - annual ($29.99)

                                          - 6 month ($14.99).

  • In-app purchases

  • individual edition buy ($9.99).

  • 12 edition Back Issue Bundle Pack. ($34.99).



Due to a limited budget, I used Facebook sparingly with some patchy promotion results. I'm sure you'll do better.

The magazine has not yet received any supportive mainstream media promotion.

Current 3D Printing Magazine article topics include:

  • Design Tips and Tutorials

  • 3D Printer & Scanner reviews

  • Materials & Hardware updates

  • 3D modelling & software options

  • Trends

  • Training courses

  • Ground-breaking developments

  • Other hot news stories

  • What's ahead for the industry


  • The 3D Printing Magazine App (as built by MagCast platform)

  • High-Value Lifetime Magcast license

  • run up to 3 completely separate magazine titles.

  • Fee-Free forever (normally $3564 per publication per year - massive saving in $$$ right there!).

  • Done for you Facebook page with 4k followers

  • Done for you Instagram page with 8k followers

  • Done for you Website and support pages

  • Done for you Graphic and design files (adobe) and templates for publishing on iOS and Android.



1. Offer Subscriptions With an Online Web Version

3D Printing Magazine could be readily ported to an online subscription platform such as Joomag to increase the subscriber base.

NOTE that very successful magazines like foundr , have no online web subscription and simply publish on a monthly basis.

2. GO Monthly - Double The Publishing Frequency:

I have been publishing bi-monthly, but a small team could immediately double the income of 3D Printing Magazine simply by publishing every month.

3. Tap Into ANDROID on Google Play:

I didn’t set up my accounts correctly to do this so I let it slide, but all the required graphic files are ready and available to let you launch on Android and reap the benefits of Google's app platform whenever you wish.

All you need to do once you own the app is to follow the simple steps to create your Google Play Developer account. You are then ready to begin creating the subscriptions and in-app purchases for your

Android 3D Printing Magazine app.

4. Sell Advertising space:

Sell promotional space within the magazine.

5. Get Strategic Affiliate income:

Promote special offers and affiliate products, events, courses, .stl digital 3d files, to readers.

6. Launch On Kindle:

Total grey zone for me as I have not explored this option.

7. Form a partnership with a 3D Printing brand:

Another grey zone for me as I have not explored this option.

8. Launch a second and third publication:

A. Ordinarily a MagCast license is AUD $3,564 per year - every year. But your risk is minimised because this does not occur with our lifetime license. This preserves considerable transferable value for any future resale of 3D Printing Magazine app.

B. You will have the rights for three publications within your one Magcast license. Imagine launching two additional monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly magazine titles! Basically just "copy-paste" your operations to engage additional monetization streams. Good potential for the right team.


Flippa Escrow.

Support/ Advice/ Guidance after sale.

View The App on the Apple App Store See Our Facebook page Check Out Our Instagram

Visit Our Web Site and Support FAQ

The internet arrived and many who saw opportunity.

Apps arrived and opportunity was offered again.

3D printing is on the door step; what will you do?

If you have a question that is NOT answered above, please message me.

Best of success.


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TweakMedia ( new )
Fri, 15 Sep 2017 09:39:45 AEST

Thank you for your enquiries. The Reserve Will Remain Unpublished.

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Mon, 18 Sep 2017 10:25:45 AEST

FREE SAMPLE EDITIONS For Your Assessment: - View our last 3 editions FREE (Apple iOS only).
- Download the app,
- Tap "Subscribe",
- Tap "Current Subscribers" and enter FLIPPA in the field to activate your free access.
Applies for the duration of the auction.

The Seller
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