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We’re selling 2 apps that has earned $5000 in sales ($3300 proceeds) within previous 3 months! Deal includes 2 special niche iMessage + Keyboard extension apps. Buy It Now includes 2 more apps!

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4 months
7 reviews
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$877 p/mo
Includes Source Code

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Financials ?

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  • This app earns revenue with App Sales. It is recommended to request a video walk through from the seller to verify all revenue claims.

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May 17 $2,380 $0 $2,380
Jun 17 $2,303 $0 $2,303
Jul 17 $199 $0 $199
Aug 17 $131 $0 $131

Seller's Notes


Fall in love with this emoji app geared towards dog lovers especially the bulldog breed.

We made sure that the images are of excellent quality and user friendly. We have also added a feature where its users can resize, rotate, drag or drop the emojis in iMessages. Additionally our emojis  can be edited by letting our users draw or write on it.

Our users have two options to share your Bulldoggi stickers:

- iMessage sticker pack

- keyboard extension (optional)

App Highlights:

  • Great app niche! Sticker apps are a niche that is currently strongly supported and encouraged by Apple. Dogs are even more specific niche, with very profitable prospects.

  • App work both on iPhone and iPad (universal layout)

  • Two options to share stickers:

  • - iMessage sticker pack: resize, drag & drop stickers.

  • - keyboard extension (activating keyboard is optional): share stickers via custom keyboard. Edit stickers by drawing & writing on it

  • If iOS user will send sticker to Android device it will be delivered and visible.

  • It's also possible to share stickers in Facebook comments now (FB latest update needed)

  • Beautiful and ASO friendly icons and screenshots

  • 160 (80 + 80) unique high-resolution stickers!

  • No programming skills required adding or deleting stickers on your own.

  • Both are Paid apps in AppStore - owner is making money from each download.

  • 100% Bug-Free!

  • Compatible with latest iOS 10 and ready for iOS 11!

  • Extra NEW Dog iMessage app + Cats iMessage & Keyboard extension app + Documentation + Marketing tips & contacts for BIN buyer.


ENTERTAINMENT CATEGORY                                               RANKED #1 COUNTRIES

Bulldoggi Emojis - English Bulldog Emoji Stickers              3 (Croatia, Poland, HongKong)

Frenchie - French Bulldog Emoji Stickers                             2 (Singapore & Thailand)


Bulldoggi Emojis - English Bulldog Emoji Stickers, is ranked 7 in the US market.



We have decided to sell this app because we are currently working in another app category, which takes time from further developing this app. Furthermore, we think this is the right time to free-up some of our resources and lighten our portfolio.



This app was developed using Objective-c coding language. We have also integrated the latest Facebook SDK to the app.



This emoji app is pretty straight-forward in its approach to earning revenue. Basically, the users who downloads this app would have to pay for the emoji app. It’s main selling point would have to be the high-quality images of the emojis themselves. Additionally, it’s important to note that the emojis appeals to a particular niche in the market - that is dog lovers.

On the operational side, absolutely no extra work is required to operate and keep the app running.

Revenues (App Sales)

App generates revenue from app sales. Bulldoggi and Frenchie app prices are $2.99 and Bulldoggi Bundle price is also $2.99. So with only 10 paid downloads per day - you can potentially make $900/month in sales!


There’s no recurring associated costs with the app itself.

The cost of $99/year is for the membership to the Apple Developer Program.



The only marketing done for this app is when we have elected the cooperation of influencers mainly on Facebook and Instagram.

We usually paid Influencers for 2 days pinned post about 30 - 60 USD and that included 1 sentence text + link  + ad image.



Deal includes special niche iMessage + Keyboard extension apps:

  • Bulldoggi Emojis - English Bulldog Emoji Stickers - app has made Usa entertainment #7 and in Italy #1.

  • Frenchie - French Bulldog emoji stickers

What is included in this auction:

  • 2 x iOS Keyboard extensions & iMessage sticker app (Bulldoggi and Frenchie)

  • 2 x Xcode project (source code)

  • Full set of sticker assets for both apps

  • Transfer the app to your Apple Developer account

  • Tips & insights for marketing specifically these sticker apps. Influencers contacts included!

Special BUY IT NOW Bonus:

  • Step-by-Step Documentation guide on how to edit the app

  • + 2 EXTRA apps:

  1. NEW Dog iMessage app - Dogster - Dog emoji stickers  

  2. Cats iMessage & Keyboard extension app - Cats - emoji sticker pack for cat lovers


This emoji app presents a relatively stable income if proper campaigns are implemented. I have already figured out a way on how to do this as explained on the marketing section of this listing. I’m quite sure (and supported by figure evidences) that with some targeted marketing to the niche market of dog-lovers, especially the bulldog breed, this app would have a high revenue potential of $900 per month in app sales.



When app is downloaded you can find main app on your device’s home screen. There you will find a simple tutorial to activate keyboard.

A keyboard extension replaces the standard keyboard with a custom keyboard. Once enabled (under General > Keyboards), the keyboard is available during text entry within any app, except when editing secure text fields and phone number fields. People can enable multiple custom keyboards, and switch between them at any time.

iMessage app is included - customer can choose if he wants to use iMessage or Keyboard app OR both!  

Similar niche and customers overlap - Easy to market together!

Test Live Before You Buy

Our Sticker apps are available in AppStore. Ask free promo code and test app before you buy.

App links:

Bulldoggi Stickers

Frenchie Stickers

Bulldogs Bundle

If You have questions about the offer, feel free to ask!


Please note: No guarantee of future performance/revenue because of the dynamic nature of the app market. No refunds.


Amirakhavani ( new )
Mon, 11 Sep 2017 21:29:45 AEST

Hi my name is amir and by putting a bet down I buy the iOS version and the android version of it please respond thanks

NGAppStudio ( | $319 )
Sat, 16 Sep 2017 01:24:37 AEST

Hi. This app is only in Apple Appstore. Not Android version. Best regards, FIlipp

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