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BestCryptocurrency.com - A domain to build an empire upon

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With this domain you can affiliate:

Also you can have authority over the market by creating a website with content that can be trusted.

Top 10 keyword traffic sums up to 15k (only from US!), with keyword difficulty avg of 8.93/100:

ahrefs: https://i.imgur.com/cjpqOzd.png

  1. best cryptocurrency, country: us, KD: 12/100, traffic: 3000, cpc: $5.0
  2. best cryptocurrency exchange, country: us, KD: 5/100, traffic: 3000
  3. best cryptocurrency to mine, country: us, KD: 11/100, traffic: 1900, cpc: $0.6
  4. best cryptocurrency wallet, country: us, KD:  12/100, traffic: 1700, cpc: $1.4
  5. best cryptocurrency to invest in, country: us, KD: 6/100, traffic: 1400, cpc: $3.5
  6. best cryptocurrency to invest 2017, country: us, KD: 8/100, traffic: 1100
  7. best cryptocurrency to mine 2017, country: us, KD: 2/100, traffic: 700
  8. best cryptocurrency to buy now, country: us, KD: 7/100, traffic: 450
  9. best cryptocurrency 2017, country: us, KD: 19/100, traffic: 450
  10. best cryptocurrency to invest in 2017, country: us, KD: 8/100, traffic: 350

I realized that I'm not yet big enough to build such an empire up myself, but cryptocurrency is blooming nowadays, so if a  person wants to put his hands on the market should act now, hence why I'm selling. 

Domains are registered on GoDaddy. I also give you bestcryptocurrency.io for your purchase. Both can be transfered IMMEDIATELY to another GoDaddy account, transfer AWAY is only available from:

.com Transfer AWAY from GoDaddy available on 17/10/2017 

.io  Transfer AWAY from GoDaddy available on 08/11/2017 

Should you decide to buy this domain today, I wish you the best with the challenges and rewards of the business.


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