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Amazing New Pet Care Marketplace Connecting Pet Owners with Pet Caregivers

For the pet lover and entrepreneur. This is a new Peer-to-Peer pet care platform with a unique business model that makes it easy for pet owners to find and book local pet caregivers.

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Searching for a pet lover entrepreneur to own this amazing new peer-to-peer pet caregiver marketplace. 

PamperMy.Pet is more than a site. It's an entire business model built into a site and it's fully functional.  It's an amazing opportunity to tap into the incredible potential of the the pet industry which is projected to be worth $100 billion by 2020.

It's my goal to connect with and sell this PamperMy.Pet platform to an animal lover or someone with pet care experience looking for a new and amazing way to help make the world a better place for all pets.


  • New Design - This Peer-to-Peer business model is new, unique and amazing

  • All Currencies - Can be used in 1 country or all countries at 1 time

  • Fully Automated - Owner simply markets business and provides customer service

  • Amazing Name - PamperMy.Pet is a highly marketable/brandable name

  • Business Model Designed - Entire business model is built into site - Tweak it where you want

  • Professional MBA level English - Entire site content written by MBA Native English speaker

  • Includes Promo Video - You'd have to pay $2000 or more to make your own


  1. INCLUDES - PamperMy.Pet Website, Domain Name and Promo Video.

  2. FREE CONFIGURATION & HOST - Site is currently hosted on Amazon. I will configure and transfer to your Amazon hosting account for free. It's free to open an amazon account (3 minutes) and they have a one year free host program for startups. You can learn more about Amazon's free hosting here.

  3. BONUS PROMO VIDEO is located here.


All users can register for free and participate as a PET CAREGIVER -or- PET OWNER

CAREGIVERS (Provide Service & Earn Money)- Caregivers do not need any experience, they can work, anytime, anyplace, and charge any amount for the services they provide. For example: 30 minute dog walking: $17; 3 Week Puppy House Training: $200; Mobile Full Groom: $70.  They can sign up and create a Service Page in under 1 minute with service options people can book. 

Caregiver Steps - (1) Register Free (2) Create a Listing with Services (3) Get Booked

OWNERS (Find & Book Caregivers) - If an owner would like to receive a service (have their pet pampered) he/she can review the profiles of caregivers in their local area, contact the caregiver and immediately book the service they’d like their pet to receive.

Pet Owner Steps - (1) Register Free (2) Search Listings, (3) Book a caregiver & service you like 

PAMPERMY.PET OWNER (Earns % of Bookings) - Site is fully automated so you can spend your time focusing on marketing and user growth. You will make 14.5% (You can change this) of every hour booked on the site, from anywhere in the world. Site is available in all currencies so there is no limitation on growth if you desire to be an international site.


PamperMy.Pet is an original idea created by me using P2P Marketplace Corporation’s peer-to-peer marketplace software. I’m the creator/designer of the Pampermy.Pet website and it’s my goal to sell it to an animal lover or someone with pet care experience looking for a new and amazing way to help make the world a better place for all pets. In my humble opinion the buyer of this platform will be someone that’s currently working or experienced working with animals and that has an interest in parlaying their experience and knowledge into an opportunity to manage their very own international business.

An online peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace brings people and/or businesses together online to deal with each other directly without having to go through a slow, expensive middle man. AirBNB, Etsy, and Uber are a few companies with P2P business models that you may be familiar with.


Creating your own P2P business is expensive. You’ll spend hundreds of hours designing your business model and thousands of hours designing the platform. If you pay an outside company to design your platform, it’s likely you’ll spend $20000-$50000 before you can enroll your first user.

There is one company in California that will allow you to use their software to set up your P2P platform, but they charge $1000-$2000 per month which simply isn’t reasonable for the average person. Here’s the link to their page if you have deep pockets and you’re interested in learning more:

On the other hand, Pampermy.Pet is a complete business model built and platform that is ready to be launched. You won’t need to take out a second mortgage on your house to purchase and launch the platform. You’ll be able to spend your time focusing on the most important aspects of the site which are marketing and customer service.


If you happened upon Pampermy.Pet and you believe you have the background needed to launch the platform and make it successful, then please write me and share a little bit of information about yourself. You’ll need to do this before I will approve your bid, because it’s my goal to sell Pampermy.Pet to a person or company that has a sincere interest in making it successful.


About the Name - Pampermy.Pet makes it easy for people that have an interest in receiving a service for their pets to easily connect with local pet care service providers. Owners can use the platform to find and book services to pamper their pets hence the name “Pampermy.Pet”.

Color Scheme - The site colors are green, black, and white. I choose these colors because the color green is often called the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment. It’s great for a petcare platform.


Facebook Sign Up Integrated

FB signup is integrated but i currently deactivated it for sale. New owner will create new FB APP ID (5 minutes) and I will integrate before delivery. This way, you will manage your APP and nobody else will have access.

Service Categories

Pet Feeding - Pet Grooming - Pet Sitting - Pet - Training - Pet Walking - Pet Visits 

I divided the site into 6 popular pet care services, but you can change them or add more in a few minutes using the Admin panel. This makes it easy for people searching PetCare services to easily connect with PetCare service providers that live near them.

Create a Listing

In under 1 minute, anyone can set up a Pet Caregiver page describing the service they offer and why pet owners should choose them. They can add gallery of themselves or their service. Pet owners can book caregivers directly from this booking page.


Pet owners can request more information and book appointments with Caregivers from the listing page. The messaging system design is exactly same layout as FB layout. You can easily communicate and manage all messages and view a history of conversations.

Search Page

There is a search page that makes it easy for you to search for and filter Caregivers pages anywhere in the world. You can search by City, Category, or service rate.

Multiple Currencies

I designed site so it can be used in any country in the world. In fact it can be used in every country at one time. When user creates Caregiver page, they can select add a price and choose the currency they would like to be paid in.

Admin Panel

I created an easy to use Admin Panel. This makes it easy for you to modify front end components. For example, you can manage all users from admin. You can change site colors. Add a new logo. Change email templates or modify help pages on the front end of the site. No need to hire a coder or programmer to do any of these things. This makes it extremely easy for admin to manage site.  


What is required to keep the business operational?

This site is newly designed and pre-launch. New owner will need to begin recruiting the pet caregivers. He/she will market the site and provide customer service. That's it.

Why are you selling the business?

I'm a designer/creator. That's my business. This business is for someone that loves animals and wants to help both pet owners and pet caregivers connect. It's ideal for someone who wants to work with animals, is a people person, and want's to help make the world a better place.

How do I earn money?

You receive 14.5% of every booking that is made on the platform. You can change this percentage if you want. It takes just a few seconds to do. This money is paid immediately each time a booking is made and is sent to your Paypal or Stripe account. 14.5% of 1 $30 booking might only be $4.35 cents. But when you have thousands of users making thousands of bookings each day, the small amounts add up. It's all automated, so all you do is focus your time and energy on marketing and customer service.

Are there any expenses for the business? If so, what are they?

Your only expense is going to be hosting the site. It's free for 1 year on Amazon AWS or until you go being the amount of free space they give you. Your only other expense will be marketing to let people know about this amazing site, however a creative marketer will keep marketing closed minimal to zero by setting up social pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, advertising on free sites (Craigslist), and marketing directly to pet care owners, caregivers in their network.

What marketing initiatives have been used for this business?

I'm only a designer/creator. I have not formally marketed the site, however I did create an amazing explainer video you can use in your marketing efforts. See it on the "How it Works" page of the site.

Can I turn this site into an APP?

This is a P2P concept that requires Petcare service providers to add images and text to create a nice page for people to view and book services. A normal computer with a keyboard is good for entering data. Once you have thousands of service providers, your next step can be to create an APP for potential Pet Owners to search for Caregivers near them. So the answer is yes, but first focus on building your user base. An APP will be an enhancement that makes it easier for Caregivers and Owners to connect.

Can I use this site in any country?

Yes. The site is designed to be used in 1 country or all countries at one time. It’s up to you.

Can you add additional features if I need them?

Yes. Everyone has their own unique ideas on features or things they might want to add to enhance a platform. If you need an enhancement or modifications at any time, you will be able to contact me with your idea, and I’ll create a proposal for you.

Will you help train me on how to use the Pampermy.Pet platform?

Yes. After the purchase, we will arrange a skype appointment when I will walk you through all the features and functions of the Pampermy.Pet platform.

Where is the site hosted now and how much does hosting cost?

The site is currently hosted on Amazon AWS. When you purchase the site, I will set up the entire site for you on Amazon AWS. Amazon is the best place to host Pampermy.Pet because you’ll start out with FREE hosting for up to 12 months.  It’s reliable, scalable, and very inexpensive. Scalable simply means you will start to pay a little as your site grows. This is perfect for companies launching new platforms. Here’s the details:

If you have any additional questions, please send me a private message, anytime. Thanks!

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Domain Registered ? 1 July 2017
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Content Unique ? Yes
Design Unique ? Yes
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P2PMARKET ( | $9.42K )
Sat, 09 Sep 2017 03:54:02 AEST

Note: Caregivers can easily create a booking with listing options in under 3 minutes. Listings can be created with unlimited booking options. You can list 1 service or 100 services and include real-time options for people to make a booking. So that you can see how listings are created, I added a sample attachment: "How to Create a Listing".

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P2PMARKET ( | $9.42K )
Sun, 17 Sep 2017 02:34:23 AEST

Note: All PamperMy.Pet users can add FB style cover photos to both their profiles and their listings pages. A cover photo can be added to a profile pages to help users share things about their personality. On listing pages, cover photos can help caregivers better convey unique messages about the services they offer. See attachment: PamperMy.Pet FB Cover Photos

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