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ESTABLISHED BRAND Selling Unique Lamps (Avg. $7,000 Net/Month)

Lamplanet.com is a very unique store selling custom and creative home decor lighting to customers who passionately love what they do and what they are. It's an established brand. More info below.

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Site Type
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1 year
Net Profit
$4,147 p/mo

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Page Views
Unique Visits

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Gross Revenue
Net Profit

Traffic ?

Uniques Page Views
Jul 17 31,892 68,337
Jun 17 86,373 172,279
May 17 138,933 271,386
Apr 17 25,138 61,531
Mar 17 17,105 44,288
Feb 17 45,199 85,431
Jan 17 58,358 148,180
Dec 16 122,507 305,985
Nov 16 80,716 215,965
Oct 16 47,189 123,104
Sep 16 63,663 167,184
Aug 16 93,731 231,402

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Avg. Session Duration
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Page Views % of Total
Paid Search 34,879 52%
Organic Search 11,750 18%
(Other) 8,838 13%
Direct 6,802 10%
Social 4,647 6.9%

Top Countries ?

Page Views
United States 14,970
Brazil 4,695
India 3,740
Indonesia 2,708
Philippines 2,624

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Monetization Methods

Last 12 Months Claimed Revenue and Profit

Revenue Costs Profit
Aug 16 $85,593 $75,742 $9,851
Sep 16 $71,523 $63,758 $7,765
Oct 16 $64,252 $58,413 $5,839
Nov 16 $140,275 $111,870 $28,405
Dec 16 $170,816 $142,725 $28,091
Jan 17 $50,170 $55,956 -$5,786
Feb 17 $14,665 $20,857 -$6,192
Mar 17 $13,015 $13,816 -$801
Apr 17 $25,219 $26,952 -$1,733
May 17 $30,477 $27,592 $2,885
Jun 17 $37,126 $27,470 $9,656
Jul 17 $15,074 $15,173 -$99

Seller's Notes

Here are the answers to some of the most frequent and useful questions to evaluate this business.

1) Has your business ever switched the domain name since you’ve owned the business?


2) Does your business run on an expired domain?


3) Has your business ever incurred a penalty of any sort? If so, what kind and why?


Just simple merchant account limitations due to scaling. The last one happened in July (thus you can see the drop in sales on the P&L) when we started using the application Carthook.com to do one click upsells.

This was the last straw for me since I have been wanting to move on to my preferred SaaS project and it seems to me this is the perfect moment to transfer it.

A bug in the Carthook.com software was adding a lot of other additional products to the customer's cart. Until we realised what had happened it was too late, which ended in a bunch of chargebacks, and my stripe account got terminated and now I can only accept payments via Amazon Pay (since being a non US resident we can't get other merchant accounts but stripe and paypal which we don't want to do business with due to bad treatment with previous businesses)

This made me reconsider if I want to keep building this project or just focus on my other SaaS business and my decision has been to sell the business so here I am.

The new owner will still be able to just connect their stripe and paypal and keep selling but I can't and I have other more important projects so I want to move on.

4) Does your business use a 301 redirect system in any way? If so, why?

No. It's a domain pointing to Shopify's DNS.

5) Did you buy or build this business? If you bought, where did you buy it from, when did you buy it, and why? (Please share a link to that listing if still public and available)

I built it from scratch.

6) Do you have any other domain names, sites, or businesses in the same or similar niche?

Yes. www.custom.land which was supposed to be the parent site of Lamplanet.com but then when we saw more potential on lamplanet.com we decided to focus fully on building Lamplanet. 

I might include custom.land in the sale as a gift. On top of that I own lamplanet.net, lamplanet.org, lamplanet.co and lamplanet.info and customland.co/.info/.net which would be transferred too.

7) Would you be willing to sign a non-compete if the buyer asks for it?

Yes. And on top of that, the buyer would be getting our private manufacturer relationship with 3 new product lines in the making which they could continue.

8) Describe the work you do with this business. For example, day-to-day tasks, weekly and monthly maintenance.

Every tuesday we have a team meeting of 1 hour where we discuss business metrics and suggestions/improvements from each of the team members.

Everything in this business is optimised and outsourced to the employees which would be included in the sale if desired so (1 designer, 1 social media manager, 1 VA/support/fulfilment manager).

This entire business is completely automated from finding new design concepts for the lamps (every day I would just go in and approve the ones I liked for our store - about 5 minutes), designing them (every day I would just approve those that look good enough to sell - about 5 minutes), launching them into the store with all the professional image mockups and the correct marketing set up of the listings and all the way to launching the ads.

The only tasks I handled are activating the ads (the employees would launch them paused), adding the targeting to the ads (cause the team would do everything up to the point of setting up the ads while knowing the right target market and such would be my job) and then I would also do the work of managing the ads (all this would be like an hour a day max).

The designer finds the concepts and designs them for approval.

The VA/support/fulfilment manager assists on the launching the listings, the ads and additionally they take on chat support, email support and also autonomously go and find proper websites/social media accounts and social media influencers who'd promote our products in exchange of affiliate commissions, a free lamp (most would take this option) or a small pay per post - this is super automated marketing in case of the buyer not knowing how to do paid advertising he'd just have to tell the team to focus hard core on influencer marketing and they would do all the marketing for the new owner.

The social media manager would do all the social media work on all channels (pinterest, twitter, instagram, facebook and other specific niched down facebook pages which we built to market our distinct lamps for different interests.

The VA/support/fulfilment manager would make sure every order is properly fulfilled on time and accurately based on our shipping policy and also take upon support department to ensure quality service and customer satisfaction.

I am the one working on out of the blue ideas, new marketing experiments, managing the ads as said above and emailing the lists every week (I should have done a little more of this). This would be about 1-2 hours per working day and then the time spent on ideas/brainstorming and implementing new experiments which I guess doesn't count much since this will always be happening at the creative brains level :)

9) How many hours per week do you spend working on this business?

10-14 hours.

10) Is any content added on a monthly basis? Is it outsourced or written by yourself?

No posts or blog content is being added on the site. But the social media assets are being updated daily and it's all done by the social media manager. We also started working on creating professional marketing videos and professionally mocked up images for each lamp style (these are done and ready to use for marketing and anything).

11) Does the business have any employees other than yourself currently working? If so, how many? Where are they from? How much are they paid? What are their responsibilities? Do they know you are selling the business? Would they continue on with the new buyer after the sale?

As I already said in question 8. Everything in this business is optimised and outsourced to the employees which would be included in the sale if desired so (1 designer, 1 social media manager, 1 support/fulfilment manager)

All of them are from the Philippines and work from their homes.

The entire team knows the business is being sold and would remain with the new buyer as I asked them to do so and they are super loyal to the project and my decisions.

All team are paid hourly so the more they work the more they earn...but without the liability of a monthly salary.

Marlon (designer) earns $3/hr and works only on designing new lamp concepts (this is fully automated and optimised). He designs in a way that is perfectly suitable for the manufacturing and so the manufacturer can instantly take the new designs and produce them on demand as sales come in (with a minimum order quantity of 1). He also mocks up designs without the product having been produced yet and creates perfect mockups that look real and work perfectly to suit the live site. This allows you to test new designs as you please in a fully automated way and without risk...and then just scale the winner products. Marlon also works on some social media images on different lifestyle mockups so that social media manager can post them to the different social media profiles.

Sidney (VA/marketer, fulfilment manager and support manager) earns $5/hr and works mainly on communicating and managing the fulfilment process with the manufacturer who we have a deal in place so he also does our fulfilment and warehousing for us. She also mans support and does an important job managing and constantly training the other 2 VAs. She's been with me for a loooong time, yet she will continue with the new owner too. She is also an assistant on the the product listings launching part, the ads launching and more general support inquiries. She also works on finding influencers for marketing and other type of marketing work like posting in communities and building relationships with influencers.

Gracie (social media manager and marketer) earns $5/hr. Gracie is highly trained in social media marketing and does an amazing job keeping all our profiles up to date with engaging and promotional content. She works completely hands off and earns you sales on auto pilot just with her amazing work. She keeps always learning and growing in her job. I will have a hard time leaving her to the new owner too but she is ready to do so as well. She also works on finding influencers for marketing and other type of marketing work like posting in communities and building relationships with influencers.

12) Was a PBN or link building service used in the creation of this site? If so, is it a privately owned PBN or a service? If privately owned, will it be included in the sale? If a service, what service was used?


13) Does the business currently have any social media profiles associated with it? If so, how many? Which ones? How important are they to the business (traffic, marketing, etc)?

http://www.facebook.com/Lamplanetcom - 100K+ FANS
https://www.instagram.com/Lamplanetcom - 14K+ FANS
https://www.pinterest.com/lamplanet - 500+ FOLLOWERS
https://twitter.com/lamplanetcom - 4K+ FOLLOWERS
https://www.youtube.com/c/Lamplanet - 40+ SUBS

Those are the brand social profiles and all of those are massively important brand aspects. We engage with our fans and customers daily, keep a clean record of customer pics on pinterest, engage on instagram with engaging lifestyle pics of our lamps, do contests and games on facebook to keep growing our accounts and post to twitter and Pinterest to engage with the community. Not to mention we also create slideshow videos to upload on youtube with optimised titles and keywords. 

All of this is handled by Gracie the social media manager of the team.

But that's not all. With the sale I want to include all the social media properties we built to market our different niche products (e.g: Our yorkie lamps...well...we have a social media property for yorkie fans, etc...). We use those pages to market our products on facebook to targeted audiences without having to use the brand fan page all the time...this way we can engage with the community directly in a non salesy environment.

That's about 50 other fb pages, see here: http://prntscr.com/g40evc (some up into the 50,000s of fans and some others just about 1000 and others less than that).

14) Is there an email list currently associated with the business? If so, how many emails are on this list? Is it currently being monetized? If yes, can you please describe this process, how often emails are sent, and if your list is optimized in anyway (segmentation, automated email sequences, etc...)?

Yes. Lamplanet and Custom Land customer's list here: https://prnt.sc/g40g5n

As I said above I might also include Custom Land with its customer list too.

These both lists are being monetised on auto pilot. The lists are completely segmented so you can email the customers based on what they purchased. There are complete email sequences and automations going out on auto pilot from the moment someone becomes a subscriber or a customer or a high value customer, see here: http://prntscr.com/g40hjb

One thing I am not doing enough is weekly broadcasts and promotions. At this point we were going to start doing contests, giveaways to get people to share their product testimonials in exchange of winning new lamps or discounts, etc...but as said, this was in process and then my merchant account issue happened so I initiated this sale. Broadcasts should definitely be done more often by the new owner...that's a good opportunity.

15) What support are you willing to give the new owner? (30 days email support, 2 Skype calls, etc)

I would be willing to help as much as the new buyer needs. I like to train others to do ecommerce and marketing for a living, so I can do this for free and hop on calls if the buyer needs some help on any aspect. I'd say 2 calls a week is a good number. But I am willing to help as much as needed to get them going and smooth sailing.

I would also be willing to keep helping the buyer continuously for a small % of their profits after the sale already took place and they are on their own...I really love my team and this project and it's hard for me to move on but I have to since my SaaS project is more important to me and the circunstances make it better so. But I want to keep talking to my team and such, so whatever the new owner wants I'd be ready to discuss it.

16) Business potential. If you were to continue building this business up, where would you focus? This is to give buyers confidence that this is a good investment for them because they have room to expand. (Opportunities and Risks)

  • I would definitely focus more on influencer marketing. Do more email marketing.
  • Scale the 3 new product lines we have ready and talked out with the manufacturer.
  • Keep scaling into new passionate niches with new 3D lamp designs.
  • I would close more wholesale deals...we started with this and have one client who bought a test quantity of 250+ lamps and it definitely shows great potential.
  • I would test to increase the price of our 3D lamps to 49 or 59 to see how it affects conversions while increasing our margins.
  • I would test to start charging shipping and only give free shipping after a certain cart value (since now we are giving free shipping upfront)
  • I would test a recurring offer of 1 new acrylic design every month for a subscription fee (I already surveyed customers and they would be ready to pay a small monthly fee to get a new design for their lamps every month...this is only possible since I built the product in a way that the base is always the same and the designs are what changes so people can just buy one design once they already have the base, etc...)
  • I would test other traffic sources like youtube ads which I was getting ready to explore.
  • I would test new content marketing strategies like posting about the lamps on different authority sites about tech and geeky stuff.

There is a lot of potential in the home decor niche and no one is doing this yet...the sky is the limit.

17) What is involved in the site transfer process? Domain, site content/files, and is there anything else I'm missing? (Assets Included in the Sale)

  • The full shopify account. All mentioned domains.
  • All apps installed on this store.
  • go.Lamplanet.com wp site which i use for alternate marketing funnels like giveaway funnels, etc...
  • The entire google drive management system.
  • All systems and operation documentations to train new team members and the ones the current team uses.
  • All operation sheets that our team members are used to (I would introduce the new buyer to the systems in place - the team works autonomously with these).
  • The project management tool (we use teamwork.com and it's all laid out for the new owner to take over).
  • Reamaze.com support system that the team uses for customer support.
  • Slack account structure so new owner can keep the current business organisation.
  • Google Analytics property.
  • Full fb business manager with all the fan pages mentioned above and the main ads accounts plus secondary ads accounts I created in case one would get frozen or shut down for weird fb reasons (it tends to happen) and the matured fb pixel.
  • Google ads account with all the audiences and full google remarketing and google shopping already set up.
  • All social media properties mentioned.
  • All email lists.

18) Are you open to seller financing? (For example, X% upfront then Y over Z months)

Depends on the terms but yes, I'd be willing to listen to the conditions.

19) What platform is the business built on? (Wordpress, Drupal, Shopify, etc.)


20) Do you currently hold inventory for this business? If so, how many products? How much is it worth at wholesale price? At sales price?

Check it out here: http://prntscr.com/g40w49 and here: http://prntscr.com/g40xkw

Each of those lamps are worth $79.95 retail price and $35 more or less depending on quantity at wholesale prices.

If buyer doesn't want to continue with these SKUs, I am willing to take them with me. Inventory will be sold at manufacturing price separately.

The rest of 3D lamps I have a deal with the manufacturer where we can produce 1 unit at any time. We do produce on demand business model with those so we don't have to hold inventory and so we can produce any quantity of any new design we want to test in the market.

21) Do you currently fulfill the orders yourself? If so, where is the inventory kept? If no, who fulfills the orders for you? Where is the inventory kept?

Via our manufacturer we set up a deal of $0.6 per fulfilled item and he hired private staff just for us based on the great relationship I have with the owner and which he would continue with the buyer based on my request. 

The fulfilment manager Sidney, works with his staff to ensure all items are fulfilled on time and delivered on time. If there are manufacturer issues he replaces it on his costs and if shipping issues the shipping company replaces it on their costs (our manufacturer has a great relationship with Epacket and china post and got us a great deal on shipping which can improve on volume)

22) What is your main traffic strategy for this business?

Influencer marketing as done by Sidney and Gracie.

Social media traffic as done by the social media manager Gracie.

And paid fb traffic as was done by me for a while and I was training the social media manager to do it too (I am willing to train Gracie, the social media manager and hand hold her since she's asked me for it so many times :D and this way the new buyer doesn't have to do it if he'd want it so)

23) How many suppliers do you currently have?

Just one and he is ready for scaling the 3d lamps product line and I've been working with him to include 3 new lamp product lines (all customisable to every interest as well which means any person will be able to find a lamp they like just like apparel...this is customised home decor which has no limits)

24) Are you currently the supplier or manufacturer in any way for this business?


25) Do you currently own any other Affiliate websites? What niches are they in?

As I said above... www.custom.land. We can discuss adding this into the transfer as a bonus.

26) What are your main traffic sources?

Facebook, instragram, google organic and social/referral traffic.

27) Are your affiliate accounts included in the sale?

Yes. We use refersion.com as an app on shopify and this would be included plus the affiliates list (this is another source of potential to expand on since we haven't done as much with affiliates as we wanted to)

28) Any other comments about your business you might have.

I think I have mentioned all the important parts already.

This business is fully optimised and automated with a trained team, a professional and ready for scale manufacturer, new product lines in the works and a great reputation in the niches we've sold to with our customised lamps. This project needs a captain who wants to take it to new heights since I haven't been able to focus as I should.

The only thing I think could be done better is having someone fully focused on this project and leading this team to absolute greatness...since I was not focused enough on it (due to my other SaaS business) and therefore you can see it reflected in the P&L. The potential of this business is to do high 6 figures a month but I made some mistakes in 2016 choosing the wrong fulfilment house who charged me more on shipping than I had calculated in my numbers (this is already solved with the new structure of fulfilling via the manufacturer) and then in 2017 I have been less able to focus even, but yet it still is doing these numbers.

The project is great, the business is healthy and the year is coming to the point where Lamplanet thrives. From August on it tends to be super profitable (more than the beginning of the year) and is the perfect moment to take over this business and scale it to the moon focusing on it and working on the opportunities I have not been able to focus on properly but some new investor might see clearly and work on immediately.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate in contacting me.

Site Info

Site Established ? November 2015
Built With ?
Google Analytics Detected ? No
More info: BuiltWith

Domain Info

Domain Registered ? 21 November 2015
Registrar ? GoDaddy.com
More info: Wayback Machine and Whois

Site Uniqueness

Content Unique ? Yes
Design Unique ? Yes
More info: Plagspotter and Copyscape

SEO Presence

Pages In Google ? 2,400
MajesticSEO Inbound Links ?
SEOmoz mozRank ?
Alexa Rank ? 387,505
More info: SEOmoz and SEMRush


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