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1-y/o Wordpress Themes Site with 860+ uniques/mo making $420+/mo

WordPress theme shop with 7 unique theme. Webzakt brand is more than 2 Years old, the themes are reviewed by WordPress.org. Webzakt is a good investment for theme developers.

At a glance ?

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Site Type
Wordpress 4.7
Site Age
1 year
Net Profit
$411 p/mo

Traffic ?

Page Views
Unique Visits

Financials ?

Gross Revenue
Net Profit

Traffic ?

Uniques Page Views
Jul 17 1,807 7,219
Jun 17 854 3,992
May 17 800 3,341
Apr 17 946 4,778
Mar 17 1,447 5,968
Feb 17 1,217 3,341
Jan 17 463 1,708
Dec 16 384 1,396
Nov 16 474 1,733
Oct 16 577 1,769
Sep 16 497 1,845
Aug 16 505 1,910

Traffic Health ?

Pages / Session
Avg. Session Duration
Bounce Rate

Top Channels ?

Page Views % of Total
Social 2,139 30%
Direct 2,039 28%
Referral 1,682 23%
Organic Search 1,359 19%

Top Countries ?

Page Views
United States 1,634
India 597
United Kingdom 295
Germany 278
Canada 148

Financials ?

Monetization Methods

  • This website earns revenue with Product or Service Sales. It is recommended to request a video walk through from the seller to verify all revenue claims.

Last 12 Months Claimed Revenue and Profit

Revenue Costs Profit
Aug 16 $456 $0 $456
Sep 16 $204 $0 $204
Oct 16 $363 $0 $363
Nov 16 $248 $81 $167
Dec 16 $175 $0 $175
Jan 17 $346 $0 $346
Feb 17 $555 $0 $555
Mar 17 $572 $0 $572
Apr 17 $497 $0 $497
May 17 $288 $0 $288
Jun 17 $487 $0 $487
Jul 17 $459 $0 $459

Seller's Notes


I've started to develope WordPress themes at the beginning of 2015. I've uploaded my first theme to Creative Market and Themesnap, than I've built webzakt.com. The site was the most profitable.

In the 2 years I've made the site better and better. Every theme has a free version on wordpress.org with a lot of users. The themes has nearly 50k downloads. You can check this here:

The most buyers come from wordpress.org, they upgrade the free version.


The free version of the themes makes the site effective. There are a lot of article and recommendation about the themes on different WordPress forums.

I've never spent money for the marketing. There is a big potential in it too. If You buy the site and You have experience with the marketing, You may make much more money with it.


The site is running under WordPress and WooCommerce. I use bbPress for the support forum and some other plugins.

The site hosted with a great GoGeak account at SiteGound. Only Webzakt.com on this account, so there is no need for other host. (Expires: Aug, 2018) 

Every themes have a preview site with separated WP installs. These are also under the webzakt.com domain.

Some other features: 
Update system (the customers can see if an update is available in their WP admin and they can download the updated theme from Webzakt.com) 
Affaliate system (Launched in this month) 
Admin demo system (the customers can test the theme admins before purchase). 
Detailed documentations 
Newsletter system (Mailchimp) 
Easy checkout 


I sell the whole webzakt brand.

The domain with the host, the site with all subsites.
I've social accounts (twitter, insta, pinterest etc), but only the facebook account is updated at the moment:

The wordpress.org account also included:

Creative Market profile:

Mailchimp account with 25 subscribers (not promoted before)

TemplateMonster account with upload privilage

Youtube channel for the tutorials:


I am flexible. If You have any question, get in touch.

I can show You the site and the themes, but i can't help with the theme development and with the customer support after the transaction.

There are two themes in the review queue at wordpress.org (Katlan, NullPoint). 
When the themes will be approved, the traffic will increase.

Reason for selling:

I've made webzakt alone. There is a lot of potential in it for a company or for somebody who have time for it.

Now i have a full-time job, i can't manage the site and it is hard to make it bigger alone at the weekends. I am sorry for this, because a lot of work and emotions in it, but i hope You will make it bigger and You'll also have good times with it. :)


How is your business monetized?


Please describe your business model 

Webzakt.com is a WordPress theme shop. The website sells unique WordPress themes. Webzakt brand is more than 2 Years old, the themes are reviewed by WordPress.org. Webzakt is a good investment for theme developers.

Are you the original owner of the business?


Which platform does the website use?


Where is the site hosted and will this need to change after purchase?

Siteground with GoGeek account. No need to change.

Why are you selling the business?

I've made webzakt alone. There is a lot of potential in it for a company or for somebody who have time for it. Now i have a full-time job, i can't manage the site and it is hard to make it bigger alone at the weekends.

Can the website’s revenue be accurately tracked back to the website?

Yes, revenue can be accurately tracked back to the business.

Is the website’s revenue kept separate from other business and personal accounts?

Yes, completely separate.

If necessary, do you have tax returns available to support your revenue claims?

No, I do not have tax returns available at this time.

Are you willing to provide live revenue verification?

Yes, upon request from serious buyers and/or Flippa marketplace integrity.

What are the main expenses of the business? 

I've only paid for the domain and for the host.

Please list all domain names you are including in the sale


Are you including any social media accounts in the sale?


Which accounts will you be including?






Creative Market 



Please provide some basic details about each account selected above

Wordpress: https://wordpress.org/themes/author/webzakt/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/webzakt/ 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPxBW9XlDqUcDHqPLieRCJg 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/webzakt -not active 

Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/webzakt/ not active



Are there any email lists included in the sale?


Where are email lists held and how many subscribers does each list have?

Mailchimp account with 17 subscribers (never promoted)

Is there any intellectual property included in the sale (patents, trademarks, etc.)?


Please describe the rights, trademarks, and/or intellectual property being included

I've created the Webzakt brand with unique contents.

Are you including other assets in the sale that you think we should know about?


Are you selling the assets of the business (asset sale) or the company (stock sale)?

I am selling all of the assets of my business, asset sale.

Have you granted Google Analytics access?

Yes, I have.

What are the primary traffic sources of the site? 


from wordpress.org

Why do you think the site's top traffic sources are the the ones you chose above?

Webzakt site has more sales since the themes have been on wordpress.org.

Do you use, or have you experimented with, social media marketing?

No, I have not.

Have you done any Search Engine Optimization?

Yes, I have done some SEO.

Please provide a brief overview of the SEO you have performed on this site

The site uses YOAST SEO plugin and I've tried to add some keywords in the pages title. The site also checked with some page speed checker and analyzer.

Do you or have you ever purchased traffic?

No, I have never purchased traffic.

Has the site ever received any search engine penalties?

No, to my knowledge my site has never received any search engine penalties.

Do you use, or have you experimented with direct / display advertising?

No, I have not.

Have you experimented with any other sales / marketing initiatives?


Do you have employees or contracts with freelancers?


How is the content of your website produced? 

I've worked a lot on Lakshmi WordPress theme. The newer themes made by with a little modification of Lakshmi. I use CC0 images in the themes from Unsplash and Pixabay. On the sales pages i mostly use unique materials.

Task 1



Manage transactions and customer support



Hours per week


How may people perform this task?


Task 2



Somebody who develope new themes. More work = more profit.



Does the owner need specific skillsets in order to successfully operate the site?

The owner needs to be familiar with WordPress and with the WordPress theme market. The owner or an employee needs to have developer skills, like PHP, HTML, CSS.

Do you and/or any employees or freelancers provide customer support?


How is customer support handled and what is the average volume?

Customer support is not guaranteed if somebody buys a theme, but i mostly supported my customers. There is a customer support forum on the site, but the questions mostly arrives on email. Around 1/10 costumer needs some help.

Please identify and briefly describe your main competitors 

The two main base for the WordPress themes are Themeforest and WordPress.org. Webzakt themes are available on WordPress.org.

What makes your website better than its competition?

Webzakt themes are fully under GPL license. It is better for the customer than the Themeforest license. All webzakt theme has a free version. If You sell on Themeforest, You need to pay share for Envato. You can check the traffic for the free Webzakt themes at the link: http://wptally.com/?wpusername=webzakt

Does the business store physical inventory?


Are you willing to sign a 3-year non-compete contract in the industry that the website operates in?

No, I am not.

If you answered "No" to the question above, please describe why.

I am a web developer and now i still work on WordPress platform. I build websites for clients with WordPress. Of course i won't get advantages from Webzakt.com. All i've built on Webzakt.com is for sale.

Will you provide 1-3 months of post-sale support & training, in order to ensure that the buyer is able to fully take over the business and its operations?


What are the primary growth opportunities for the business going forward?

Marketing is a big potential for Webzakt. I've never promoted the site, so a good marketing strategy could double or triple the profit. I've managed the site alone, so if a company starts to work on it with a designer, a developer and with a sales manager, Webzakt could grow much bigger. The beginning is the hardest in the WordPress theme market, so with Webzakt.com You can save 1-2 years.

Are there any geographical limitations to the potential buyer of the business?

No, there are no geographic limitations.

Site Info

Site Established ? October 2015
Built With ? WordPress
Google Analytics Detected ? Yes
More info: BuiltWith

Domain Info

Domain Registered ? 6 May 2015
Registrar ? Launchpad.com
More info: Wayback Machine and Whois

Site Uniqueness

Content Unique ? Yes
Design Unique ? Yes
More info: Plagspotter and Copyscape

SEO Presence

Pages In Google ? 2,980
MajesticSEO Inbound Links ?
SEOmoz mozRank ?
Alexa Rank ? 1,429,961
More info: SEOmoz and SEMRush


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