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9 y/o design & marketing blog making $1,500/month on 164,000 monthly pageviews

Lucrative design, marketing and tech themed blog + highly engaged social media accounts included

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Site Age
9 years

Traffic ?

Page Views
Unique Visits

Financials ?

Gross Revenue
Net Profit
AdSense Revenue

Traffic ?

Uniques Page Views
Jul 17 187,151 394,984
Jun 17 92,075 143,866
May 17 96,219 146,970
Apr 17 106,425 164,276
Mar 17 116,469 181,258
Feb 17 117,031 177,888
Jan 17 122,637 190,151
Dec 16 129,734 193,802
Nov 16 152,934 222,806
Oct 16 150,182 211,478
Sep 16 141,528 201,309
Aug 16 138,280 198,575

Traffic Health ?

Pages / Session
Avg. Session Duration
Bounce Rate

Top Channels ?

Page Views % of Total
(Other) 214,478 55%
Organic Search 79,197 20%
Referral 39,022 9.9%
Social 33,798 8.6%
Direct 26,989 6.9%

Top Countries ?

Page Views
United States 254,522
India 31,489
United Kingdom 24,814
Argentina 7,006
Canada 6,919

Financials ?

Monetization Methods

  • This website earns revenue with Google AdSense
  • This website also earns revenue with Affiliate Income and Advertising Sales. It is recommended to request a video walk through from the seller to verify all revenue claims.

Last 12 Months Claimed Revenue and Profit

Revenue Costs Profit
Aug 16 $1,290 $65 $1,225
Sep 16 $1,903 $65 $1,838
Oct 16 $1,252 $65 $1,187
Nov 16 $1,967 $65 $1,902
Dec 16 $1,553 $65 $1,488
Jan 17 $1,602 $65 $1,537
Feb 17 $1,402 $65 $1,337
Mar 17 $1,398 $65 $1,333
Apr 17 $1,502 $65 $1,437
May 17 $1,545 $65 $1,480
Jun 17 $1,405 $65 $1,340
Jul 17 $1,679 $65 $1,614

Seller's Notes

The History of the Site has functioned as a design, lifestyle, marketing and technology blog for the last four years or so. It is in this sector that it has become established and best known.

I am not the original owner, spotting potential I acquired the site and assets towards the beginning of the 2016 with the goal of tightly monetizing the traffic and revenue much further.

I have accomplished this by applying a new premium WordPress theme and select proven tools and plugins to the web site. Additionally I have extended the range of monetization methods and efficiently increased revenues from social media and other channels.

Technology Used

As mentioned the site runs on WordPress and uses Cloudflare CDN, it switched to HTTPS earlier in 2017.

Monetization Methods

The site monetizes with Adsense and generates additional revenues from the following sources:

  • Taboola
  • Clickbank
  • BSA (BuySellAds)
  • Direct Ads and Sponsored Articles

There is however a healthy mix of revenue sources that provide a balanced revenue profile and no single point of failure.

The sponsored articles and direct ads provide a significant revenue boost to the site. Due to the relatively high DA requests for sponsored placements are almost daily. I do not accept or respond to them all. Thus the revenue could be increased further by being less discretionary. You could also outreach to digital SEO agencies to secure extra business. Something I have not done as yet.


There is a full backend within the WordPress admin system containing some 500 or so advertiser enquiries. This was a new feature setup by myself to ensure no opportunities were missed. The new owner will be able to tap this from day one.

Why am I Selling

I build sites or redevelop existing sites to make them more interesting and to increase their value. It is part of my business model. If the site does not sell I will continue the process of increasing its value. I am selling ( and valuing ) on the basis of the changes I have made which are both sustainable and improvable. Revenues are consistent and climbing, even across the sleepy summer months when so many are on vacation.

Ad Accounts

Network accounts are not transferable however I can introduce you to the necessary account managers. It is better also if you already own one or more of the accounts listed above. With BSA the site can be pushed to your account.

Additionally the buyer can seek to integrate ad networks not currently on the list and experiment further or form alliances with sites in the same niche.

Assets Included

The domain name :
The Pinterest Account 18k Followers
The Facebook Account 70k Likes
The Twitter Account 9.5k Followers
WordPress premium theme
All content and files

Other Assets Included

Newsletter Subscriber List Apr 900

OneSignal Push Notifications Apr 8000

Hosting and Handover

The site is hosted on a LiquidWeb VPS that holds a few of my other sites. It will need to be moved. There is a lot of data so a WordPress migrations specialist is recommended if the buyer is not comfortable. I can assist with this process or negotiate professional migration.

Transaction and Costs

The transaction will be conducted strictly by Escrow or Flippa Escrow. Presently my hosting costs are absorbed with my other sites. I would advise the same. Content costs are nil as I write myself. That said a lot of guest posts come in on autopilot and they vary in quality.

Other Details

Please note that this is not a passive site, in order to efficiently monetize the buyer should be proactive in responding to advertising inquiries and in dealing with network account managers. 

This site will best suit a person with good ad network contacts and a broad range of different traffic accounts with which to monetize and experiment. Familiarity with WordPress themes and plugins is essential.

Revenue Proof and Diligence

Please note that I will grant GA guest access to bidders only, the traffic summary on here is sufficient for non bidders to peruse. I will not be revealing the reserve publicly. I will happily provide Skype or conferencing with serious bidders wishing to examine the backend, view sample invoices and view typical advertising inquiries. Generally there are too many of these to add to the listing attachments.


How is your business monetized?

  • Advertising
  • Affiliate

Please describe your business model

DesignBump is a WordPress based content blog service the design and digital marketing community. The majority of revenue stems from advertising.

Are you the original owner of the business?


When did you buy the business, and how has it changed since you took over?

I gained the site in early 2016. I look to buy businesses with potential and scope in niches that interest me and improve their quality and revenues on what were present before. 

During the time I completely redesigned and optimized the site and targeted revenue opportunities that were being previously missed. I have invested in new high quality content and updated and improved older articles. I have tested new ad networks and removed old ones. 

The site has a diverse range of revenue streams now in 2017. I have also configured the backend to store all advertiser enquiries. In the past these were not setup which was inefficient. The site comes with all direct ad contacts. As these details are stored this data can be leveraged to extend revenues further. 

The site is not passive, some work is required to maintain revenues. You get back what you put in. However it a great platform for professional owners looking to be rewarded by producing great content.

Which platform does the website use?


Where is the site hosted and will this need to change after purchase?

The site is hosted on a LiquidWeb dedicated server along with a few other sites. It will run on a mid powered VPN. After purchase it will need to be moved.

Why are you selling the business?

More and more of my business in in E-Commerce and less in blogs. So I am consolidating and raising cash liquidity for these ventures.

Can the website’s revenue be accurately tracked back to the website?

Yes, revenue can be accurately tracked back to the business.

Is the website’s revenue kept separate from other business and personal accounts?

No, but mostly separate.

If necessary, do you have tax returns available to support your revenue claims?

No, I do not have tax returns available at this time.

Are you willing to provide live revenue verification?

Yes, upon request from serious buyers and/or Flippa marketplace integrity.

What are the main expenses of the business? 

Hosting and personal time as I presently write the content, of which is usually quite substantive. There are occasional misc costs related to themes, plugins and so on but these are mostly optional.

Please list all domain names you are including in the sale


Are you including any social media accounts in the sale?


Which accounts will you be including?

Are there any email lists included in the sale?


Where are email lists held and how many subscribers does each list have?

ActiveCampaign : 700 
OneSignal Push Notification : 8000

Are you including other assets in the sale that you think we should know about?


Please describe the additional assets mentioned above

There is an experimental E-Commerce store, experimental as in I have not tested out everything. However there are some original designs and products that can be used. Plus everything is setup, so minimal work. This part of the asset does not generate revenue but has added value for anyone seeking to explore this route and minimize the workload. 

Domain included : 

This asset is optional.

What are the primary traffic sources of the site? 



Why do you think the site's top traffic sources are the the ones you chose above?

The site has strong organic reach and is regularly updated on social. It stands to reason that these sources are strong. Direct and referral are also very strong.

Do you use, or have you experimented with, social media marketing?

No, I have not.

Have you done any Search Engine Optimization?

Yes, I have done some SEO.

Please provide a brief overview of the SEO you have performed on this site

Prior to my ownership the site was not well optimised. I have corrected this on the majority of posts. With this strategy combined with great domain authority good rankings are attainable in many niches.

Has the site ever received any search engine penalties (manual or algorithmic)?

No, to my knowledge my site has never received any search engine penalties.

Do you or have you ever purchased traffic?

No, I have never purchased traffic.

Do you use, or have you experimented with direct / display advertising?

Yes, I have.

Please provide a brief overview of your direct / display advertising efforts

I have experimented with several display networks over the past year that pay on a CPM basis. I have actually removed some display networks to reduce the number of visible ads. A new owner might earn more at the expense of increased ads on the page.

Have you experimented with any other sales / marketing initiatives?


Please provide a brief description of these additional sales / marketing initiatives

The site captures advertising leads directly into the WordPress backend. All these leads are available to a new owner.

Do you have employees or contracts with freelancers?


How is the content of your website produced? Provide a step-by-step breakdown

Presently the content is produced by myself. I also republish some older articles that are still relevant improving them in the process.

Task 1 - Producing New Content
Description - Content authoring and editoral
Who - Owner
Hours per week - 2

Task 2 - 
Site and Server Upkeep
Description - Checking errors, updating plugins and so on
Who - Owner
Hours per week - 1

Task 3 - Dealing with Advertisers
Description - Processing enquiries, negotiating and publishing ad content
Who - Owner
Hours per week - 2

Does the owner need specific skillsets in order to successfully operate the site?

The owner needs solid WordPress experience, managing themes and plugins and some basic server admin skills. It is better to be proficient in these skills or have access to persons who do.

Do you and/or any employees or freelancers provide customer support?


What makes your website better than its competition?

This is a great site for an individual or company with passion about design and marketing with good revenues to compensate. There are lots of opportunities to test affiliate offers and new ad networks with strong traffic.

Which ad networks does the website utilize?





Are all ad networks transferable to the new owner?


Please explain which networks are not transferable and why

The site requires an Adsense account in good standing and the same is true of other accounts. The database of direct advertiser leads and existing clients is of course included. 

For an new owner with high level ad network connections, there maybe even greater revenue yield.

Does your website utilize direct advertising?


Please explain how direct advertising relationships are managed

Advertising enquiries are regular and come in via the contact form and media kit. I will also share my strategy to gain new advertisers with the next owner. 

All contact enquiries are logged and can be imported into a CRM or mailing list service. Ad requests tend to be for sponsorships and other promotions. There is no reliance on a single advertiser or anything like that. When one drops off a new one normally comes along or I go find one.

Are you willing to sign a 3-year non-compete contract in the industry that the website operates in?

Yes, I am.

Will you provide 1-3 months of post-sale support & training, in order to ensure that the buyer is able to fully take over the business and its operations?


What are the primary growth opportunities for the business going forward?

I have 2-3 ideas based around new content and affiliate marketing. The framework is setup and included. The new owner can decide whether or not to take it forward. 

Email and push marketing : The email list is still quite small as it is new but brings in good revenue for its size. Push marketing via OneSignal brings in easy fast traffic which can be used to push new posts and offers. 

Simply add new content at a rate that I cannot keep up with and improve direct and return traffic.

Are there any geographical limitations to the potential buyer of the business?

No, there are no geographic limitations.

Site Info

Site Established ? May 2008
Built With ? WordPress
Google Analytics Detected ? Yes
More info: BuiltWith

Domain Info

Domain Registered ? 2 May 2008
Registrar ? eNom
More info: Wayback Machine and Whois

Site Uniqueness

Content Unique ? Yes
Design Unique ? Yes
More info: Plagspotter and Copyscape

SEO Presence

Pages In Google ? 3,810
MajesticSEO Inbound Links ?
SEOmoz mozRank ?
Alexa Rank ? 90,215
More info: SEOmoz and SEMRush


Website Hunter ( banned )
Mon, 07 Aug 2017 22:43:39 AEST

Hello, Nice Site :) But there's hardly any engagement on your fb page, 2nd point what's the source of other traffic because that other traffic is responsible for majority of pageviews.

Do you've any bin in mind ? please do let me know

Px48x48 avatar 1416473167.6811546daa4fa64835.16809108
baeldung ( | $12.6K )
Tue, 08 Aug 2017 04:46:57 AEST

Hey Chris,
Jumping in here with a few quick questions as well.
1 - as the previous commenter asked - "other" represents more than half the traffic of the site - any idea what that is? That was 0% in the previous listing - a few months ago

2 - also, looking at the traffic, something significant changed in July - what was that?

3 - looking at the P&L, it looks like Media Net slowly went to 0 - was that replaced by BSA? Or what happened there?

4 - the P&L seems to stop in May; an updated version would be great

5 - finally, I'll reiterate the question about Facebook engagement - that seems quite low (almost 0) - which is an open question for a page of that size; a screenshot of the reach of the page would help


Px48x48 avatar 1423751685.760454dcba05b9a3c4.06580498
chrisuk ( | $406K )
Tue, 08 Aug 2017 05:28:16 AEST

Sure - first off this has just been relisted so it has auto carried over all of the previous attachments inc p&l so these will be updated shortly just keep checking.

1: Other : I don't know why it shows like that, the top 3 sources from June 16 until now are google 46%, Pinterest 18% and direct 15%. I recommend a serious buyer just request GA as Flippa stats can misrepresent.

2: I ran a JV in mid July which caused a spike. Organic traffic is slightly above the levels of the last listing

3: were just removed. Their ads are an eyesore and I just phased them out. A new owner can put them back of course. This site can earn much more but I did not want it to be a banner factory.

4. Its a relist from today - this is why, I'll get to it.

5. FB is set to auto post via API. This drives a lot of blog traffic. Actual human posts though when I do it tend to be quite sticky so I wouldn't say that. A new owner can refocus here if they wish. I just found time was best spent elsewhere.

Also please revisit previous listing, a lot of these queries are handled there.
Thx all

colinlma ( | $17K )
Tue, 08 Aug 2017 07:27:52 AEST

Do you ever get consulting inquiries? For example, someone asks if you'll help them with website design / marketing work?

Website Hunter ( banned )
Tue, 08 Aug 2017 21:24:08 AEST

Hello Chrisuk, what's your bin ?


Website Hunter ( banned )
Sat, 12 Aug 2017 00:31:43 AEST

It seems seller is least interested in selling the property and want to list on flippa for ever.

kuldeepkh ( new )
Sat, 12 Aug 2017 00:39:46 AEST

@Website Hunter

What happened? Why do you think so? Also, I messaged him for the reserve but still waiting to hear back. What do you think would be a fair reserve for this? Any guesses?

Website Hunter ( banned )
Sat, 12 Aug 2017 02:58:08 AEST

Look I don't assume or presume the reserve but If someone is serious about his/her listing than he should respond to queries thrown at him.

Look at this thread, he's don't give a fuck, I was interested in this listing but now I'm out because I gotta sense he may be looking for something really unreasonable that's why he's not bothered about the questions. May be he's looking at 30x of his profit.

mattandchrissyonline ( | $2.11K )
Sat, 12 Aug 2017 07:37:45 AEST

Last time I was watching this it went as high as $35K and then the reserve was listed for $60K from memory. I got the feeling that the seller was looking to see how much interest there was before deciding on a final price. Not an unfair thing to do, many businesses test the market to get an idea on the value of their product. I would encourage all looking at this to do their due diligence (as you no doubt already are). I'm seeing sites these days have higher value applied to them by the market as driven by the quality and automation with 40x and 70x their monthly profits. Compared to traditional business this is still a very good deal.

Website Hunter ( banned )
Sat, 12 Aug 2017 08:06:19 AEST

@mattandchrissyonline to be honest with you even $35k is overkill, because if someone will make $1k from this site than it wll take 35 months to break even, roughly 3 years and a lot of others things need to be considered, inflation, competition and other stuff.

do you call a business ? certainly not. If you can't recover the money you've invested than its not business its just pure brain fade calculation where you're hoping you'll survive which isn't gonna happen.

I wish him luck and I hope he'll sell it for more than $60k.


Px48x48 avatar 1423751685.760454dcba05b9a3c4.06580498
chrisuk ( | $406K )
Sat, 12 Aug 2017 19:30:39 AEST

@colinlma : Somtimes, although it is not really what I do.
@Website Hunter : Thankyou for your input, I could talk about the merits of valuations as apply to all sites but this not the purpose of this thread. I would say that any established site can benefit a business in a multitude of ways and deliver worth calculated beyond simple revenue multipliers. These sites can become businesses or be strong assets to existing business. For instance a digital studio could use the site to leverage leads or to enhance their reputation which could potentially eclipse the ad revenue. Whereas ad/site flipper types tend to acquire differently. All circumstances are unique.

In any event the reserve is not 60K and even the BIN in the previous auction was under this which should offer some guidance. Of course the market can decide.

Website Hunter ( banned )
Sat, 12 Aug 2017 19:34:54 AEST

@chrisuk finally you got time to respond. It seems you don't have time to look into your inbox. dropped you a text requesting you to reveal the bin if that's ok with you.

If you don't want to reveal the bin than let it be :) good luck for your auction, cheers

Px48x48 avatar 1423751685.760454dcba05b9a3c4.06580498
chrisuk ( | $406K )
Sat, 12 Aug 2017 19:54:57 AEST

@Website Hunter : There are healthier things that spending all ones time on Flippa in the middle of summer :) I will reply to all messages and comments and questions and thanks for your time and interest! It is appreciated.

isdsites ( | $8.98K )
Mon, 14 Aug 2017 03:09:08 AEST

Hello, I see a page load time of over 20 seconds for at least 1 article. Do you know if there's an issue with the CDN or wordpress plugins? Thanks.!/bWJ9VU/

TommyG76 ( new )
Wed, 23 Aug 2017 22:44:39 AEST

What was the reason for the traffic spike in July 2017?

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