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Double Account for Whatsapp

Android App for sale


Whatsapp Companion App | $454 p/mo. in Revenue | 190K+ Installs

Whatsapp Companion App | $454 p/mo. in Revenue | 190K+ Installs | 4.2 Rating form 558 Users | 18K+ Active Users | Facebook Acct. Included Ready for Promotions

At a glance ?

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Number of installs
100K - 500K
App Age
7 months
647 reviews
App Store Price

Financials ?

Gross Revenue
Net Profit

Financials ?

Monetization Methods

  • This app earns revenue with App Sales and Advertising. It is recommended to request a video walk through from the seller to verify all revenue claims.

Last 12 Months Claimed Revenue and Profit

Revenue Costs Profit
Jan 17 $47 $0 $47
Feb 17 $219 $0 $219
Mar 17 $431 $0 $431
Apr 17 $457 $0 $457
May 17 $474 $0 $474
Jun 17 $480 $0 $480
Jul 17 $460 $0 $460

Seller's Notes

I am happy to do a video walk through with any potential buyers to prove revenue evidence. 

About the Seller
Name: Azar Udeen
Location: India

Me and another developer both developed this app from scratch, This app has a long time potential.  

Description of app

Double Account for Whatsapp is one of the top ranked app

Android Free Version : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=infotech.ambala.whatscan.whatscan

Android Paid Version : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.azar.doubleaccountpro

Double Account for Whatsapp has more than 160k  downloads.

The reviews

The poor reviews - Some users downloaded it without reading the app description properly. 

Why the app business is being sold?

We are working on some new project and don't have resource to maintain, Also we lost app private key ( Signing key ) We can't update the app . So we transfer adsense and admob account along with this sale
Are you going to reuse or resell the app’s design or source code after this sale?

No, the new owner will receive all rights of the code, design.
Double Account for Whatsapp is developed from scratch using Android Studio. 

The main profit is from Double Account for Whatsapp app - from Free version Adsence revenue. 

We Started using Facebook Marketing from January and after a week app gets organic traffic flow without promotions.

Main download flow is because Facebook video goes viral : https://flippa.com/auctions/8796413/attachments/1423837.jpg  ( 400k People Reach) 

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/Double-Whatsapp-230326954090117

Facebook page also be transferred to new owner

App Performance/Profit:

Double Account Profit by Months : 

Profit Jan : https://flippa.com/auctions/8796413/attachments/1423827.jpg

Profit Feb : https://flippa.com/auctions/8796413/attachments/1423828.jpg

Profit March : https://flippa.com/auctions/8796413/attachments/1423829.jpg

Profit April : https://flippa.com/auctions/8796413/attachments/1423830.jpg

Profit May : https://flippa.com/auctions/8796413/attachments/1423831.jpg

Profit June till 20 : https://flippa.com/auctions/8796413/attachments/1423832.jpg

What is being included in the sale?

  •     Double Account for whatsapp free and paid version
  •     Adsense and Admob account along with this sales
  •     Full source code with Gradle File, Only Private key is missing
  •     I will help you how to promote the app for cheap - Facebook video marketing strategy.

Competitors: Whatscan , whatsweb

Operation Section

 Double Account for Whatsapp - To improve the downloads create a playstore search ads from adwords i will provide 5 cheap keyword which will work with cpc $0.01 and create Facebook video ads, I will give you the technique to optimize the facebook video ads for cheaper advertising. Maximum the app doesn't need any updates. If you interested in optimizing the app performance, hire a developer from freelancer for cheap. i already mentioned private key is lost, so you need to create a separate app with the same name or some other with your interest.  

Included in the Sale

  • Paid verison 
  • Full Source code
  • Facebook page for Double account for Whatsapp

Future Opportunities

The app presents huge potential for growth because this is a companion app for whatsapp. Therefore, all whatsapp users are potential customers. This app is currently growing in users and revenue as supported by evidences attached with this listing. If the new buyers will be able to market this app properly that I will provide through post sale support, its revenue can easily grow at least 200%.

Post Sale

    •    Will you provide post-sale support & training, in order to ensure that the buyer is able to fully take over the business and its operations? How long is the support period?
We’ll provide 30 days support period after the purchase date to answer all questions regarding Double Account for Whatsapp app and its code. New owner will get the contacts of Designers  who design the app.
The code is sold as is on the sale date, with no further fixes or improvements.

Thanks and happy to answer any questions

Note : i have lost the private key , you can't update the app with further . So i will transfer the whole adsense and admob account to the buyer has a buyer bonus. 


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apktower ( | $325 )
Tue, 15 Aug 2017 18:57:17 AEST

Only 18 hours left !!!

The Seller
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