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Description :

This is professional burn-in software that was developed during a long-term research and ear training experience. The technical customization provides you a real experience of intelligent tuning system.

Have you ever purchased a new pair of ear headphones and figure out you didn't like the sound quality doubting your ear and other user's feedback?

Do you know there is something you can with your headphone? It's called 'Burn-In'. Ear Headphones actually require a time of adjustment. During this time you will notice an increase in sound quality.

This app is designed for all kind of music even if you like to use some kind of music downloader then also it can fine tune the music hearing experience for you.

For the crowd:
• Just bought a new ear headphone, no time and no idea of how to tune it.
• Audiophiles who have ‘tons of ‘ ear headphones but most of them are long term idle that need to wake up.
• High demand on burn-in process, need the help from professional software.

Absolute advantages:
1. We keep controlling the volume during the burn-in process; volume is changed based on the peak alterations.
2. Real-time follow your progress of your headphone.

Key point:
High-volume protection burn-in system, effectively prevent the headphone damage from miss operation.

Is burn-in necessary? The answer is absolutely yes. Most amateurs are confused that whether their new headphones need to be burned-in and how much improvement would be brought from this ‘ridiculous seemed’ method. Since the unit of ear headphones is a mechanical structure like a car, the diaphragm inside, for example, has certain tenacity that requires a period of time to running-in, with and without the burn-in step will give a entirely different performance of headphones. Professional and reasonable burn-in process would make the headphone pass the initial running-in state quickly, as well as decrease the risk of damage by improper use of ear headphones

Please Conduct Due Diligence:

Only serious investors and buyers should make bids on this auction.

Please note: Due to the fact that app is new with no marketing effort    except ASO, no guarantee of future performance/revenue given due to    dynamic nature of the app market. No refunds.

What will you get:

  • App transfer to your google play account
  • Source code of the app
  • Any ad network changes that you may want before getting the app in  your account
  • All the graphics used in the app
  • The signing certificate and its password that you will need when updating the app if needed in the future.


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tunglv2512 ( | $375 )
Fri, 11 Aug 2017 01:51:52 AEST

Admin should review this app, I think it's auto bid!

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Indragni ( | $8.07K )
Fri, 11 Aug 2017 02:07:57 AEST

@tunglv2512 Hi, the other bidder has bid for high amount and this means that flippa will auto bid for him whenever a lower bid then the price set by him comes. What you can do is bid for the maximum amount that you are ready to pay for this app. For example, you can try to bid for $99 if that is the maximum price that you are ready to pay in order to acquire this app.

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