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iOS Kids dress Game App 1,800 DL/mo $1731 since Sept 14 - No reserve - Full Svc

Active from Sept 2014 achieved 56,538+ Downloads , 31 month old aged Kids Dress up Game App earned $1730 since Sept 14. Not spent a penny on Paid Ads Ever! 100% Organic traffic with tremendous upside

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  • This app earns revenue with Advertising and In-App Sales. It is recommended to request a video walk through from the seller to verify all revenue claims.

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Seller's Notes

Unique Pony Dress-up Game allows kids to dress up a pony in the magic princess kingdom. Many ponies to choose from, allows kids to dress them up with the hottest teen styles and with the latest accessories.

Since Sept 2014 this kids dress-up app has performed with remarkable consistency, averaging over 1800 downloads per month totaling over 56000 since inception.  App earns primarily from advertising but also from in-app purchases.  Don't miss this recurring revenue app opportunity!

We have NEVER done any marketing for the app and all traffic is organic.  Yet it has generated consistent earnings and downloads. Unlike other listings we have not promoted it using our own social media accounts or performed any paid advertising or marketing in any form whatsoever.  

Similar to website SEO, aged apps are more valuable than new apps when it comes to app search engine rankings.  This app being 36 months old clearly differentiates itself from the 1-2 month old apps commonly listed here.  

Another factor affecting ASO rankings is its inverse correlation to app update recency. The more recent the update the better the ASO as Apple prioritizes newly updated apps. In our case the SOLE cause of the decline in our revenue is due to ASO since we have not updated the app since launch in 2014. A new update of the App should initiate a return up the rankings chart!

That being said, you may be wondering why we don't simply update the app and reap consistent profits. If this were the only app we had we would certainly do so but unfortunately we have 500+ apps to deal with in our portfolio and need to pare down redundant apps in our portfolio. Apple has recently implemented a policy where it discourages a single developer account from having multiple apps of the same type. In our case that is the situation and thus selling our redundant apps to another owner with a different developer account would be a win-win.  This represents an opportunity for a buyer to acquire a consistently performing aged app asset without having to spend years in building it from scratch.

Unlike other app listings in this marketplace that are 100% dependent upon either the seller's social media presence or paid advertising campaigns, this app is generating revenue based 100% on organic traffic.  Based on organic traffic alone it has generated over 56,000 downloads!  We have not spent a dime or an hour of time on paid marketing since launch, which we believe is a testament to the aged history of this domain. 

This app has incredible potential as it is already popular with lots of downloads and consistent revenue.  With a small investment in making an update and a bit marketing - this app can become a real cash cow.  

The new owner will get post-transaction:

  • Immediate Transfer the App to your iTunes Connect account.
  • Recommendation to our developer who will assist in updating the app (replacing our ad network SDK with yours). *We'll help you setup new ones if you don't have accounts.
  • Forward you the app source code and other supporting files including ad creatives via Dropbox.
  • Introduce you to an experienced designer and app programmer who work for less than $15/hour.  *should not cost more than $50 to update app and Ad network SDks
  • Provide you with ongoing email and skype support whenever required.

 ** We had a situation recently with a buyer who wanted us to update Ad SDKs prior to ownership transfer, contradicting the above sequence.   To be clear, we typically transfer the app first in order for the new owner to incur revenue from day 1 and then have our developer update the ad SDKs after so as to accomodate the different types of ads you may want to deploy.  If you wish to change this sequence please advise us prior - you will be prompted with a choice after auction completion. 


For the serious app investor, we have partnered with an experienced app monetization expert (5 years+) who has worked in the large ad networks and knows the ins and outs of app monetization strategy.  We will setup a free 2 hour consulting session with this industry expert on how to monetize, advertise and promote apps upon a BIN purchase.

For those new to the apps business, our team will assist you through step-by-step how to take this to the next level.

BUY IT NOW and take advantage of this offer.


If you want to proceed there are two choices:

1. BID and Win via the Auction -  Auction winner will receive everything listed above except the monetization consulting partner.   

2. BUY IT NOW:  A BIN purchase gets you everything included including the training with our partner.


This is a recurring app revenue opportunity and unlike others listings that depend upon marketing and some system to generate traffic, ALL traffic to this app has been organic and has been consistent for 3+ years!

Please ask any questions and we'll answer promptly. Thanks and please place a bid to show your interest.  We've set a low reserve price!


abedsak ( banned )
Fri, 28 Jul 2017 16:23:12 AEST

can you proove organic downloads ?

microyoda ( | $1.32K )
Tue, 22 Aug 2017 02:05:44 AEST

Hi, you have 2 apps in apple store. this auction is included both version?

colejenk ( | $1.36K )
Tue, 22 Aug 2017 19:12:37 AEST

Is this Fixed? "In app purchases don't match with the game "
review in the app store... does the in-app purchase work?

colejenk ( | $1.36K )
Wed, 23 Aug 2017 10:07:10 AEST

Is the Inn-app purchase fixed? someone wrote a review on the game that they bought the 9.99 to unlock all and it only gave them 1 category unlocked... did you fix this? Anyone bidding take notice of the reviews....hoping you fixed it! thanks

Px48x48 avatar 95a562cb 16c1 4fe0 b531 30a24625687d ( | $171K )
Thu, 24 Aug 2017 07:56:49 AEST

HI Guys, sorry have been on holiday. There is 1 version. I have to run this by the programmer because we didn't build this app. We purchased the portfolio and are paring it down as described in the auction. However I assume that any updates to the in-app purchase mechanism can easily be done by the new owner.

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