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UNIQUE Beauty Cosmetic review blog SPANISH

Up for sale is a beauty cosmetic review website which currently brings in revenue from Amazon, with 100% unique and quality content.

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Wordpress 4.8
Site Age
8 months

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Uniques Page Views
Jul 17 1,844 2,845
Jun 17 1,849 3,060
May 17 2,004 2,946
Apr 17 1,655 2,771
Mar 17 1,387 2,213
Feb 17 829 1,539
Jan 17 649 1,283
Dec 16 172 328
Nov 16 0 0
Oct 16 0 0
Sep 16 0 0
Aug 16 0 0

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Page Views % of Total
Organic Search 2,121 75%
Direct 457 16%
Referral 140 4.9%
Social 127 4.5%

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Page Views
Spain 1,892
Mexico 213
Argentina 180
United States 154
Chile 71

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Monetization Methods

  • This website earns revenue with Google AdSense

Last 12 Months Claimed Revenue and Profit

Revenue Costs Profit
Dec 16 $0 $0 $0
Jan 17 $7 $0 $7
Feb 17 $13 $0 $13
Mar 17 $10 $0 $10
Apr 17 $30 $0 $30
May 17 $27 $0 $27
Jun 17 $35 $0 $35
Jul 17 $18 $0 $18

Seller's Notes

Brief History:

This website was created in December 2016 and contains 100% unique content, written by profesional writers (Spanish native speakers). Content can easily be outsourced and I will show the auction winner how I choose which products to review along with the structure of the reviews.

I have been posting a new review on the site once a month, sometimes twice but always keeping it with fresh content. This takes about 10-20 minutes per month.

That is the total time invested in the site each month.

This site get's the majority of it's traffic from organic search, mostly Google.

It ranks on the first page of Google.com for some nice search terms like:

- crema antiarrugas recomendada

- mejores cremas antiarrugas recomendadas por dermatologos

- mejores cremas antiedad calidad precio

- cremas antiarrugas recomendadas por dermatologos

- mejores cremas reafirmantes

- mejor crema reafirmante

- and much more.

In the last month, this website received Google search impressions from over 1,000 different search queries, and received Clicks from over 600 different Google search queries, so it is definitely appearing in the results.

Only a couple links were built for this site early on. It has managed to rank naturally, over time, because of quality content and regular posting.

This website ranks on the first page for some pretty competitive terms. For example, if you search "mejores cremas antiarrugas recomendadas por dermatólogos" (1.6k view a month, ranking on the 1st place) in Google, you will see we are ranking above sites like vogue.es or telva.com.

This is a growing industry and people are constantly searching for solutions on how they can get rid of the wrinkles or just look more beautiful.

There is an average of over 15,000 searches made on Google per month for the few terms mentioned above, and that is only 10 of over 300 terms that this site is ranking for.

This websites gets sales almost everyday from Amazon, It varies from day to day. Some weeks in can make $3 or $5 from Amazon. It varies. The best earning traffic is organic, which this site has a lot of.

Monetization Methods:

The website is currently earning revenue with the Amazon affiliate program.

Below are the monthly earnings for Amazon December 1, 2016 - July 2017.

Amazon Affiliate Program Earnings (in EUR) in 2017:

January 2017 - 5.46€

February 2017 - 10,37€

March 2017 - 7,78€

April 2017 - 25,87€

May 2017 - 23,02€

June 2017 - 29,10€

July 2017 current - 15€


This site is running on the Wordpress platform, latest version.

Included in sale:

Included in this package is the domain name "damecremita.com" along with all of the site files, database and 6 freshly written product reviews to post in the future as reviews, 500/1000 words each and optimized.

There are also really amazing and quality videos that has been created for youtube. We paid $200 for each video, but they are really eye catching https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVLLfuhQiLpV0xc4k6iMu-Q

Also included with the website is a Facebook page which I will transfer to the auction winner. I will make them an admin and remove myself as admin.


Once payment has been received and confirmed in Escrow, I will send the new owner a copy of the database and site files. The domain will be transferred via DonDominio.

Why am I selling?

Many people like to give BS reasons for selling their sites. Not me. You want to know my reason for selling?

I own an offline business, which takes up most of my time. I also own many sites which earn passive revenue with Google Adsense and Amazon. I don't need to sell this site, I am choosing to.

Potential for Growth:

This website is really gaining some nice traction in the search and is well indexed in Google. Even I am surprised about how many important terms related to the cosmetic it is ranking for.

I guess it is true what they say, don't use any shady link building tactics and keep posting fresh content and eventually your website should rank. This website is a prime example of that.

If you would ask me how one can improve this site, I would say there are a few different ways.

1) Right now I only post twice a month. If you can post once a week, or even 3 times a month, I'm almost positive that you would see an increase in organic traffic month after month. 

Since around december 2016, this website has been steadily growing in organic traffic. Post a few more times a month and it will be even better.

2) If you're someone who isn't afraid to spend money to make money, I'm sure this site could get even better results with an updated design. The design as it is is pretty effective, but if you want to make earnings even better, then giving this site an updated, more user friendly design will surely increase earnings, as long as you make sure all urls and meta tags remain the same.

3) Another way that you can possibly increase earnings is by testing out Clickbank or other affiliate products. Currently I am using Amazon because I have other sites using that form of monetization.

I know there are some profitable affiliate programs out there for cosmetics, so it would definitely be something worth trying, something I haven't done yet.

This website is a consistent earner, and the organic search engine traffic, which I think is the most important, has been increasing at a steady pace month after month.

There are many affiliate programs that allow you to make money off of the hair loss niche, and this site would be profitable using any one of those programs.

The beauty and cosmetic niche is not something that's going away any time soon. Both men and women need to care about themselves, it's inevitable. And when they do, more and more, they will be searching online for solutions.

This website appears when they make those searches.

Good luck!

Serious bidders ONLY.

Site Info

Site Established ? December 2016
Built With ? WordPress
Google Analytics Detected ? No
More info: BuiltWith

Domain Info

Domain Registered ? 18 October 2016
More info: Wayback Machine and Whois

Site Uniqueness

Content Unique ? Yes
Design Unique ? Yes
More info: Plagspotter and Copyscape

SEO Presence

Pages In Google ? 182
MajesticSEO Inbound Links ?
SEOmoz mozRank ?
Alexa Rank ? 7,417,281
More info: SEOmoz and SEMRush


Px48x48 avatar 1f51f731 c6a4 4452 ae6e 5ebc41b02134
fresquito ( | $825 )
Tue, 15 Aug 2017 21:39:27 AEST

Hi guys,

Just as a note; I was running adsense on the site and it did performed really good, but I just deactivated since I didn't want to show ads to my viewers.

The month that better performed was at the beginning and it brought me $7 on revenue, actually it could be around $10 to $15.

If you have any question, please lemme know.


Px48x48 avatar 1405570230.424553c74cb667a511.69627721
Rek_Cannon ( | $1.23K )
Wed, 16 Aug 2017 23:51:20 AEST

Hey Dani,
Great site. Question regarding Amazon affiliate account. I'm assuming you have a large audience in Spanish speaking countries. For those buyers who live in non-spanishg speaking countries, will our Amazon account still receive commission fees for purchases made in those countries? I'm assuming Amazon platform takes care of that? Or do we have to set up a separate Amazon account for let's say Spain? Do you know how this works? I hope my question makes sense. Tried researching this but could not find a good answer.

Px48x48 avatar 1f51f731 c6a4 4452 ae6e 5ebc41b02134
fresquito ( | $825 )
Thu, 17 Aug 2017 01:57:47 AEST

@Rek_Cannon hi, how are you doing? That is a great question and sure, I could answer you :)

You have so many options, but you have to figure out which one works better for you.

The thing is that my site is focused on Spanish speakers from Spain, and all my audience is from Spain. This has been set like that on my search console. Then Mexico is the 2nd on the top audience, but this represents just a little portion of the audience.

If you want to get revenue from the purchases of this small audience I would recomend you to use GENI.US LINKS

I would explain you more about this amazing tool, but I would let you read about their services on his site :)

If you have any other question, please lemme know.


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