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YouAreFired.com, perhaps the most valuable domain in the history of politics!

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It doesn't matter what side of the political spectrum someone comes from, YouAreFired.com could be one of the most valuable domains in political history.  

Think about it.  

  • Trump gets impeached?  You Are Fired!
  • Trump wins another term?  You Are Fired! (to his opponents)
  • Trump loses re-election?  You Are Fired!
  • Trump drains the swamp?  You Are Fired

There is no down-side and nothing but up side for the right owner.  Do you have contacts at the DNC or CNN?  With some work you could flip this domain as they get ready to fire Trump in upcoming elections.  Do you contacts at the RNC or Fox?  They would love to own this domain to support Trump's every action.

I don't have the marketing chops.  If you do.  If you have the right approach, this is a complete winner.

In case you are wondering, there are absolutely no trademark issues.  Trump himself tried to obtain a trademark and was rejected by the US Patent and Trademark Office.  It's a gold plated domain without restrictions.

Domain registration is good until 6/2/2020, not sure why Flippa is showing 11 months.


martin_05 ( new )
Thu, 03 Aug 2017 14:27:27 AEST

IMPORTANT: This is subject to availability (which now sits at 100%) which largely depends on offers I might receive for these domains by the time this auction ends.

I decided to include the following domains with this auction:





That is a total of 13 additional domains, all very connected to the root domain.

All of the above will be transferred to the winning bidder at no additional cost.

YouAreFired.com is an extremely valuable domain. If you are bidding or privately offering in the hundreds, or even thousands of dollars the offer will not be accepted.

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