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Top 100 Personalization App | 950K+ Returning User | Ave. of $940 p/mo. Revenue

Premium AMOLED wallpaper app |  Ave. of $853.54 p/mo. in Revenue | 950K Users | 13.57M Screen Vies | 220K+ Active Users | 4.6 Rating Google Play Store from 7k+ Users 

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My name is Deep Singhal, I am the Owner of this app. I manage all the app’s content, revenue, optimization, designing, and development idea. I have a team of developers and designers, I tell them what is needed to be done and bring changes to the app to fulfill user needs.



Darkops brings you an amazing premium collection of dark wallpapers for your smartphone. These AMOLED wallpapers are specially designed for battery saving purpose. By installing “Darkops” you will get a premium collection of high-resolution dark wallpapers. These dark wallpapers look amazing on home screen plus they’ll reduce the power consumption which results in less power consumption for your Android device & increase screen on time up to 15%.


App Highlights:

Verified 219.98K active users

Verified Total Installs of 832.01K

Average Revenue for 3 months $940.33

Google Play Store Review of 4.6


App Features:

• Universal app, install on any Android device with AMOLED display including tablets

• Amazing premium collection of black wallpapers with High resolution

• 10+ categories to choose from

• Supports landscape mode

• Minimal & Beautiful User Interface

• One-click Wallpaper setup

• One-click Wallpaper save

• One-click Share wallpapers

• Make your own Favorite wallpaper list

• 2560x Images collection

• App is 100% Free to use


We initially took this as a side project and unexpectedly the app did very well for us. We thought of selling this well-established app and then move to a bigger project development. I think this is the best time to sell it to someone as it’s already generating great revenue each month. Its user base is also increasing day by day.



Front end (Android App) - The whole app is coded natively in Java using Android Studio with the standard of Material Design.

Backend (Server side) - Backend developed in PHP along with Databases. Where all app content information is stored and managed.



Running cost of app is only 40$ (This is monthly Server fee)

This app only needs 1-hour work a day or less. You can use Common Creative licensed images or Public domain images to manage app content. This app is all about dark wallpapers you can easily find free images on the internet. The app only needs simple edits on Photoshop, which doesn’t take much time. After it done, the image can be deployed,

The new owner has the option to hire a dedicated team for wallpaper designing in order to bring some really amazing and unique wallpapers to the app that user won’t find anywhere. This will no doubt boost the app to a whole new level.



We recently started monetizing the app just this April 2017. The app’s main sources of income are Admob, In-App Purchases, and Third party advertisement. Details for each stream are shown below:

AdMob - we just started Ads optimization on the app since April 2017, this is the app’s main source of income.

In-App Purchase - We brought it IAP to remove ads for 1$ since may 2017. It generates 10%+ of overall monthly income.

Third Party Advertisement - To take advantage of our app’s big userbase. We have implemented the option in the app to add and showcase "More Apps", its function is to promote other developer apps for a fee. As of now, we are promoting Gearbest application on Darkops.



We invested 0$ in marketing since we launched the app. If you invest in marketing and have a good strategy you can extend the reach of this app in order to bring in more profit in the near future.

We mainly focused on ASO, Store listing, and App content quality. This is what we did so far in terms of marketing the app.

Our app has been featured by many big YouTubers and mentioned on big Android blogs itself. We didn't pay anyone for this.



  • App source code (Latest Build)

  • App Backend (Admin panel in PHP)

  • App Content more than 1.2k+ High-resolution Wallpapers including our original works with database

  • Twitter and Facebook page of App


We developed this app because we are seeing a trend of people using AMOLED displays on smartphones. It's been growing since the beginning and it doesn’t show signs of stopping. We believe that AMOLED displays is trendy and we will see them coming in every smartphone. This app is a premium source of providing premium black wallpapers for those AMOLED displays. If we sum it all up, users of our app will still grow, and by just continuing or adding other monetization streams, this app’s revenue will undoubtedly grow.

More AMOLED display = MORE demand of this app.

We see this as a trend, and we’re not wrong as evidenced by our app’s huge userbase. The demand of black wallpapers will increase day by day, and this app fulfills the needs of those users. We believe that the future of this app is bright,because as of now this app is ahead of its competition in terms of quality and ratings. If managed right, this app will grow even more.



Darkops is one of the most Trending apps of this year. It's in Top 100 list of Free personalization app in playstore with 4.6 Star Ratings. With more than active 200k+ install on Active devices and growing audience, it will going to achieve new highs in coming future.

Darkops is one of the best and exclusive app you will find for AMOLED content. This app is published 1 year ago and now we already released many versions to fulfill market and user needs. 


frankm1 ( new )
Fri, 14 Jul 2017 06:47:37 AEST

Hi Deep,

I really like the app you are offering but have a question:

Can/will issues arise regarding the backgrounds that contain protected IP? Particularly the backgrounds featuring well-known superheros such as Batman and Deadpool?

Who owns the rights to the images currently featured as backgrounds? Have rights from DC and other content creators been acquired?

Thank you and good luck with your sale!

kripesh ( new )
Fri, 14 Jul 2017 15:52:31 AEST

@frankm1 I have the same question.

rocketman2 ( | $149 )
Fri, 14 Jul 2017 20:46:15 AEST

Hi Deep,
can you tell more details from statistic google play store, tracking tool, install per day etc.

Px48x48 avatar 83363694 b53f 4e78 ac25 50409add5e98
thedeepsinghal ( new )
Sat, 15 Jul 2017 03:28:46 AEST

@kripesh @rocketman2 Hi, Thanks for showing Interest. All the wallpapers used in app belong to their respected owners and users. We gave attribute to all the original author. If somehow wallpaper violates any IP policy we have report button to take action on it. And as already mentioned our 90% content comes under Creative Commons CC0 and from freepik.com.

Hope this helps. Let me know what else to clarify :)

Happy Flippa!

Px48x48 avatar 83363694 b53f 4e78 ac25 50409add5e98
thedeepsinghal ( new )
Sat, 15 Jul 2017 03:30:23 AEST

@rocketman2 Kindly PM me what details you want to see!

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Px140x140 avatar 83363694 b53f 4e78 ac25 50409add5e98 thedeepsinghal Deep singhal


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