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2 yr. old App| 385K Installs | 6.4K Active Users p/mo

Established App | 375K Installs | 3.4K Active Users p/mo. | Website, Blog and Social Media Accts. included

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100K - 500K
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2 years
1,963 reviews
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$29 p/mo

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Jul 16 $154 $12 $142
Aug 16 $152 $12 $140
Sep 16 $155 $12 $143
Oct 16 $147 $12 $135
Nov 16 $155 $12 $143
Dec 16 $107 $12 $95
Jan 17 $94 $12 $82
Feb 17 $83 $12 $71
Mar 17 $71 $12 $59
Apr 17 $44 $12 $32
May 17 $43 $12 $31
Jun 17 $36 $12 $24

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We are a two-person team that love developing useful apps that can become useful assets to people's everyday activities.



Find My Friends is an extremely successful Android application that allows users to exchange REAL-TIME locations on Google maps with Facebook, and Google+. It also enables users to  email and contact friends. The app has achieved more than 385,000 downloads (see cumulative installs attached screenshot), and more than 6.4K active installs per month (see active installs attached screenshot).

Additionally, we have designed the app with the privacy of our users in mind. Therefore we’ve made sure that the app’s location exchange is visible only to the user and his/her selected friends. Another good thing about our app is its user-friendly nature and virtually no friction in acquiring new users, this is because the app doesn’t require any account creation. As soon as our app is launched, the user will be able to directly exchange locations immediately. Undoubtedly, this lead to the incredible amount of downloads, and active users that we our app has acquired.


Find My Friends Highlights:

2 yr. old App | 385K Installs | 6.4K Active Users p/mo (see "cumulative installs" and "active installs" attached screenshots)

Integrated Google in-app billing

Potential Revenue of more than €3,633 /year or $4,100 / year (where 1€ = 1.14$ as of 7/7/2017) (see admob Feb2015-Jan2017 attached screenshot)


App Media Exposure:

Got 3rd place in the Efarmogiada contest on June 2016 ( in Greek)


App Features:

  1. Unlimited device location sharing with all contacts on the map

  2. Get REAL-TIME routing directions on the map

  3. Send REAL-TIME device location to ANY online device with an internet browser

  4. Send on the background device location to all selected close contacts

  5. Define safe / dangerous map zones and get notified when close contacts enter or exit them

  6. Get notified when close contacts are nearby

  7. Record all close contact activities

  8. Powerful chatting that supports message, stickers and locations!

  9. See the current address of all your friends on the map

  10. Save the user vehicle’s parking spot (yes, that too!)



Find My Friends have been developed by two persons who enjoys developing simple and intuitive applications. However, due to other obligations (mostly family and work), we do not have the time to support it as much as we would like to.



The application was developed with Android Studio 2.x.x. All server-related files were implemented using the PHP language, whereas graphics (icons, etc) was done using Adobe Photoshop.



In order to keep this app operational, (a) one simply has to make sure that the source code uses the latest APIs published from Facebook and Google, and (b) get a simple virtual machine from its preferred cloud services provider. Currently, the app needs ~12$/month for the server hosting fees.



In order to establish the app, one has to get an Android developer account from Google at 25 euros for lifetime.



  • Full source code of the application developed with the latest version of Android Studio

  • Back-end server code (phpMyAdmin – mySQL)

  • Photoshop source files for logos, banners, etc

  • Associated web site ( )

o   Landing page, based on the paid Wordpress theme appDev

o   Blog with many tutorials on how to use the app ( )

  • Associated social media pages

o   Facebook ( )

o   Google+ ( )

o   Twitter ( )

o   Youtube ( )

  • Beta version available: the current public version is based on phpMyAdmin – MySQL code. However, we have already a beta version that has been tested on Google’s Firebase platform ( )



Find my Friends have already achieved a very good revenue, downloads, and active users statistics while still just limited to Android. We believe that if the app is also implemented for use in IOS devices, that alone will make the current revenue to double. Furthermore, a fully web-based version can be created to sync with the apps. Thus providing to users a complete ecosystem synced across all types of devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, etc). Considering all of that will undoubtedly lead to a lucrative future opportunity to any interested buyers, most probably tripling the revenue that it currently has.



The app’s main revenue comes from Ads by Admob. The app also integrates Google’s in-app billing, so users can buy subscriptions and remove ads. Expenses are only about 12$/month for the backend server.


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robert_kotula ( | $824 )
Sat, 08 Jul 2017 00:00:53 AEST

Why have the earnings decreased so much in recent months?

dtheodor ( new )
Sat, 08 Jul 2017 00:05:47 AEST

@robert_kotula Because the app needs to be updated for the latest devices with newer screen sizes and densities, in order to offer the best experience.

Px48x48 avatar 9d37ed3b 76da 4c2b 9a5d 05057b24c170
Fri, 14 Jul 2017 12:02:56 AEST

Hi Dimitris, could you please provide me with your contact details as I wish to discuss this with you in more detail. I own 2 smart Mobility car Share companies and wish to understand further how we could best intergrate such an app like find my friends across android. My email is [email protected]

appkid ( | $8.01K )
Sat, 22 Jul 2017 06:10:32 AEST

Does the decline have anything to do with Google now offering location share service directly through Google maps? If not, what differentiates your app from this?

sitebuyers ( | $538K )
Sat, 22 Jul 2017 06:29:47 AEST

@appkid I recently used that feature. The difference appears to be features 5 - 10 minus 9. Unfortunately (in my opinion) these are not killer features that would make someone switch and if they were Google would just implement them. I love the idea and even had this back in 2004 before it was feasible to develop myself. Just wish it were a viable product so I could buy it.

dtheodor ( new )
Sat, 22 Jul 2017 06:53:04 AEST

@Dynasty Ventures Hi Christian, I sent you an email few days ago, let me know how I can assist you.

dtheodor ( new )
Sat, 22 Jul 2017 07:00:48 AEST

@sitebuyers Hi, thank you for your comment and kind words. Let me also build a bit on top your comment. Our app targets on providing its mentioned features with the user contacts from major social media. Now we support Facebook, Google+ and email contacts. One can easily expand the app to other networks as well (e.g. Linked In, Instagram, Twitter, etc). So although the Google Maps does offer only part of our app's features, still it can also be used with the user's Google contacts.

dtheodor ( new )
Sat, 22 Jul 2017 07:09:00 AEST

@appkid The decline is mostly because the app is not updated to support all latest devices with newer screen sizes, hence maybe certain users do not get the optimal experience. The beta version that is ready (7.02) and not published is already optimized for the newest devices though, so the buyer can use it directly.

Regarding the app comparing to others, as mentioned it allows users to enjoy the app features with all contacts from major social networks, such as Facebook, Google+, email contacts, something that no other app provides. The app can be easily expanded to support more networks, such as Instagram, Twitter and Linked In, allowing the buyer to build a complete ecosystem. Moreover, the app provides notifications when contacts are nearby, location recording, defining map zones (safe / dangerous ones) and get notified when a contact enters or leaves them, and finally saving his/her parking spot.

Kindly, let me know in case you would like more details on a certain feature.

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Sellerdefaultavatar dtheodor Dimitris Theodoropoulos


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