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2017 jewel quest- 4 in 1 apps with more than 250 $ month verified passive income

10 k downloads and more than 250$ each month - this game is in up trend

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10K - 50K
App Age
1 year
55 reviews
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$213 p/mo

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Financials ?

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  • This app earns revenue with Advertising and In-App Sales. It is recommended to request a video walk through from the seller to verify all revenue claims.

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Sep 16 $4 $0 $4
Oct 16 $16 $0 $16
Nov 16 $10 $0 $10
Dec 16 $17 $0 $17
Jan 17 $88 $0 $88
Feb 17 $132 $0 $132
Mar 17 $167 $0 $167
Apr 17 $179 $0 $179
May 17 $295 $0 $295

Seller's Notes


My name is Andrei Marius, I have started to invest in app last year. After learning a bit of programming and some app marketing I have decided to start as a bigger company with new games, developing them from scratch. This is the reason why i'm starting to sell some of my apps, I need to gather more resources for the new company that I’m building.



This game has a classic game play. The player needs to match 3 or more similar jewel to clear them. The app currently has 3 worlds with 300 levels and super boosters. I’ve designed the app so that the game can be updated and improved upon easily.

App Features:

  • The app has two game modes: Arcade & Classic

  • Addictive Features such as Jewel Bomb, Color-Changing Gems, Lightning Gems,  and Time Gems which can be attained by Players by matching 4 or 5 jewels.

  • More Than 200 Levels

  • The app features a unique combination of new elements combined with classical arcade style of gameplay in high quality graphics which sets its apart from other match games.

App Highlights:

  • App Impressions of 618,480 (30 days)

  • Average Increase of 37% per month

  • No running costs, all incomes are automatically converted to Revenue

  • Guaranteed 100 USD to 300 USD income per month, and still growing with the app’s income trend



I’m currently gathering resources by selling some of my apps in order to build my new company with the goal of developing more high quality apps.



The app was made using Unity free edition.



As mentioned, the app runs itself, therefore the new buyer doesn’t need to spend much time on its operations. The buyer just needs to make some adjustment to the app’s keywords every 2 to 3 months and answer some player feedbacks. The new owner will just have to spend 1 to 2 hours.



The free app is using Admob banner and Admob interstitial ads. The app also has a paid version with no ads, it will be included in the sale of this listing.



I have done ASO research for the app, improving keywords for better ranking. I have used some small adwords campaign at the beginning of its life in the marketplace.



Android free version, Android paid version, IOS free version. I will also transfer all full projects to the new buyer’s developer account.



I did not really try to push for the app’s monetization as I’ve only done some ASO every 2 or 3 months. However because of the number of its number of impressions and overall addictive gameplay, it still resulted to a growing monthly income of more than $100 to $300 a month. I believe that If the new owner will add more In App Purchase items, such as more Power-Up Items, more features such as leaderboards, more social connectivity to facebook and more Ad Networks it will definitely result to an increase of revenue up to 300%. These updates can be easily added because of the app’s design, resulting to a more efficient monetization in the future. Alternatively, the paid version can also be removed and replaced by a more income efficient version of the game as described above.



This game include :

Updated info:

Android Version  +10500 organic downloads 

Ios version one month age  + 1000 organic downloads 60$ month

Android Paid Version with 10-30$ organic month sells


This mont has passed more than 300$ passive income and groving each day,

. The game will bring you money each day , a nice think to see in admob.

Need money for a bigger project, i will be opened  for discussion, please do not make offers that are not unsustainable, i don't have interest to sell it if i the price is not fair.

The buyer will recive all versions, source codes and assets. 


I will give a full new top game , full aso with full marketing for a month - 3.0 k value 


chriskbc ( new )
Thu, 29 Jun 2017 03:04:58 AEST

Why was the app listed three times previously? Thanks

Px48x48 avatar 1437908365.298155b4bd8d48c5a8.03802469
mandrei ( | $8.1K )
Thu, 29 Jun 2017 03:19:24 AEST

@chriskbc hi, the reserve was higher then now, please let me know if you need more info.regards!

Px48x48 avatar 1437908365.298155b4bd8d48c5a8.03802469
mandrei ( | $8.1K )
Mon, 03 Jul 2017 18:58:42 AEST

hello to everyone, July 305$ admob income proof added


BBApps ( | $405 )
Sat, 08 Jul 2017 20:05:13 AEST

Hi! Why are there 2 apps selected in the "Jul Income" Screenshot? Can you provide for only the app in question?


Px48x48 avatar 1437908365.298155b4bd8d48c5a8.03802469
mandrei ( | $8.1K )
Sat, 08 Jul 2017 20:43:31 AEST

@BBApps hi, and thank you for your message!

You are right are 2 apps: 2017 jewel quest android and 2017 jewel quest IOS. The selling include both version :) i can definitely send you more info if needed for each app separably

Best regards!

iantayrob ( | $12.9K )
Tue, 11 Jul 2017 13:11:04 AEST

How many active users do you currently support? and was there a reason you didn't release a iOS paid version? Thanks.

iantayrob ( | $12.9K )
Wed, 12 Jul 2017 11:09:50 AEST

Is there a reason that you never created a paid iOS version?

Px48x48 avatar 1437908365.298155b4bd8d48c5a8.03802469
mandrei ( | $8.1K )
Wed, 12 Jul 2017 17:27:24 AEST

@iantayrob Hi
1. the app has around 2k activte players.
2.the IOS paid version is ready to be published. We have decided to wait for the auction to end, will be delivered to the new owner :)

Let me know if you need other info, regards!

Mirfir ( | $119 )
Tue, 18 Jul 2017 01:18:38 AEST

Can I have a one to one talk with you?

Px48x48 avatar 1437908365.298155b4bd8d48c5a8.03802469
mandrei ( | $8.1K )
Tue, 18 Jul 2017 01:19:40 AEST

@Mirfir of course, please use private message :)

mohammad alsughayer ( | $2.79K )
Tue, 18 Jul 2017 04:20:52 AEST

what do u mean by (I will give a full new top game , full aso with full marketing for a month - 3.0 k value) you gonna give the winner extra new top games? and full aso you mean SEO?? can you plz clarify ? also did u do any paid campaign ?

mohammad alsughayer ( | $2.79K )
Tue, 18 Jul 2017 04:23:13 AEST

do u do free transfer?

Px48x48 avatar 1437908365.298155b4bd8d48c5a8.03802469
mandrei ( | $8.1K )
Tue, 18 Jul 2017 04:45:34 AEST

@mohammad alsughayer i have given you a pm. Thanks for your question!

Px48x48 avatar 1437908365.298155b4bd8d48c5a8.03802469
mandrei ( | $8.1K )
Wed, 19 Jul 2017 05:20:12 AEST

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