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Pens are in huge demand.  Hundreds of thousands of people look for pens on the internet every single month. Take a look at the search volumes of just a few keywords that you could easily start to rank for with this kind of domain name. 

Pens - 300,865 searches per month

Fountain Pen  - 74,000 searches per month

Cross Pens  - 60,500 searches per month

Parker Pens  - 49,530 searches per month

Calligraphy Pens - 40,513 searches per month 

Gel Pens - 22,147 searches per month
Ballpoint Pen - 18,100 searches per month

And there are many, many more.

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Do .io names rank?  ABSOLUTELY!  Just do a google search right now for ‘keyword tool’ (9,900 searches per month) and see where the first .io domain ranks.  You’ll see ranking right under google and right above EVERY other domain in the world.  If that doesn’t prove Google loves and ranks .io domains nothing will.  But if you want to see some more, check out  ‘anaconda’ (200,000 searches per month) shows as #1, ’notes’ has in #1 (135,000 searches per month, ‘intercom’ has at #1 (18,000 searches per month)  ‘boxcar' sees in #4 (5,400 searches per month), ‘scratchpad’ shows in #1 (2,400 searches per month), ‘brunch' shows in #8 (60,000 searches per month) 

The reason for this is because they've been added to the geotargetable domains list.

Who buys .io domains?  Actually they’re being snapped up by many small and large corporations.  Many of which go on to list companies that raise millions of dollars.  A lot of startups that use .io domains are now very successful businesses, further reinforcing the idea that companies that use .io domains are "in the know" and part of the sophisticated tech crowd.Check out just some of these examples:

But it's not only startups that use .io domains. Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are also buying .io domains. Microsoft snapped up for $24,600Google owns Coupons.ioYahoo owns, and Disney owns,  amongst others. Wikipedia also notes: ".io domains are popular with new startup companies." European startup accelerator shows 7 out of 16 latest startups use .io domains!

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4-5 figures is becoming a consistent benchmark. See for recorded top .io sales: Total price amount in this set of 100 domain name sales is 495,776.16 USD; average price is 4,957.76 USD. We’re also starting to see .io names appearing in the MOZ TOP 500 web sites in the world #228 #424 #486

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What about Resell opportunities?  Do prices go up?  Are .io domains a good investment?  YES! sold three times already in under 2 years. It sold on March 7 2014 for $540, and then again on October 29 2014 for $1,250, and then In December 2015 for $7,000, for a total return of +1196.3% in 650 days.

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Following the end of the auction:

  • Payments under $1,000 shall be made via PayPal (All PayPal fees to be paid by the buyer).
  • Payments over $1,000 shall be made via Flippa Escrow (All Escrow fees to be paid by the buyer).
  • Domains will be only pushed (for free) to the registrar they are currently registered under.

Questions or concerns? Please don't hesitate to contact us, we're always glad to help.  We frequently sell awesome domains, so be sure to click "Watch Seller" under our username on the right hand side of the screen to follow our upcoming new listings.

I also plan to start releasing more premium .io domains soon, so make sure to follow me ("watch seller" under the username on the right sidebar) so you don’t miss some of the awesome domains I will be listing this year.  You can can check out my Flippa Portfolio and other .io domain listings here

Please get in touch with any questions. 

Thanks and good luck to all with the auction!   


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ozmark ( | $13.6K )
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 13:22:52 AEST

I've decided to remove the reserve and make this a fully self determining auction. Meaning the next bidder could win the domain (all it takes is a bid of $1 higher than it is now). Once the reserve is lifted it will be a free for all. Someone will win this domain. Good luck.

Px48x48 avatar 1426126297.36415500f5d958e671.10801859
ozmark ( | $13.6K )
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 13:57:54 AEST

OK bids are in. The auction is officially a NO RESERVE auction. It WILL sell to whoever the highest bidder is from now. Good luck guys.

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