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Highly rated app with 180,000 downloads and over 2000 user ratings.

4.4 star rating, 180,000 organic downloads, $5600 in donations by users who love the app

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100K - 500K
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5 years
1,947 reviews
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Pomodoro is a time management technique developed in the 80s to increase productivity. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. The Pomodroido app combines the traditional 25 minute timer with game elements to increase motivation at the same time as productivity. The user levels up by doing more pomodoros (25 minute work cycles).

App Features

  • Gamification - You level up by doing more Pomodoros.
  • Tasker Integration - The app can also integrate with Tasker. Users use this feature to automatically silence their phones or put it in airplane mode during each pomodoro.
  • Motivational quotes - At the top of the app I scroll a series of motivational quotes that users love.


At first when I was actively engaged with the users I was receiving $200-$300/month.  To date I have received $5600 through donations. There is a "Donate" button in the app which takes the users to the pro version of the app. The users mostly buy the pro version to 'give back' because of the productivity they have gained. I often get emails from users who want to donate more. Through email users typically send $20-$100. I have also received bitcoin as donation. Users really love this app. The pro version of the app was delisted from the US store at some point due to another app trying to remove competition, hoping that I wouldn't respond, even though my app was there first. They were right, I didn't have time to followup with google and make my case. The pro version isn't really critical though as the ratings and downloads are all on the free version. You can just change the donate button to point to another reskin of the app or just to point to a paypal donation link (I can help you change the donate button to a different link). You could try to repost the app, or contact google to get the pro app listed in the US again.


I have never marketed this app. All downloads have been organic.


There is an incredible opportunity to monetize this app as the users are highly engaged with the app. They spend a minimum of one pomodoro in the app (25 minutes).

The users are typically working professionals, mostly in tech, with disposable income. They really love the app since it increases their productivity, so they are willing to spend money.

Some possible ways to monetize:

  • Sell Tasker integration as an in-app purchase.
  • Add advertisement during the user breaks. Users take 5 minute breaks between pomodoros, and they are highly engaged with the app during this time.
  • Sell Backup feature to backup user information to the cloud so they can sync over their 'level' to another phone (users constantly as for this feature)
  • Promote other productivity tools in this app.
  • Sell other productivity features in the app.

What's included in the Sale

  • Website:
  • Source code of android app. both free and pro versions.
  • Full transfer of the app to your google play account.
  • All assets and graphics.

Articles on Pomodriodo

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koirbiku ( | $1.81K )
Tue, 20 Jun 2017 11:31:59 AEST

Hi there! Can you share how many active installs does the app currently have and from what geo location?

abasiri ( | $1.5K )
Tue, 20 Jun 2017 13:32:55 AEST

@koirbiku I added screen as attachment.

abasiri ( | $1.5K )
Thu, 22 Jun 2017 07:06:05 AEST

With 4 hours to go, I've added a BIN price.

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