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Addictive New Game, Only $199 to Buy It Now - This Will Sell Fast!

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What's the Opportunity?

This app was just released June 12.

You can acquire this app at a low cost, market it, and turn it into an asset that produces over $100/month.

Test the app now on the App Store, and continue reading for information about my BIN Bonuses.

Marketing Plan

With the right marketing, this can easily be a $300/month app.

However, it will take some effort on the part of the buyer to put some of these strategies into action. Each strategy should help you:

  • reduce your user acquisition costs, to improve your profit margin
  • grow your user base, to scale your profits

Marketing Strategies

The app owner should plan to spend $200-500 to take the app's marketing to the next level. If you purchase by BIN, we can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options, so that you can pick the strategy that works best for you.

  • Run a CPM campaign on Chartboost - A CPM (cost-per-impression) campaign is one of the most cost effective ways to promote your app.
  • Run a campaign on SuperSonic - Supersonic offers authentic guaranteed downloads, or you pay nothing.
  • Work with social media influencers - Social media influencers are constantly looking for low-risk opportunities to monetize their followings. Offer to share 50% of all revenue that the app generates during a coordinated 7-day promotion period when they share the app with their followers.
  • Localize the app to get more downloads in other countries - You can get far more downloads if you localize the app to French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.
  • Promote your app on social media - YouTube and Facebook are excellent channels where you are likely to reach new users.

Visit BlueCloud Solutions (affiliate link) for more information on how you can build your own highly successful game business.

App Description

"Two dots will come at you from the top of the screen. Flip the circles to match the dots. Don't miss one, or the game ends. How high can you score? Download now, then challenge your friends!"

Color Switch Madness has been optimized for all iOS 10 and iOS 9 devices including iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone 7 and 7 PlusIt is also 64-bit compatible.


  • Chartboost interstitial ads
  • AdMob banner ads
  • In-app purchase to remove ads


  • Game Center Leaderboard to encourage competition among players
  • Rate button to encourage players to rate the app, which improves the app's keyword rankings and App Store visibility
  • Share button that automatically shares the player's high score (along with a link to the app) via Facebook, Twitter and Messages, creating viral potential when combined with a strong marketing plan for initial exposure
  • High quality screenshots and icon that drive conversions once people see the app on the App Store

Free Resources

To help entrepreneurs, I put together a list of my favorite resources related to:

  • App Building
  • App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Business Strategy
  • Design
  • Localization
  • Marketing
  • Stock Artwork
  • Stock Audio
  • Website Building
  • Workflow

You can see the complete list for free at

Why Am I Selling?

I provide entrepreneurs an opportunity to acquire new apps at affordable prices.

I create apps for sale on Flippa to focus on the part of the business that I am best at, and maximize my apps' reach by selling them to buyers who have the time and financial resources to market them. I also provide helpful guidance to BIN buyers to ensure that you're able to implement a successful marketing strategy.

My clients’ apps have been featured in Fortune Magazine and Yahoo News. They also regularly receive 5-star averages with tens and even hundreds of app reviews.

Max Bid

In the auction's final hours, Flippa's timer automatically resets to "1 hour remaining" every time a bid is placed, so it can become difficult to track and bid manually. You can set a "max bid" price so that Flippa will automatically bid for you. 


To win the auction by BIN, click the "Buy It Now" button instead of the "Place Bid" button. If you do, you'll receive the following bonuses.

1) 3+ hours of free Skype consulting. I will share information that I have learned about the app business. It's usually a frank discussion that focuses on your goals and existing resources, planned or current projects, and any challenges you're currently facing. I will give you my Skype ID so that you can get in touch with me in the future for ongoing advice. I have a nice relationship with pretty much all BIN buyers. Most don't write reviews, but the ones that do have been unanimously positive.
$300 value

2) Anthony Hammond's method of ASO keyword research. Anthony's apps regularly gross $1,000+/month, and sell on Flippa for $3,000-15,000. This method should help your apps rank higher in search results.
$100 value

3) Tolik's technique for boosting your eCPM on Chartboost. Tolik (Anatoli Eidelman) refined a method of blocking low-paying advertisers in Chartboost publishing campaings. Chartboost offers documentation on how to use their Advanced Settings, as well as instructions on how to choose apps to block. However, I can make this information more easily understandable so that you can consistently use it as a competitive advantage.
$100 value

4) Instructions on how to get inexpensive installs. I will show you how to get installs with Facebook ads for as low as $0.10/install. I will also show you how to create partnerships with social media influencers to drive traffic.
$200 value

5) Reskin instructions. Reskinning is a lucrative business. I will show you how to edit the graphics to make new apps similar to this.
$100 value

6) 2+ hours of free development time. My team can use this time to update your ad ID's and provide other assistance.
$60 value

7) An achievable business plan. I made over $80,000 last year with apps. I will detail steps you can take to do the same. Because you're paying a premium price to purchase by BIN, I am committed to exceeding your expectations in return. This is reflected in the enormously positive feedback I have received from past BIN buyers. I look forward to sharing advice and input on this app and your future endeavors for months and even years into the future. I enjoy helping, and really do care about your long-term success.
$250 value

Total Estimated Value of "Buy It Now" Bonuses = $1,110

Total Estimated Value of the App = $300

TOTAL VALUE = $1,410

This year apps are a $82 billion/year business and provide a means of developing passive income streams.

Avoid losing this opportunity or putting off your app business. Hit the "Buy It Now" button and lock in your sale today!


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