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Must See --- Recipe Site making $124 pm from Adsense & Amazon, ~4000 uniques/mo

Rare opportunity to own a recipe site for one of the hottest kitchen cooking appliance in the market. Huge potential with good passive income from amazon & adsense with a ton of room for growth.

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Wordpress 4.7
Site Age
1 year

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Uniques Page Views
May 17 4,080 11,113
Apr 17 3,360 8,905
Mar 17 2,670 10,166
Feb 17 3,219 12,741
Jan 17 4,767 18,780
Dec 16 2,402 7,797
Nov 16 764 2,145
Oct 16 371 1,192
Sep 16 109 317
Aug 16 153 446
Jul 16 130 397
Jun 16 167 458

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Organic Search 7,772 70%
Direct 1,893 17%
Referral 914 8.2%
Social 534 4.8%

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United States 10,164
United Kingdom 215
Australia 175
Canada 141
Singapore 94

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  • This website earns revenue with Google AdSense
  • This website also earns revenue with Advertising Sales. It is recommended to request a video walk through from the seller to verify all revenue claims.

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Jun 16 $0 $5 -$5
Jul 16 $0 $5 -$5
Aug 16 $0 $5 -$5
Sep 16 $0 $5 -$5
Oct 16 $0 $5 -$5
Nov 16 $0 $5 -$5
Dec 16 $9 $5 $4
Jan 17 $66 $5 $61
Feb 17 $65 $5 $60
Mar 17 $67 $5 $62
Apr 17 $157 $5 $152
May 17 $163 $5 $158

Seller's Notes

Rare opportunity to own a recipe site for one of the hottest kitchen appliance in the market.

Exact Match Premium Domain!

The air fryer is not a new product but its new to the US.  International countries have been cooking with the air fryer for years.

See Google Trends for the Past 5 Years

Have you heard of the Pressure Cooker?

See Google Trends for the Past 5 Years & how it compares

Its on pace to be more popular than the pressure cooker.  I have one myself and use it 3-5 times a week.  

Facebook Groups about the air fryer

Massive Search Volume


I acquired this website a few months ago as a hobby project and thought it be fun since i own one and use it almost everyday. 

Previous Listing:

The website started growing and now its a bit overwhelming with multiple projects going on at once. If you scroll to the bottom you can see i have 3-4 other websites I have up for sale.

I just wont have the time or focus to devote to this project while its on its upward trend and i dont want to squander the opportunity so its up for sale. 

Why im selling

I acquired a wordpress website in April with a youtube channel that needs a ton of work in content and rebranding. Have a look and you'll see why.

Traffic Summary

Currently the traffic primarily coming from bing and facebook which is about 50/50.

The direct traffic is actually facebook referral traffic that is incorrectly reported by google analytics. 

Its held the number 1 or 2 ranking on bing for the last 6 months.

Facebook Fan page 12,000 members 

Growing at 200 members a week organically without paid advertising.

FB Fan Page - Growth Chart

High Engagement Posts


Traffic is struggling from google because it needs a few backlinks to really get going as well as content.

However its starting to ramp even without any link building or content additions in the last 2 months.

I know what needs to be done and have a strategy for this just havent been able to execute it.  I will share how i would go about it with the winner.

~4000 visits the last 2 months.  April is missing 5 days of data because of an error in installing the analytics code.

Revenue / Monetization

The revenue is pretty basic coming from primarily Adsense and Amazon.

One area for opportunity is creating your own recipe ebook or kindle selling it directly for 4.99 or 9.99.

Over 50 recipe books have been sold

Complete Google Sheets P&L Revenue Breakdown:

See attachments for revenue screenshots.

Revenue from Jan-Mar can be seen from the previous owners listing.

I saved screenshots for each month Dec 16 - March 17 which is available upon request. 

Software / Design / Backend

My strength is design / development so its where i've put the most value into the website.

The website is built on wordpress with multiple 3rd party plugins.  This is important in case any of the plugins or themes need an update the website wont break, nothing on the website is hard coded. 

The website was built using the combination of the following third party addons. ~500 in total cost.  

The website was built with the following plugins

Wp Toolset

Content Views Pro


Simmer Pro

Recipe Categories:


Recipe Detail  


Growth / Strategy

- Add Recipes / Content

- Facebook Advertising / Paid 

I've never done facebook advertising before but my guess is im losing out on a bunch of growth by growing all organicly

- Pinterest

The air fryer category is huge on pinterest and i have not given it any attention at all.

- Instagram

- Send / Collect Emails - Currently has ~800 not being used

- Push Notifications

I added it for half a day to collect data on signup rate.


Transaction and handover

I can help you with the transfer, you'll get access to web files, database backup file if needed. 


Social Media Accounts Included




Why Am I Selling?

As mention above I'm overwhelmed with too many projects.

About 5 - 10 websites will be listed on flippa over the next coming weeks.  If you're interested in sites that make $75-$200 per month make sure you "add me" to your sellers watch list.

My other Listings: - Aged 12 Years - Great Value - Nootroics/Supplements - Aged 12 Years Kayak Site

My Flippa Profile:

Click "Watch Seller" to get notified when my listings are posted.

Website Questions
If you have any questions feel free to send me a PM if its specific.  If its a broad question that can help other buyers post a message instead.  

Site Info

Site Established ? October 2015
Built With ? WordPress
Google Analytics Detected ? Yes
More info: BuiltWith

Domain Info

Domain Registered ? 25 October 2015
Registrar ? ENOM
More info: Wayback Machine and Whois

Site Uniqueness

Content Unique ? No
Design Unique ? Yes
More info: Plagspotter and Copyscape

SEO Presence

Pages In Google ? 49
MajesticSEO Inbound Links ?
SEOmoz mozRank ?
Alexa Rank ? 4,410,906
More info: SEOmoz and SEMRush


oksytarr ( suspended )
Thu, 08 Jun 2017 19:00:37 AEST

yes i am interested to buy if your Adsence earning is real

Px48x48 avatar f514b10c f18a 47b3 9efe 719ba893f063
s2kinteg916 ( | $100K )
Thu, 08 Jun 2017 19:51:41 AEST

@oksytarr not sure what that means. All screenshots have been attached along with the last 3 months are verified by flippa and pulled directly from google.

Px48x48 avatar b6f376eb c443 41dd af08 390a35721cf9
Rodfarva ( | $3.2K )
Fri, 09 Jun 2017 07:07:08 AEST

Can you PM buy it now?

khai_ruz ( new )
Fri, 09 Jun 2017 07:58:35 AEST

Could u give me access to the GA? Thanks.

Px48x48 avatar f514b10c f18a 47b3 9efe 719ba893f063
s2kinteg916 ( | $100K )
Fri, 09 Jun 2017 08:29:05 AEST

@Rodfarva , @khai_ruz just sent both of you pm's.

Sun, 11 Jun 2017 07:44:49 AEST

BIN Please

nyauctions ( | $115 )
Mon, 12 Jun 2017 18:08:23 AEST

BIN Please.. ? PM me

rdcrew3392 ( | $225 )
Mon, 12 Jun 2017 21:01:14 AEST

How do you get the recipes and images?

Px48x48 avatar f514b10c f18a 47b3 9efe 719ba893f063
s2kinteg916 ( | $100K )
Mon, 12 Jun 2017 21:08:07 AEST


There are multiple ways to get recipe images. Taking photos yourself which is best since you can repurpose on instagram, using stock photos / flickr, via other websites with proper attribution.

Stock photo examples

I will be adding a submit a recipe feature over the next few days which will allow promotion via the facebook fanpage as well as website.

Recipes for air fryer and non air fryer are actually the same the only difference is that the cooking time is modified so everything for standard recipes can apply.

You can source recipes via other websites and modify cooking times.

Recipes cannot be copyrighted

Sab125 ( | $60 )
Tue, 13 Jun 2017 01:06:52 AEST

I can not access the website.

Px48x48 avatar f514b10c f18a 47b3 9efe 719ba893f063
s2kinteg916 ( | $100K )
Tue, 13 Jun 2017 01:10:13 AEST


Try another browser, could be a cache issue with your internet. The site is working fine for me just verified as well as on mobile phone.

anotheruser ( | $3.05K )
Wed, 14 Jun 2017 11:09:07 AEST

BIN please?

Panda_08 ( new )
Wed, 14 Jun 2017 12:31:45 AEST

Pls pm BIN, thanks.

Thu, 15 Jun 2017 10:11:01 AEST

Please PM me BIN. Thank you

hienyimba ( new )
Sun, 18 Jun 2017 05:56:31 AEST


plk1024 ( new )
Thu, 22 Jun 2017 03:51:45 AEST

the recipes are rewritten or original?

Px48x48 avatar f514b10c f18a 47b3 9efe 719ba893f063
s2kinteg916 ( | $100K )
Thu, 22 Jun 2017 03:59:10 AEST

@plk1024 A few of the recipes added were added original and are sourced with proper credit given.

The script is built that allows the option for the new owner to do both.

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