Bitcoin Altcoin Mining App.

You can also print out the copy and sell onto the market. This is not only informative book but also providing offer to earn money at home by bringing one desktop and some special hardware.

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100 - 500
App Age
8 months
13 reviews
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Net Profit
$130 p/mo

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Jan 17 $400 $10 $390
Feb 17 $100 $10 $90
Mar 17 $120 $10 $110
Apr 17 $200 $10 $190

Seller's Notes

This app is an Ebook of Bitcoin. The app is perfectly designed for any person who want to Earn Money from Bitcoin. Which is an digital descentralised currency. If you dont know what the Bitcoin is ,you can search it first it onto The google.

The Ebook consists of 190 pages in which i had mentioned each and everything onto the basis of practical Notes , like how to buy and sell coins, how to deposit or withdraw, how to trade and Mine coins. And much more.

Users can earn money depending upon their financial capability from one dollar to thousands dollars a I am not selling only book but also a practically earning methods. This is an paid app you can set yours own price .I had not earned much because I don't get much time to promote it .so if you want earn a good amount of money you need to promote and advertise it .I will send you all Access Keys through which you can bring any changes to. App.


SamiElJ ( new )
Sun, 11 Jun 2017 08:44:02 AEST

Are you the author of this book?

draev ( suspended )
Wed, 14 Jun 2017 00:00:34 AEST

What are you revenue from ? What busines model is used ?

LightRealms ( new )
Wed, 21 Jun 2017 02:51:41 AEST

@draev He mensioned in description that it is a payed app.

Jeason27 ( new )
Fri, 23 Jun 2017 02:33:50 AEST

There's nothing that is a bigger red flag than a horribly typed description. There needs to be a certain level of professionalism when you are attaching your business or your brands name to any type of promoting. Especially when your selling it. Because the fact you couldn't even take the time to proof read your Ad here on Flippa, it tells me that you want nothing more than to get rid of this business and you don't want to spend a single second longer working on it than you have to. Your Ad screams "I hated this App and it was the worst investment idea EVERRR!". I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure I'm not. Anyways, just something to think about in the future. And as for me... I'm out... what do you say Mark Cuban?... (With 4 sharks out, Mark is his only chance left... DA DA DAAAAHH)

eljefenegro ( new )
Fri, 23 Jun 2017 05:08:20 AEST

iOS version available?

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