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Video chat site making $800/month verified Adsense on 43,000 monthly pageviews

Opportunity to own video chatting social network community with revenue from Adsense + builtin ad potential

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Site Type
Site Age
1 year
Net Profit
$645 p/mo

Traffic ?

Page Views
Unique Visits

Financials ?

Gross Revenue
Net Profit
AdSense Revenue

Traffic ?

Uniques Page Views
Apr 17 12,350 33,816
Mar 17 16,916 51,774
Feb 17 17,122 44,697
Jan 17 20,768 53,951
Dec 16 18,651 50,459
Nov 16 8,791 26,669
Oct 16 5,969 22,919
Sep 16 5,101 20,204
Aug 16 5,087 19,771
Jul 16 5,045 19,009
Jun 16 5,487 20,967
May 16 6,278 28,227

Traffic Health ?

Pages / Session
Avg. Session Duration
Bounce Rate

Top Channels ?

Page Views % of Total
Organic Search 15,161 45%
Direct 10,377 31%
Referral 7,023 21%
Social 1,255 3.7%

Top Countries ?

Page Views
United States 13,148
India 4,898
United Kingdom 3,110
Pakistan 1,520
Canada 802

Financials ?

Monetization Methods

  • This website earns revenue with Google AdSense
  • This website also earns revenue with Advertising Sales. It is recommended to request a video walk through from the seller to verify all revenue claims.

Last 12 Months Claimed Revenue and Profit

Revenue Costs Profit
May 16 $119 $144 -$25
Jun 16 $103 $144 -$41
Jul 16 $104 $144 -$40
Aug 16 $123 $144 -$21
Sep 16 $106 $144 -$38
Oct 16 $242 $144 $98
Nov 16 $479 $144 $335
Dec 16 $1,255 $144 $1,111
Jan 17 $1,177 $144 $1,033
Feb 17 $797 $144 $653
Mar 17 $856 $144 $712
Apr 17 $715 $144 $571

Seller's Notes

1freechat - The best free chat rooms online!

I am selling one of my main websites that has been great fun to run, however, having a wife and son, I simply do not have the time any longer to sit in the chat rooms and make an idiot of myself!

To run a chat site, you need to be able to frequent the chat rooms as much as possible. Have a drink, relax, have fun, make the conversation happen and watch the chat rooms become busy.

Right now the only busy times in the chat rooms are evening times (USA) from around 9pm onwards, the chat rooms will have around 10 to 15 chatters. That is not a lot of chatters compared to most chat sites, however, I am never in the chat rooms and it needs a good personality to bring people in and keep them entertained.

How is the site setup?

The site runs on Buddypress and has plugins to allow the database to connect to the chat rooms. The chat rooms run on 123Flashchat version 10 with a 100 chatter license. Problem, 123Flashchat is out of business so you might want to install the version 9 nulled script which is available online in various places. As 123Flashchat is out of business, I do not see a problem with this as I paid for a license and their support has simply gone, so I cannot upgrade the license!

How does it generate revenue?

The site generates revenue using Adsense ads. The ads comply to Adsense terms because they are only placed on static pages, away from the chat rooms and human generated content. Most of the ads are dating ads with a good revenue rate.

For the pages with human generated content, I have added an inhouse advertising system that allows users to purchase Facebook style advertising. I have not sold any advertising as of yet, however, I have not promoted this part of the site.

Whats included?

The domains 1freechat.com, 1freechat.org, 1freechat.co.uk and liveonlinechat.org

Migration of the site files, ie, Buddypress and the databases.

Whats not included?

Migration of 123flashchat or the server, you will need to reinstall 123flashchat using either the copy from my server or the version 9 nulled script. I have no knowledge on how to migrate 123flashchat or re-install.

Need hosting? (A solution)

A good solution to the migration problem is you simply take my server from me. I pay $144 a month for a dedicated server with very good specifications. You can run as many sites as you like on this server. It is highly tuned up and uses Sold State Drives to increase website speed.

At $144 a month, you cant go wrong, especially as the site earns good revenue through Adsense. If you dont have hosting or simply do not want to migrate the chat server, this is a good solution for you.


  • Website earning almost $1000 a month on average
  • A fun website to run
  • Easily customisable as it is built with Buddypress
  • Over 4500 active registered members
  • 4 domain names 1freechat.com 1freechat.org 1freechat.co.uk and liveonlinechat.org
  • Inbuilt advertising system (Paypal integrated)
  • Inbuilt media server (no need to pay third party such as Wowza or FMS
  • NEW! Push Notifications added! Send a message to all subscribers even if they are not on the site! Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers.

Social Accounts Included

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/1freechat/ (900+ followers)

Twitter https://twitter.com/1FreeChat (12,200+ followers)

Something came up in the previous auction that I would like to point out that is a big factor. Pages that have human generated content and the chat rooms are not monetised so there is a lot of room to monetise the site further to increase revenue.

Note: I am not monetising the human generated content pages and chat rooms. I will update earnings towards the end of the auction or upon request as soon as the ads are more targeted to the niche.

If you are looking for a fun website to run and earn good money at the same time, this is for you! Happy Bidding!


How is your business monetized?


Please describe your business model in 1 to 5 sentences

  • Social network on free video chat rooms
  • Place where strangers become friends
  • Safe, secure and moderated chat rooms
  • Community with groups, pages, wall, profiles and media sharing
  • Fun website to run if you have the time to chat in the chat rooms

Are you the original owner of the business?


Which platform does the website use?


Where is the site hosted and will this need to change after purchase?

The site is hosted on a private dedicated server in Hungary that is high specs at a very low price. The winning bidder can take over the server for the same price as I am paying. The price of the server is around half the cost of Hostgator for the same specs.

Why are you selling the business?

I have no time as a family man to sit in the chat rooms and chat to people. The site is suited to someone who is single or has friends who can join the chat rooms and moderate the chat. The winning bidder could also create a new moderation team if they would sooner concentrate on SEO, promotion and general maintenance. I also would like to get some money to re-invest into other websites that are automatic revenue earners.

Can the website’s revenue be accurately tracked back to the website, i.e. do payment descriptions/details include the website’s name or reference to the website’s products?

Yes, revenue can be accurately tracked back to the business.

Is the website’s revenue kept separate from other business and personal accounts?

Yes, completely separate.

If necessary, do you have tax returns available to support your revenue claims?

No, I do not have tax returns available at this time.

Are you willing to provide live revenue verification?

Yes, upon request from serious buyers and/or Flippa marketplace integrity.

What are the main expenses of the business? Please list any recurring expenses that account for more than 1% of overall revenue

Server $144 p/m

Please list all domain names you are including in the sale

  • 1freechat.com
  • 1freechat.co.uk
  • 1freechat.org
  • 1freechat.net
  • liveonlinechat.org

Are you including any social media accounts in the sale?


Which accounts will you be including?



Please provide some basic details about each account selected above

https://www.facebook.com/1freechat/ - 919 Likes 
https://twitter.com/1FreeChat - 12.2k Followers

Are there any email lists included in the sale?


What are the primary traffic sources of the site? 

Direct - Direct traffic is return visitors who have bookmarked the site.

Organic - Organic because the site is ranked for some good keywords around the niche.

Do you use, or have you experimented with, social media marketing?

Yes, I currently use social media marketing.

Have you done any Search Engine Optimization?

Yes, I have done minimal SEO.

Please provide a brief overview of the SEO you have performed on this site

Press release, comments on Yahoo, posting on Medium, Digital Point and various other high profile websites and some video marketing on Youtube.

Has the site ever received any search engine penalties (manual or algorithmic)?

No, to my knowledge my site has never received any search engine penalties.

Do you or have you ever purchased traffic?

No, I have never purchased traffic.

Do you use, or have you experimented with direct / display advertising?

No, I have not.

Have you experimented with any other sales / marketing initiatives?


Do you have employees or contracts with freelancers?


How is the content of your website produced? Provide a step-by-step breakdown

The content is produced through members updates, ie, posting on the wall, posting in groups, sharing media. The static pages have been written by myself and are genuinely unique.

Task 1 - Moderation
Description - Moderate the chat rooms, ban spammers and remove spam from the community.
Who - Owner
Hours per week - 10
How may people perform this task? - 1

Does the owner need specific skillsets in order to successfully operate the site?

If they understand Wordpress they can run this site. The chat admin panel is easy to use.

Do you and/or any employees or freelancers provide customer support?


Please identify and briefly describe your main competitors (1-3 is fine)


What makes your website better than its competition?

In the other sites, they are over crowded and unsafe plus many times their chat rooms simply do not load. Also, the community side to 1freechat.com is something the other sites do not have or have very little features.

Which ad networks does the website utilize?


Are all ad networks transferable to the new owner?


Please explain which networks are not transferable and why

Adsense because it is my account and I use it for all my other websites.

Does your website utilize direct advertising?


Are you willing to sign a 3-year non-compete contract in the industry that the website operates in?

No, I am not. 1freechat has many features, forums, groups, social network and chat rooms. Signing an agreement would prevent me from building and selling any other site that utilises forums, groups and social. I already have a dating site and would like to Flip it sometime soon.

Will you provide 1-3 months of post-sale support & training, in order to ensure that the buyer is able to fully take over the business and its operations?


What are the primary growth opportunities for the business going forward?

The site is only monetised on the static pages. The chat rooms and human generated content pages can be monetised through a different network to increase revenue by quite a large sum. Advertise, promote and use social media to bring in more chatters, revenue will grow.

Are there any geographical limitations to the potential buyer of the business?

No, there are no geographic limitations.

Site Info

Site Established ? December 2015
Built With ? WordPress
Google Analytics Detected ? Yes
More info: BuiltWith

Domain Info

Domain Registered ? 23 October 2014
More info: Wayback Machine and Whois

Site Uniqueness

Content Unique ? Yes
Design Unique ? Yes
More info: Plagspotter and Copyscape

SEO Presence

Pages In Google ? 18,600
MajesticSEO Inbound Links ?
SEOmoz mozRank ?
Alexa Rank ? 900,171
More info: SEOmoz and SEMRush


anicole93 ( new )
Thu, 18 May 2017 05:14:53 AEST

dm me please

proxymis ( new )
Thu, 18 May 2017 06:06:39 AEST

what is this 144$ cost ?

Px48x48 avatar a721aa4f 465c 4f94 a926 01be4930c0d2
btvavpn ( | $66.5K ) Premium seller
Thu, 18 May 2017 06:25:20 AEST

The $144 is for my server if you would like to take it on. Dedicated server 1gpbs port, 16 gig ram. Half the cost of anything near those specs with 5 hours management+ per month. Just makes it easier if you want to keep 123flashchat. You could, however, use something like RumbleTalk at $14 a month and move the buddypress community to a low cost VPS to save even more money. It is just an option as you can also host as many sites as you like on the server, potentially cutting costs for other ventures.

hamadkh ( | $195 )
Thu, 18 May 2017 12:17:11 AEST

what is the reserve?

Px48x48 avatar a721aa4f 465c 4f94 a926 01be4930c0d2
btvavpn ( | $66.5K ) Premium seller
Thu, 18 May 2017 12:32:40 AEST

I would like to see how the auction goes before revealing the reserve. Thank you.

zubair1 ( new )
Sat, 20 May 2017 15:16:24 AEST

@btvavpn: please dm reserve too when you're ready to do that... Thanks

EasyWater ( | $110 )
Sun, 21 May 2017 04:58:40 AEST

Would this be a good project to undertake for a novice? I am looking to buy my first website and do not want my inexperience to impact it's popularity. Would you be willing to temporarily guide someone with very little experience in website management?

Px48x48 avatar a721aa4f 465c 4f94 a926 01be4930c0d2
btvavpn ( | $66.5K ) Premium seller
Sun, 21 May 2017 05:43:54 AEST

With this website I will be there to help as long as I am needed and will always come back, if I am allowed to, to chat to the many people I have met. It is all setup for a novice, basic Wordpress. I will stress this point, the site needs some TLC, more content, probably a different chat software. It is ranked, it works but needs someone to come in and make the changes needed to make it better. Anyone who buys my website will have my support, not only for the short term, but for the long term. I met lots of great people on the site, have a team ready and waiting who will work for free, banning spammers etc, just need someone to come in and chat, enjoy, spread the word and I will introduce you to who I think will do well as a moderator or admin. Basically, I will be there 100% for not only 3 months but will always check back to make sure everything is good.

tmk03e ( new )
Mon, 22 May 2017 07:21:50 AEST

Do you have numbers for this month so far? Thanks!

Px48x48 avatar d29ed1ce 268d 4170 80cd 316150122465
Leeo268 ( new )
Mon, 22 May 2017 14:22:34 AEST

What kind of technical skills are required to maintain this site?

Px48x48 avatar a721aa4f 465c 4f94 a926 01be4930c0d2
btvavpn ( | $66.5K ) Premium seller
Mon, 22 May 2017 23:24:41 AEST

So far this month it is at $401 from Adsense and I think I will embarrass Content.ad who are really not worth having, $1.73 with 125 clicks. You can obviously change content.ad to something better. I just use them on the user generated content pages and chat rooms for compliance as it is against Adsense terms to place Adsense on user generated content pages or chat rooms.

If you know Wordpress / Buddypress you will have no problems at all running this website. I will also help you 100%.

Px48x48 avatar dbf22c81 001a 45cd acdf dfd8d8ccb074
Gardenvale ( | $6.58K )
Tue, 23 May 2017 23:28:47 AEST

My only concern is the soon to be outdated and unsupported chat software. Can you PM reserve?


Px48x48 avatar a721aa4f 465c 4f94 a926 01be4930c0d2
btvavpn ( | $66.5K ) Premium seller
Tue, 23 May 2017 23:34:23 AEST

The chat software is already outdated to be honest, although it works, it is not supported any longer. I do see many other chat sites running the same software but to take this site further, you should update the chat. One software I am considering, should the site not sell, is RumbleTalk which is $14 per month, group chat and one to one video chat with a 50 chatter license. RumbleTalk runs on a hosted server, no need for high resources. Basically if this was an option for anyone, you will not need a dedicated server, just any server that can run a Wordpress / Buddypress site. It is an option, AVChat is another. Will PM reserve now. Thank you.

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