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Internet Technology (IT) + Appliances = Billion Dollar Industry of Tomorrow!

Seller's Notes

Question: What do you get when you combine IT (internet technology) with Appliances? 

Answer: You get the future! 

Are you familiar with the "Internet of Things"? If not, you need to get familiar.

The "Internet of Things" is interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.

The future of appliances is internet technology (IT).  In a day not far from now, all appliances will be connected to the internet and that day is approaching soon. ITappliances.com is the category killer for a billion dollar industry of the future.

Statistics show that several of the top appliance related domain sales have been IT-related, such as cloudappliance.com ($7,990), smartappliance.com ($6,251), and internetappliance.com ($3,366). Also notice that these sales were made several years ago, way before technology had advanced to where it's at right now. We're on the heels of a revolutionary change, so get a grasp of this amazing opportunity to stake your claim in the future.  ITmagazine.com sold here @ Flippa for $10,000 and this one is so much better! Don't miss out!

GE is already beginning to roll out these WIFI enabled appliances. The washer & dryers are scheduled to arrive in Fall of 2017. Here's a quote from their website: http://www.geappliances.com/ge/connected-appliances

Every day is different. WiFi Connect appliances deliver real, everyday convenience for real, everyday moments. Stay informed about what your appliances are doing wherever you are.

  • Get notifications when your filter needs changing
  • Schedule hot water for your morning cup of coffee from your fridge
  • Use Amazon Dash Replenishment to automatically order fabric softener
  • Use your voice and Amazon Alexa to preheat the oven


The omnipresent wireless/cellular Internet access is giving rise to a slew of new "connected" devices in the home. In addition to your computer and DirecTV receiver, now your refrigerator, dishwasher and washer/dryer can be hooked up to the worldwide Web, giving you remote access to features, diagnostics, calendars, news and media — all while running more efficiently. "There has been a definite influence by the Internet on appliance features," says Mike Heintz, president of University Electric. "Connectivity is affecting the way manufacturers are making these home devices." 


We're committed to creating purposeful technology that helps families care for the ones they love. Explore our connected products that work together seamlessly to fit your life.


LG’s new smart home appliances enhance the efficiency and convenience of LG appliances, giving unprecedented control from the palm of your hand.

Appliances include...


  • itfinance.com March 2007 $ 21,353.00 USD Sedo
  • itcertifications.com August 2012 $ 11,000.00 USD Uniregistry
  • itmagazine.com November 2014 $ 10,000.00 USD Flippa auction
  • itscope.com May 2012 € 7,000.00 EUR Sedo
  • itcorporate.comOctober 2014$ 6,000.00 USD
  • itservicemanagement.comApril 2012$ 5,699.00 USD
  • itcourses.comJune 2010$ 5,499.00 USD
  • it-commerce.comDecember 2009$ 5,436.00 USD
  • itninja.com March 2011 $ 5,411.00 USD Sedo
  • it4kids.comDecember 2014$ 5,325.00 USD
  • itcourses.com March 2014 $ 5,000.00 USD NameJet auction
  • itlist.comAugust 2013$ 5,000.00 USD
  • itpolicies.com August 2015 $ 5,000.00 USD Uniregistry
  • itstaff.comOctober 2013$ 5,000.00 USD
  • itcentric.com July 2007 $ 4,800.00 USD BuyDomains
  • itkey.comMay 2012$ 4,588.00 USD
  • itbrain.comAugust 2013$ 4,030.00 USD
  • itbrokers.com July 2007 $ 3,800.00 USD SnapNames
  • itbrands.com March 2011 $ 3,500.00 USD Sedo auction
  • itinnovation.com November 2009 $ 3,500.00 USD Sedo
  • itstreet.comOctober 2014$ 3,330.00 USD
  • itemployment.comJuly 2009$ 3,300.00 USD
  • appliancehelp.com September 2010 $ 34,000.00 USD Sedo
  • appliances.netJanuary 2007$ 21,000.00 USD
  • appliances.com.au February 2014 $ 20,454.00 USD Drop.com.au
  • kitchenappliances.net October 2008 $ 16,480.00 USD SnapNames
  • appliancerepairs.com January 2006 $ 11,911.00 USD SnapNames
  • appliancestore.co.uk October 2011 £ 6,000.00 GBP Sedo
  • cloudappliance.comFebruary 2012$ 7,990.00 USD
  • smartappliances.com March 2011 $ 6,251.00 USD NameJet
  • appliancesearch.com January 2014 $ 4,088.00 USD GoDaddy
  • wholesaleapplianceparts.com May 2014 $ 3,688.00 USD GoDaddy
  • dallasappliance.com January 2016 $ 3,500.00 USD Uniregistry
  • internetappliances.com August 2007 $ 3,366.00 USD SnapNames
  • appliancerepairservice.comJanuary 2012$ 3,188.00 USD
  • qualityappliance.comDecember 2012$ 2,791.00 USD
  • householdappliances.comJanuary 2006$ 2,600.00 USD
  • quickfixappliance.com October 2013 $ 1,888.00 USD AfterNIC/GoDaddy
  • applianceplus.co.uk October 2011 £ 1,000.00 GBP Sedo
  • globalappliance.com October 2013 $ 1,422.00 USD GoDaddy
  • buyappliances.co.uk October 2009 $ 1,300.00 USD NoktaDomains
  • lgappliances.com January 2017 $ 1,245.00 USD GoDaddy auction
  • qualitykitchenappliances.com January 2015 $ 1,000.00 USD Uniregistry


  • Well aged & very authoritative (a powerful combination for marketing & website developers)
  • High quality with substantial resale potential (perfect for investors & resellers)
  • From a very profitable online industry (great for affiliates such as Google Adsense & Amazon)

Categories include: brandables, credit, loans, commerce, law, hosting, GEO, vacation, travel, finance, insurance, real estate, stores, education, electronics, entertainment, fitness, health, beauty, games, products, lead gen, sports, videos, music, forums, services, LLLL, numerics, dictionary 1-word, NNNNNN, drones, VR, 3D & more!


  • Want to buy it now? Send me a PM.
  • This opportunity is on a first come, first serve basis.
  • All inbound offers will be considered and this domain can be sold at any given time.


  • Accepted payments include: PayPal, Escrow.com, Flippa Escrow, bank wire, & credit cards
  • This domain is registered at GoDaddy (I can push or unlock and send transfer codes either way)


Questions or concerns? Just let me know, I am here for you and always happy to help. Have an offer? Send me a PM and I will do my very best to work something out with you!


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The seller deleted a comment from kroc ( | $168K )
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BIN is live. Don't miss out, this is a STEAL!

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